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4194487 tn?1370049744 He says all of the bright flashing toys and sounds and the TV and stuff make kids ADHD. He also says that a hyper kid is a smart kid. I personally agree that we make our children ADHD to some extent.
Avatar f tn What really needs to be adjusted is Dad. He needs to understand what ADHD is and how to work with ADHD kids. Hollering at her is like hollering at the moon, it ain't gonna make a bit of difference. And -- it's gonna get worse not better. He needs to get an understanding of what is going on and how to deal with it.
Avatar m tn Well, you've posted on an adhd forum. First let me say that 3 is way to young to begin discussing add/adhd. The earliest age that this diagnosis should be made is 6 and I feel that is still too young based on the wide variability amongst children of that age. You describe in many ways what is normal for 3. They are quite often extremely active, hard to settle, loud and constantly testing boundaries. Guess what? Four isn't much better.
Avatar f tn How do I know if daughter has adhd or bipolar or something else. Cause there something going on I thought I could do thing different but she is not I fill like I'm not giving her a good life when she always mad or I can't give her all my attention cause I have other kids I don't have enought energy. To keep up with her and when she get upset then it make us all in bad mood please give me your thought thank you.
Avatar f tn I agree. I don't think the adhd is not the issue and it is true that many kids with adhd have some social skills problems and find younger kids easier to deal with. However, that is a huge age difference. What exactly does a 14 year old still "play" that would interest a 7 year old. We had an 11 year old that lived close to us that jumped on the trampoline with my young boys (then age 4/5 and 5/6). But I wouldn't let them go off and play by themselves.
5066424 tn?1363139169 Yes, frustration is a part of ADHD. The kids just can't understand why they can't do what other people are doing (primarily in school). The most important thing that you can do is to learn all you can about ADHD! There are some very good sites with excellent practical things you can do. This site has lots of helpful ideas - And another good overall site is http://www.help4adhd.
Avatar f tn It is usual protocol to wait until the earliest age of 6 before diagnosing for adhd because all kids before that age show so much variability in behavior. Many kids prior to 6 will be impulsive, hard to settle down, on the move, have no filter, talk in loud voices and move from thing to thing quickly without finishing something. I believe you could google adhd and find a listing of symptoms. It involves the nervous system and people will sometimes call these kids hyper.
Avatar n tn My health insurance does not cover testing for ADHD and his teacher and pediatrician want him tested. Is there an organization which helps pay for these tests? I was told by my sister that under the "No when left behind law" the school department should pay. Is this true?
Avatar n tn Is he on any medications for ADHD? Also, could you further describe what "putting in front of eyes tracking the movement" means?
Avatar f tn Why do you suspect add/adhd? It could be but you mention things that are read flags for other issues. For example, my son had a terrible time writing. He was resistent to it because it was hard for him . . . he'd have avoided it all together if he could. He had trouble with other fine motor things like scissors as well. He has sensory integration disorder and with sensory which is a processing issue, he had trouble with motor planning.
Avatar n tn He is still young at 6 and kids are all different. If the problem persists, I would look into ADD/ADHD but also other things that could cause this behavior such as sensory integration disorder. Good luck.
Avatar f tn But when inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior are the norm for a child, it may be a sign of ADHD. ADHD can lead to problems at home and at school, with family, teachers, and peers, so it’s important to identify the symptoms and get help.
Avatar f tn I have adhd and bipolar disorder, I have 3 children, one of children has developed adhd and one has developed bipolar disorder. What information I have found and what advice I managed to get from my doctors is limited . Sandman2 has given you some great advice if I could just add that there are many people who have adhd and bipolar genes in there DNA but it doesn't progress into either illness.
Avatar f tn Most developmental experts highly recommend it for kids with adhd. And another issue many kids with nervous system issues has (which adhd is) is that they seek impact. Boxing bags and kickboxing bags are known treatments for that again often recommended by experts. It is to feed the nervous system and is what they call "heavy work" and a known therapy to help someone be able to maintain themselves when they need to. Contrary to promoting violence, it actually heads it off.
Avatar n tn What a difference. Sometimes the ADHD is what everyone turns to. Like the previous post, teachers want the kids on meds to make there life easier. Even though my daughter is on some meds for the time being no one knows at the school. The never have and they never will. She's fine with it and feels it has really helped her in her fears. Sometimes children exibit fears in different ways -- it could be by being hyper because they are too afraid to admit them.
