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Avatar f tn It is usual protocol to wait until the earliest age of 6 before diagnosing for adhd because all kids before that age show so much variability in behavior. Many kids prior to 6 will be impulsive, hard to settle down, on the move, have no filter, talk in loud voices and move from thing to thing quickly without finishing something. I believe you could google adhd and find a listing of symptoms. It involves the nervous system and people will sometimes call these kids hyper.
Avatar n tn why don't doctors test for other things and not just put on medicine for add or adhd. by dollyn, 7 hours ago It seems these days that doctors teachers along with some parents . ...
Avatar f tn Most developmental experts highly recommend it for kids with adhd. And another issue many kids with nervous system issues has (which adhd is) is that they seek impact. Boxing bags and kickboxing bags are known treatments for that again often recommended by experts. It is to feed the nervous system and is what they call "heavy work" and a known therapy to help someone be able to maintain themselves when they need to. Contrary to promoting violence, it actually heads it off.
Avatar m tn com/attention_deficit_hyperactivity_disorder_adhd/page5.htm#tocn You will find some very good activities for working with a child with ADHD. I'm pretty sure they will also work with a child with SIDS. Hope this helps. Definitely post again if you have any questions or need more information.
Avatar f tn I would try to see a psychiatrist over a gp for medication for kids and I think that studies show that a broad approach to treatment has the greatest benefit. That means trying things other than just medication (and I'd go there last) but even if medication is being taken, that other things are done as well. I'd have every child that has add/adhd signed up for swimming lessons year round for example. (the perfect neurological exercise). Okay, whew. Rambling like a fool here. Sorry.
Avatar n tn Over the past few years I have signed up my now 5yr old for a range of group activities such as gymnastics, music, piano, skiing, soccer, swimming and art. he usually does well in the first class and then he starts misbehaving: he'll disrupt the activities by not following instructions or pretend he doesn't hear or even physically try to leave - making it really challenging for his teachers to keep the class going.
Avatar n tn He is nine years old and was diagnosed with adhd when he was six. He has some conversation issues especially when it comes to other children. He will talk for long amounts of time about science topics without noticing that the other person wants out of the conversation. He begins many conversations with a statement such as, " I know how air pressure works" Then he will talk about it without pausing.
784382 tn?1376934640 It is a known fact that children who have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD do well when a lot of ball games and outside activities are a main part of their life. So surely we can encompass the great modern inventions of today with the old ideas of participation and interest.,hey its good for big people too......
Avatar f tn Your son is very young for kindergarten. He must be one of the youngest in the class. Most kids are 5 before the enter kindergarten with the majority turning 6 during the school year. This can make a big difference in maturity level and developmental abilities. He may just not be ready for the enviroment yet. This is a real possibility with your son. Many many many kids don't want to talk about their day or act like they can't remember anything. My son did this all last year.
Avatar f tn Over the past couple years, I've noticed troubles with things such as paying attention and staying focused on things for even short amounts of time. It's interfering with school work now and really bugging me. I checked out a list of ADHD symptoms from this website and found many that I could relate to.
Avatar f tn They plan all the academics in the AM -- for ALL the kids. All the suggestions that the psychologist had for academic changes are things that this school does automatically for all the kids. My son also has severe food allergies and this is the ONLY school in the region that had a good all ergy management program. I have no complaints about the school at all-- and NO ONE at the school is insisting on or even suggesting medication for him.
Avatar n tn He also seems to become overwhelmed during certain classroom activities particularily sit and concentrate work. Is this normal for a child with adhd. Could the ritalin be causing these emotional outbursts. He also tends to get angry with others if he is told that something he has done is not acceptable. He lashes out quite verbally. He is a beautiful and talented boy who is struggling daily with up and down emotions...
Avatar n tn My thought was along these lines and for his social skills putting him in outside activities such as little league and what not.
Avatar f tn The one thing that I did forget to mention is that usually ADHD runs in families. For example, my Mom was OCD about things, probably her way of dealing with her ADHD and my Dad is ADHD introverted. When both parents have it, usually the kids have 100% chance of being born with it as well. And all four of us have it to one degree or another. With one parent having ADHD, the stats go down by 50%. With this said, ADHD is not just a one person thing. It's usually a family thing.
Avatar n tn Its said that pot is the drug of choice for people with ADHD or ADD. Pot causes several problems for the brain. It has over 300 different ingredients that are harmful your body. They call it pot, because it literally causes divots (pot holes) in your brain. Kind of like sever acne, on a face. If you dont like taking the medication your on? or if you feel that it dosent last very well? You should really talk to your Dr. There are different medications that you can try.
