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Avatar n tn It's really common for children w/ ADHD to have Oppositinal Defiance disorder. (Sorry i couldn't get oppositinal spelled correctly) Look it up & see if it fits your son's behavioral issues. It could also be something as simple as diet. An IEP is also a must. Check & see if his current Dr. is an ADD/ADHD specialist. I myself am ADD/ADHD along w/ all 3 of my kids & they are all different. It's rough, but the answer is out there. I have read so much that it became an obsession ya know?
Avatar f tn The bottom line is that some kids do better with medications for add/adhd and perhaps adding to it with natural remedies will help. I do wish you well and commend you for addressing your child's issues through intervention early on. makes a HUGE difference down the road.
535822 tn?1443980380 Instead of Drugs and behavioral therapy for ADHD try changing diet .instead.It does not take a rocket scientist to .figure out that many symptoms.associated with ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,the often over diagnosed condition tacked onto young people , can be treated by simply altering or supplementing ones diet .
Avatar f tn All of the things that you have listed - I have seen in ADHD kids. What you need to do is to start to research what ADHD is and how to deal with the consequences of it. Understanding ADHD really makes a big difference in how you deal with the child. I mentioned the following books in a post below. Its worth your time to check them out. - "ADHD and Me, What I learned from lighting fires at the dinner table," by Blake Taylor.
Avatar f tn I believe my 4 year old daughter has ADHD. My husband doesn't want to think about it so I am kind of on my own. What I am trying to figure out is if I should have her screened by the school or wait until she starts kindergarten (she is not in preschool). I really want to find out as soon as possible but my husband is not cooperating and if I get her screened and she is at risk of a behavioral problem, she would probably qualify for preschool.
Avatar f tn This is on helpful foods. Its worth reading. I think you will find it helpful!
1453183 tn?1287852619 First make sure to eliminate any foods that may contain pesticides from the diet. They have been linked to ADD / ADHD. Supplements that may help are fish oil, flax seed oil, DL-phenylalanine or tyrosine, and SAM-E. Also make sure that your child is eating a balanced diet (try to eliminate processed or unhealthy foods such as sodas, sugary cereals, etc) and getting plenty of exercise. It is good that your doctors are taking him off the medication.
Avatar m tn If you look on page 3 I posted an article I found in a magazine on an ADHD diet. I thought it was interesting. You can try it and see if it works. It should still be on page 3 or 4. The post title says ADHD diet in it. Best wishes!
Avatar f tn 11/10/10 ATLANTA (AP) -- A government survey says 1 in 10 U.S. children has ADHD, a sizable increase from a few years earlier that researchers think might be explained by growing awareness and better screening. ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, makes it hard for kids to pay attention and control impulsive behavior.
1204383 tn?1265653338 I have heard from several people who have kids who have ADHD without or, with ODD, as our son does, that there are ways to control it and/or cope with it in that child through diet. Has anyone heard of this and/or does anyone know what that diet might consist of or avoid to better manage the child's moods and limit their stressors or anxieties?
1346724 tn?1282326504 I've read in previous forums that the Gluten and Casein Free diet has helped kids with Autism. My son's therapist hasn't concluded his dignosis but she's leaning to PDD-NOS and I was wondering if I should try a diet like that or the Feingold diet. Has any one tried either one or which one would be a better diet to follow?
Avatar n tn My garandson is 10 and has been diagnosed ADhD, inattentive type. He has always avoided eye contact and hugs. Will usually walk right past us when we visit. He has never had a real friend and has issues at school with kids making fun of him. They call him weird or worst. There are very few foods he will eat. I don't think he has ever had a vegetable other than french fries. He does the blank gaze alot. He was been checked to make sure he wasn't having seizures. Negative on that.
Avatar f tn Don't even bother getting the child tested until he/she is at least 8, unless they are causing harm to themselves or others because the tests were never meant for kids younger than 8 and the medication is certainly not meant for kids that young. My kids are 11 and 13 and they take the lowest does of Vyvance available.
Avatar n tn While all children with ADHD are not deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, we believe that the addition of omega-3 fatty acids to the diet may be important for some ADHD children. In fact, studies show that children whose treatment program includes only medication, educational and psychological therapy continue to be at high risk for vandalism, petty crime, frequency of alcoholic intoxication, and possession of marijuana.
Avatar f tn My son has ADHD. We have been successfully treating it with medication for 6 yrs now. A therapist recently said that ADHD has been proven to actually be an allergy to chlorine. I have tried researching this online but have not found anything that supports this. I have read where drinking filtered water that has removed the chlorine is helpful but this is the closest I have found online that ADHD might actually be an allergy to chlorine.
