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5066424 tn?1363139169 Yes, frustration is a part of ADHD. The kids just can't understand why they can't do what other people are doing (primarily in school). The most important thing that you can do is to learn all you can about ADHD! There are some very good sites with excellent practical things you can do. This site has lots of helpful ideas - And another good overall site is http://www.help4adhd.
535822 tn?1443980380 The other issue of having a child diagnosed with ADHD is separate from whether they are eligible for benefits and also the concerns about medication side effects because ADHD can sometimes respond to cognitive behavioral therapy as well.
Avatar n tn is so clever but ALL of his teachers in the “New kids” assessment said “Absent minded” “Unable to focus” “Has to be told several times.” Now he could just be a dreamer like I was or it could be his emotional state (being 9 and not 11). We are trying to avoid going to a Clinical psychologist who will tell us he is FREAKING ADHD (every child is diagnosed with this if he dares to get bored in Maths!) But at the end of the day we want whats best for him.
Avatar n tn I feel bad yelling at her for having all the energy, but it makes me crazy. I don't know if she has ADHD, because she can sit and play with her sister for hours, barbies and polly pockets. She has a really good imagination and can spend hours doing art or playing outside, her attention span is good, but she is easily distracted when doing other things, like homework. She talks and is in constant motion. Any ideas about what I can do to stay sane?
551343 tn?1506834118 Welcome back! Hope we can help. In California, a number of our schools do "in house suspension". Which means the kid stays at school in a separate room and are under supervision. They do not get to see their friends at lunch or during breaks. Some of the kids get a choice of doing homework or doing nothing all day long. And in some schools, there is a pretty good work program where they help the custodian (I like that one). That is one way the school can help.
184933 tn?1209357440 Thanks for recommending the book. I just ordered it from Amazon.
Avatar f tn we read 2-3 books a night, i sing to him, and rub his head just like he likes i lay him down and go to bed, EVERY NIGHT, just like clockwork, about 20 mins after we finish our routine he gets up and starts playing so then we start it all over again. for awhile i was letting him watch tv until he fell asleep because i couldnt think of anything else but then his bedtime kept getting later and later! yes e usually does sleep in until about 9 but does wake up at about 7 2 or 3 days a week!
Avatar f tn hi, I just had my 4 year old tested for adhd, we made an appointment with an excellent child psychologist. He gave me a list of behaviour questions to answer and one for her kindy to fill out too. They have carried out a number of tests for IQ and behaviour. He told me that adhd is neurological and runs normally down the male side of the family, its more uncommon in girls but not completely impossible as I have found.
1453183 tn?1287852619 The problem with home schooling is that you are not dealing with the cause of the problem. If he is fairly young, its easier to home school. Around 5 or 6th grade the subject material - especially math becomes more difficult and thus harder to teach. There is a lot that you can do. But I do need a bit of info. How old is he? What grade is he in? Is he in special education or does he have a 504 plan? And I am very curious why the doctor took him off his meds?
Avatar m tn So yes, I have just a gut level feeling that there has not been much research into that area after a certain age. For kids like your nephew, I really do think (hope) that schools are better equipped now to work with kids who have different needs. But like a lot of things in life, some teachers will be great and some will have no clue how to differentiate. Some times just to be able to work the system is all it takes, but very few parents know how to do so.
1699033 tn?1514116733 A good IEP will help, but they really need to know strategies of dealing with ADHD, be not afraid to ask for help, etc. Good Luck!
1699033 tn?1514116733 I just wanted to know of there were any strategies that work for these kids. He is 15 by the way and a Freshman. I will be following up on the IEP.
Avatar n tn we have had several meetings and we got a packet from the school about adhd and he shows some of the signs of having it but he sleeps through the night and plays well with our friends younger kids just not good at school with those kids and when we asked him why he kicked someone he said his friend at school told him too.
Avatar n tn So what can schools do to help kids with ADHD. The single most important thing is to become educated as to what it is. Everybody is so focused now on "no kids left behind", that they aren't looking at why some are being left behind. The resources and meeting times are going into how to teach math, etc. Teachers have got to look at their students as individuals. They need to learn methods to deal with the ADHD child that is different from the non ADHD kid.