Avatar m tn There is such a wide variation of kids at a young age that it is very difficult to diagnose them with add/adhd until they are older. Some kids really need more physical activity in their day. Not want it but actually need it. Some kids have to move in order to stay on task and focas. Is this school providing outlets for that? How long is he there? How long is he expected to take a nap? More than 2 hours? I would start by making sure his physical activity level is being met.
Avatar n tn Hello, the symptoms you describe do sound like ADHD, particularly the impulsivity. Kids with ADHD can also be anxious, so it can be difficult sometimes to tease out the correct diagnosis. Keep in mind that the symptoms you describe could happen for more reasons than just ADHD. I would indeed have her tested, though the school is not likely to want to test her unless her difficulties are having an educational impact.
Avatar n tn I have a 8 year old son who has been diagnosed with ADHD. He currently is on Concerta and is doing quite well on this medication. My problems are with my child in the mornings and late in the evening when the medicine has worn off and his hyperactivity is out of control. I have spoke with our Doctor (who is a Neurologist) about his behaviors and he had suggested Clinidine. We are not happy about putting him on another medication so I wanted to know if there are any other alternative methods.
Avatar f tn If the symptoms are not happening at school, then the more likely situation is that you can get the behaviors under control at home by using some new techniques. To really find out if he meets diagnostic criteria for ADHD, consult a psychologist. A psychologist who specializes in young children will have the needed testing materials to assess your son (he is not too young to be tested).
184674 tn?1360864093 - Has difficulty following instructions - Has difficulty keeping attention on work or play activities at school and at home - Loses things needed for activities at school and at home - Appears not to listen - Doesn't pay close attention to details** - Seems disorganized - Has trouble with tasks that require planning ahead - Forgets things - Is easily distracted** The Hyperactive/Impulsive List: - Fidgety** - Runs or climbs inappropriately** - Can't play quietly - Blurts out answers*
Avatar m tn He has no trouble with school academically, and for the most part enjoys the work that gets sent home and the activities that he tells me they do during the day. However, I have gotten several phone calls about his behavior, everything from simply not listening to inappropriate behavior involving other children.
6725113 tn?1392851126 my aunty got him into building things with wood or other materials keeping their mind occupied really helps with adhd! hang in there momma u are doing the best u can for your children. it does get easier when they get older.
700212 tn?1240764420 My three year old is extreemly hyper doesnt interact well with her friends and cant ever seem to wait for anything...she is constantly running around and blurting things out to everyone even if they are aldready talking...she doesnt sleep well and well is just driving me crazy....I know its hard because she is so young but I watch kids often and none of them ever seem to act as bad as her...always throwing tantrums and everything...
Avatar m tn Whether he has add/adhd or not, I would try the physcial activity stuff. It is good for all kids. Good luck and bless you for caring for this child in need.
Avatar n tn At home he is able to focus for hours at a time on desired activities such as computer, reading books, building legos. She tihnks he has ADD. Some other background information. My son was a six week premie. He did not begin talking until age two and continues to have both articulation difficulties as well as occupational therapy concerns that center on writing, cutting, coloring.
Avatar n tn Still looking for the link that is specific to recess for ADHD kids, but this is very good as it covers the latest research. It would be interesting for the teachers to try starting out the day with physical activities for the kids an see if they notice a difference. The link is - I am glad to hear what the teaching situation is.
Avatar m tn I found this forum after searching "signs of ADHD" for the hundreth time. I have suspected, for at least two years, that my five year old may have ADHD. My husband, however, thinks that my son is simply an "active boy." We have talked to our pediatrician and parents as teachers instructor, but they both have said that he is really too young for them to be able to discern whether he might have ADHD. We have even had him evaluated by the public school panel that does IEPs..
Avatar m tn an Algorithm and Explanation for Process of Care for the Evaluation, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Monitoring of ADHD in Children and Adolescents -- I think my main question would be - is your doctor a pediatrician? The reason I ask is that, your son might well do better with a psychiatrist or a psychologist that has more experience with ADHD kids.
Avatar f tn Teacher said she is seeing signs of ADHD. Does this sound like ADHD? Is this just part of PDD? Or is this a combo thing? I plan to call his Dr. and discuss with her, but I dont want to start meds. unless I am sure that this is what he is dealing with. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!