Avatar n tn At 6 months old he was dianosed w/ torticollis (head tilt) and got PT for that. He met all his mile stones with in the appropriate time frame (having 2 other kids i see he was on the later end then my other 2) when he became somewhat mobile he started to rock in his crib (on all 4's) and make a humming noise. we thought it was cute/funny b/c his crib would bang against the wall. I mentioned to his ped and he said it was a self soothing technique,not to worry.
Avatar n tn Yes, ADHD kids often have tics because the drugs used to treat ADHD cause tics. You are kind of describing a child with tardive diskensia. The mouth movements, and lip licking sound like a result of over medication, not ADHD.
1455599 tn?1285511500 I know this may sound strange but... Does your son still have his tonsils and adenoids? Many parents of ADHD kids have found that by having their child's tonsils and adenoids removed, their child's ADHD symptoms decreased significantly. Some of them, when tested a year after surgery, were no longer considered to have ADHD. I have a 3 1/2 year old who was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD in June of last year.
Avatar n tn I did want to add that the reason you don't hear about kids in Asia not having ADHD is not because of diet or drinking tea. There are plenty of Asian kids in the states with ADHD problems. Its just that there is a strong cultural bias against getting psychological help. Unfortunately, the situation is ignored in the Asian countries. If you know anything about most of their schooling situations, it must be hell for a kid to have ADHD and to be in school.
Avatar f tn I have a daughter that has Adhd,mild autism,Spd,and anxiety.She has been on a gf and dye free diet for about 18 months now.Although this has improved the melt downs because I believe she has sensitivities to these products.She is now in kindergarten and just diagnosed with all of this.I want to try everything first before medication.What medications have worked for your children??I don't want it to change who she is.She learns in motion.Will this make her change the behaviors that soothe her?
Avatar n tn His friend base has changed to the freaky kids. He has a slight learing disability and has flunked one class. 4 weeks ago His Dr. switched him to 20mg of Adderall and his school attention has improved but the other symptoms still occure. He has had blood tested and came back normal. He also has an EEG because of sleep walking and night terrors (when young) they were also normal. He has been seeing a therpist. Not sure what to do?
Avatar m tn Does strattera and abilify changes the kids personality... When I don't give my child the medication he seems much happier, he smiles more, he laughs and he is able to socialize with other kids....... When he takes his meds, he always so serious...... When I try not giving it to him, like I said he was happy but then when he got upset he got upset quicker and kick the chair and shows more displeasure....
Avatar f tn Hello, I have written my question in the ADHD forum and someone recommended that I should write it in this one. My question is rather long so I was hoping that you would take a look and reply. It is titled the same as this one. ADHD or bad behaviour?? Posted yesterday. Thanks I need some feedback.
Avatar f tn Your son is very young for kindergarten. He must be one of the youngest in the class. Most kids are 5 before the enter kindergarten with the majority turning 6 during the school year. This can make a big difference in maturity level and developmental abilities. He may just not be ready for the enviroment yet. This is a real possibility with your son. Many many many kids don't want to talk about their day or act like they can't remember anything. My son did this all last year.
Avatar n tn Whatever he is doing - cheer up - my kid was so ADHD off the charts he was kicked out of public school (and he was a straight A student). Now, before you want to start hiring lawyers to make the state pony up for the schools that are not on your state list (the ones they pile up all the smart, crazy AHD'ers - it will cost you alot of heartache and a small mint) try to figure out if he has a food allergy too. There are elimination diets to go by.
Avatar n tn We have been told that my grandson,6 yrs old, has adhd and bipolar. But I think this is wrong. His mood swings are hourly and he really is overly aggressive,mean, and nasty. This I thought was a "crash". Tell me what I can do to help my daughter and grandson. I am not his parents but I have reserach alot and I don't see these symtoms. Once his class he was growling and climbing on tables an such. What is that?
Avatar n tn I've heard there is a link between kids who have ADHD and allergies or food sensitivities too, so you might want to get your kids tested for that. Some kids are sensitive to food dyes like red food dye. The more I lean about this stuff, the more fascinated I am with it all! It's really interesting stuff. I've also heard that a lot of the problems we have is because most of us are difficient in certain minerals, vitamins or the good fats. Just try and educate yourself on all of it.
Avatar f tn He tested at reading at an 11th grade level. Sometimes really bright kids get misdiagnosed as having ADHD. I recommend you to read "Dreamers, Disocoverers & Dynamos" by Lucy Jo Palladino, Ph.D. It was formally called "The Edison Trait". She talks about how Edison was thought to have ADD too, although the didn't call it that back then. Edison himself flunked out of school and had to be homeschooled yet he was brilliant and gave the world so much.
Avatar m tn What to do after you just say NO to Ritalin when a child has been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and (ADHD) or some other learning disability. And even if you don’t, ADD is a growing problem that you should be aware of some estimate that as many as one in five U.S. children are on Ritalin that’s 6 million kids.