1029273 tn?1472235094 Having a child with a behavioral disorder isn't easy, and I don't make excuses for his lack of better self control because of it, but I do believe that he is targeted because he's impulsive and will react more dramatically than other kids w/out ADHD. So one of my questions is, how do I safeguard my son from further attacks from this boy? Are there any links that you might know of that could steer me in the right direction? Anyway, sorry about the ramble.
Avatar f tn They plan all the academics in the AM -- for ALL the kids. All the suggestions that the psychologist had for academic changes are things that this school does automatically for all the kids. My son also has severe food allergies and this is the ONLY school in the region that had a good all ergy management program. I have no complaints about the school at all-- and NO ONE at the school is insisting on or even suggesting medication for him.
Avatar n tn Whatever he is doing - cheer up - my kid was so ADHD off the charts he was kicked out of public school (and he was a straight A student). Now, before you want to start hiring lawyers to make the state pony up for the schools that are not on your state list (the ones they pile up all the smart, crazy AHD'ers - it will cost you alot of heartache and a small mint) try to figure out if he has a food allergy too. There are elimination diets to go by.
Avatar f tn If you have ADD, the intelligence will mask it until you get to the point that the subject matter is so difficult, it becomes more obvious. For kids with good intelligence, Algebra is usually what does it. Anyway, check out this site as there is lots of good info. The site is and is from an award wining PBS special. Thus it is broken down into a lot of short videos. If it hits home. Have your parents take a look at it.
784382 tn?1376934640 how come when i was little i was outside ALL day playing tag, manhunt, swimming, skip it, jump rope, coloring my drive way with chalk, hop scotch, bike riding for hours, etc, or just getting in trouble OUTSIDE with my friends. i used to hate being in the name it we did it outside... came inside to eat dinner and rushed right back outside until dark.... the kids these days just wanna play playstation, xbox, psp, nintendo ds or something like that ..
Avatar f tn my friend has had nothing but problems with her sons school since the first year he started. i herd from other neighbors(before i started looking at schools for my daughter) that the local school was crap. i went to the school and talked with some of the staff and was very disappointed with there lack of standards, there inability to answer my questions, and there overall dispositions. i made the choice to flub the school system so that my kid would receive the care and treatment she needed.
Avatar f tn Since it is standardized for elementary school kids (and maybe higher), you would see questions that are meant for higher grade level kids. Questions you chose not to answer wouldn't matter as they are looking for his traits or things that he does. They would never send the results home. That would be horribly unprofessional. Not sure why you are so upset with them. Sounds like they are trying to help your child.
Avatar f tn He supports me with he remedies and all but does not agree when our other kids gets deprived from treats. Going out is a challenge for us too --- birthday parties are notorious. I am confused between putting him back on Ritalin; since the good outweighs the bad vs the natural way.
Avatar n tn I read your comments in the teen health community. A lot of those things are somewhat common for someone who has ADHD and is extremely frustrated by that condition. How much do you know about ADHD and how it effects you? Unfortunately, Texas is not the greatest state for getting help in the schools. How long ago did you find out you had it? Ever go on meds or get behavioral modification help? I've got some sites that may be helpful for you if you are interested. Let me know.
Avatar n tn As some time went by my daughter had been sexually abused and bounced from home to home and schools..I see her shutting down alot,she's in therapy has been for a year but i dont see no improvement. Other than she does tell you now when she's mad but i never seen a kid get so angry before,times its hard to manage..
Avatar n tn the psychiatrist did evalution and it seem that her normal development got even more behind than it was 3 years ago with previous evaluation. Now they recommend a special school for kids with learning problems/ADHD or a private school. I cant afford a private school so I started looking at a school well known for helping kids with ADHD. The problem is that this school are about 100km from us so that would mean we have to put her in boarding school.
Avatar f tn It is sad to see so many creative talented kids that may not perhaps fit into the mold the public schools want them to fit into, but ADHD kids are bright, outgoing, hands on kids that have so much potential and will go far in life, but are being robbed of their talent due to all of these so called disorders. My son was on it for 2 years, from age 6 to age 8, he is now almost 18 and is doing great.