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Avatar n tn Hello, the symptoms you describe do sound like ADHD, particularly the impulsivity. Kids with ADHD can also be anxious, so it can be difficult sometimes to tease out the correct diagnosis. Keep in mind that the symptoms you describe could happen for more reasons than just ADHD. I would indeed have her tested, though the school is not likely to want to test her unless her difficulties are having an educational impact.
Avatar f tn It certainly is an inherited disorder for many - but not all kids. But, i have had kids in the classroom who have ADHD and their brother or sister did not. So it certainly is not guaranteed. By the way, I have seen the changes in how ADHD is treated over the years. Having spent almost 40 years in the classroom. It is being treated much better now then it was. And your little one (if they do have ADHD) will have an advantage in having parents that know what is going on.
Avatar n tn He also has some ADHD sympthoms which he takes medication for. He makes friends easily and is very outgoing. Unfortunately, he is not as mature as any of his friends and it is having an effect on his friendships. Last Summer most of the boys were focused on WWE (wrestling). Now, those same boys have moved on to other interests such as sports, paintball and lazer tag, etc. Our son has not. He cannot make the move. This is only one of several concerns.
Avatar n tn // also check out - I believe from my years of posting on the ADHD forum, that the single most important thing that you can do is to become an expert in ADHD because you are going to probably become the single most important change agent in his life (outside of meds). You will become his advocate in school.
Avatar n tn I also used the chalk board paint on the kids bedroom doors and use it for reminders and notes to the kids.
Avatar n tn Texas does not have that much support for ADHD kids, but I question myself, is it his ADHD or is he just being defiant? A little history, he has a 5 1/2 month old sister, his dad is not around and the kids at the daycare he just got kicked out of do not like him because of the way he expreses himself. What do I do?
Avatar f tn I have been arguing with the school for 5 years that he is not autistic he had adhd per his dr. Does the school system get more or better funding if he has autism? I have been told no but if that is true why do they keep pushing autism? I am so aggravated with the school with this and dont want to jepordize his education by fighting this issue but two drs have said adhd and the school system says autism. Why dont they go out on a limb and call it aspergers?
192918 tn?1199451179 When my baby naps, I play board games with my daughter, some computer games or we work on her letters, etc. My kids love music, so I get CDs for kids that teach them colors, alphabet, etc. Our local mall have a wonderful play area inside, so not that it's winter, we do that a lot. We make a weekly trip to the library as well. Our library has story time once a week and a special "show" once a month.
Avatar f tn I came from a home that spanked. That worked for us and it worked for our other kids. We luckily have 3 other kids whom are extremely respectful, kind, loving and so friendly. But her its completely opposite. She gives other girls ugly looks will literally put her hands on them in a aggressive manner. Not actual hitting thank god. We have tried so many various ways of discipline. Taking things away, no t.v, no outside play, facing walls , writing apologies etc.
Avatar n tn I have a 6yr old boy and a 9yr old girl and they fight all the time my son is adhd odd and may have some sycological issues he's on meds but he's getting really bad he's became violent with me and I just found out I'm pregnant it makes me alil uneasy because his favorite thing to do is kick me in my belly what do I do
Avatar f tn nt that bothered about them, we have even removed everything from his room but he continues to misbehave when outside of the home. I dont think he has any problems like ADHD as he is able to sit for long periods of time and concentrate on an area of interest. I dont really want to resolve the matter by taking him out of his activities and sports as i feel these are important to his education and fitness.
6725113 tn?1392847526 my aunty got him into building things with wood or other materials keeping their mind occupied really helps with adhd! hang in there momma u are doing the best u can for your children. it does get easier when they get older.
Avatar n tn Adults can be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as well. Sometimes this is a result of the person’s childhood ADHD progressing into adulthood (up to 70 percent of children will continue to struggle with ADHD as adults). Other times, an adult can either simply never been diagnosed as a child, or develop the disorder later on in life. Adult attention deficit disorder looks a lot like childhood attention deficit disorder.
Avatar f tn It is usual protocol to wait until the earliest age of 6 before diagnosing for adhd because all kids before that age show so much variability in behavior. Many kids prior to 6 will be impulsive, hard to settle down, on the move, have no filter, talk in loud voices and move from thing to thing quickly without finishing something. I believe you could google adhd and find a listing of symptoms. It involves the nervous system and people will sometimes call these kids hyper.
Avatar f tn If your husband is unable to work, and needs to be kept occupied, then depending on how active he can be, he can join hobby classes, read books, play games you bring, work with kids, do some task he enjoys, exercises, joins support groups, makes friends with people his age, etc. You can also talk to his doctor to assess the extent of activities possible for him. Take care!
Avatar f tn And I guess I am just sensitive. I have seen kids with ADHD get screamed at for something that they were not even really aware that they had done. And I can't blame the parent (or the teacher). Working with a child with ADHD is tough. But it gets easier if you understand where they are coming from.
Avatar m tn You wondered about all his friends being hyper, etc. Its kind of unusual for really calm, mellow kids to hang out with ADHD kids. They both would drive each other nuts (at this age). Point being that ADHD kids will tend to hang out with others of the same temperament, so what you are seeing is a group skewed in that direction. However, every statistic I have seen has pointed to a large increase in kids with ADHD.
Avatar f tn t well known when I was a kid. Most kids with ADHD are very smart, it is just hard to stay focused. No all kids with ADHD have behavior problems. I don't know what else it could be.
Avatar f tn I have read a lot of other stories like mine and I really feel like a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD is almost a cop out, so many kids are misdiagnosed with this and my son really does not fit the ADHD mold. He does great in school and socially is well rounded.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any success/experience with neurofeedback/biofeedback for ADHD?
Avatar n tn Both rockrose and jdtm give possible answers. Let me give a third possibility (and there could be more). I post a lot on the ADHD forum. This certainly has the symptoms of someone with ADD. A person with ADD can easily be missed by the teacher - especially if the child has decent intelligence and is a nice kid. Its the hyper ones that always get noticed by the teacher.