Avatar f tn My husbands father does suffer from mental illness and jokes that my 8 y/o gets it from him. He has many ADHD symptoms. Pedicatrician mentioned Aspergers. The Dr. doesn't even know about his sisters diagnosis. He tried him on Ritalin LA. He had a big improvement in the first month. Second month not as much of an improvement. Dr. questioned it being a a 'bad batch' of pills, but it is too expensive toget a bad batch so then we tried genericritalin and his heart beat out of his chest.
Avatar f tn She gets excited when we are going to play with a neighbor, but then shortly into it, they are fighting. I have even had other kids say they want to go home. Last year (2nd grade) was a hard year. Her teacher was very negative and she could sense that. She would not complete her work, she got sent out of the classroom a lot, and she even talked back to her teacher a couple of times. This summer took her to a local child psychologist. We feel like all we do is argue and yell at her.
Avatar n tn It's really common for children w/ ADHD to have Oppositinal Defiance disorder. (Sorry i couldn't get oppositinal spelled correctly) Look it up & see if it fits your son's behavioral issues. It could also be something as simple as diet. An IEP is also a must. Check & see if his current Dr. is an ADD/ADHD specialist. I myself am ADD/ADHD along w/ all 3 of my kids & they are all different. It's rough, but the answer is out there. I have read so much that it became an obsession ya know?
Avatar f tn my 5 year old son is diagnosed with ADHD, disruptive behavior and a mood disorder, and possibly depression and anxiety. he has been prescribed ritalin, medidate, depakote, and zoloft. all together. That seems to be alot of medication for a small young child. Im very worried for him, is this safe for him?
Avatar f tn The bottom line is that some kids do better with medications for add/adhd and perhaps adding to it with natural remedies will help. I do wish you well and commend you for addressing your child's issues through intervention early on. makes a HUGE difference down the road.
Avatar m tn Its that she is easily distracted when getting the information and thus the information never gets learned. As a teacher who has had many ADHD kids, I would say this inability to remember things that I was teaching was very common. And, of course, the meds should her with paying attention. However, they do wear off and if you are asking her to do things at night or before the meds take effect then you would definitely see a problem.
Avatar f tn Shes never been diagnosed with it but sehe definitely seems like she has ADHD. But since they all have adhd, will my daughter more than likely have adhd?
Avatar n tn To try and draw parallels is not good science. Furthermore, her kids went through school a while ago and the whole ADHD treatment is much better than it was then. The fact she talks about teachers wanting to drug the kids just to keep them happy show a horrible bias to the whole idea of medication to help a child. If you want to really help your child - find a child psychologist who specializes in ADHD and get their advice.
Avatar n tn My 13 year old son has ADHD, tested and told he is math challenged and his other skills are average or low average. He has a short term memory problem that keeps him from retaining a lot of what he learns in school. He also tends to be anxious, things scare him easily and scared of illness and has complained of palpitations, although not often or lately. He also shows some signs of OCD, but not severe(my brother has OCD). He also lies a lot and still wets the bed everynight.
Avatar f tn I have heard of ADHD symptoms, I heard that it is much more easier to have fights if you have ADHD also ADHD kids act mostly, hyper, either violent(Not all), Overreacting over mainly little things. Sometimes they wonder in there own world. Having Aspergers can be different in many ways, Aspergers is when your child is having emotional problems maybe even getting embarrassed, shy, difficult education maybe even speech problems.
Avatar n tn is so clever but ALL of his teachers in the “New kids” assessment said “Absent minded” “Unable to focus” “Has to be told several times.” Now he could just be a dreamer like I was or it could be his emotional state (being 9 and not 11). We are trying to avoid going to a Clinical psychologist who will tell us he is FREAKING ADHD (every child is diagnosed with this if he dares to get bored in Maths!) But at the end of the day we want whats best for him.
Avatar m tn I got custody of my 7 year old nephew along with his two sisters and 1 brother about two years ago. All four if them were diagnosed with ADHD and on medication. After dealing with his behaviors I feel like their may be something else going on, but am having a difficult time pin pointing it. He definitely has all of the ADHD symptoms, but some added on top.