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Avatar f tn All of the things that you have listed - I have seen in ADHD kids. What you need to do is to start to research what ADHD is and how to deal with the consequences of it. Understanding ADHD really makes a big difference in how you deal with the child. I mentioned the following books in a post below. Its worth your time to check them out. - "ADHD and Me, What I learned from lighting fires at the dinner table," by Blake Taylor.
Avatar n tn I am teacher's mother. 61 and ADHD. I benefit from medication but can't afford it now. She is also ADHD. There is a theory that this situation has a connection with L-dopa. My mother had Parkinson's, which is an L-dopa situation. I know others who had Parkinson's parents and ADHD children. More than a coincidence, I think. So, very much a biological situation. And genetic.
Avatar n tn I have a 6yr old boy and a 9yr old girl and they fight all the time my son is adhd odd and may have some sycological issues he's on meds but he's getting really bad he's became violent with me and I just found out I'm pregnant it makes me alil uneasy because his favorite thing to do is kick me in my belly what do I do
327385 tn?1378360731 thanks sue, my daughter did steal candy from walmart , the scary thing is we dident see her take it. my husband did take her to the police station and the cops talked to her. we took her to walmart and made her give it back and tell them she was sorry.but she steals from the family , she crys and tells me she dident mean to.i wont put her in special ed.but im going to find a peds doctor that specializes in add/adhd.
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Avatar n tn In, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. She says on p62, that 60% of children with Tourette's have ADHD. But only 7% of kids with ADHD have Tourette's. Hope that helps. The book mentioned above is worth getting by the way.
Avatar f tn While lying is not ADHD, It is common for kids with ADHD to lie. "All children lie occasionally. But because of impulsivity and low self-esteem — and their tendency to make mistakes that they think need covering up — kids with ADHD are especially prone to stretching the truth. That worries parents." And the rest of the link gives good advice on working with a child who has ADHD and is lying. And actually, its not bad advice if the child does not have ADHD.
Avatar f tn I have also had many, many kids with ADHD. I have had kids who I gave two to three days to finish a 25 question test. I have had a least two who died shortly after highschool. In short, I have seen both sides. All I want people to do is to recognize that the situation does exist. That there is more than one way to handle it. That it can be horrible for a child or an adult if they have ADHD and can't cope.
Avatar f tn It is usual protocol to wait until the earliest age of 6 before diagnosing for adhd because all kids before that age show so much variability in behavior. Many kids prior to 6 will be impulsive, hard to settle down, on the move, have no filter, talk in loud voices and move from thing to thing quickly without finishing something. I believe you could google adhd and find a listing of symptoms. It involves the nervous system and people will sometimes call these kids hyper.
Avatar m tn I am all in favor of understanding a child better. And research has now been done on kids with add/adhd to give more answers in how to help the child. A number of 75% is a not accurate. 75% of children in the school system are not on medication. What happened to those kids 20 years ago? Well, many of them were supremely unhappy individuals who never felt like they fit into their own skin. Many turned to other things to cope such as drugs or alcohol.
1100992 tn?1262357216 Oh, and he's 10, diagnosed with adhd/asperger's.
Avatar n tn t want a lot of their friends hanging around them. Kids with ADHD tend to be socially awkward because they are impulsive and they quickly learn that other kids tend to shun them because they can do kinda weird things. I would say from your brief description that he sounds like a fairly normal kid with ADHD symptoms. You might want to try reading, "The ADD/ ADhD Answer book." , by Susan Ashley. It will help with a lot of your questions.
Avatar f tn Bipolar is hard to diagnose in kids, often it is confused with ADHD. They both have common symptoms. Yes, it could rev her up and cause mania I suppose. IS she getting these drugs from a psychiatrist, if not, go see a psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn Is he on any medications for ADHD? Also, could you further describe what "putting in front of eyes tracking the movement" means?
1063524 tn?1258732204 s strange, the youngest one only shows symptoms of ADHD with me. But I did find out from the school counselor I sent him to that he doesn't understand why I won't "find" him a dad. We're gonna have a heart-to-heart about that tonight. Do you have kids and how old are they? Because you seem to really know a lot of good advice.
1744272 tn?1314209044 Can spoiling result in a misdiagnosis of ADD? Yes! So can other forms of bad parenting.
Avatar m tn A while back i was told i had adhd. i was going over in my head of all the symptoms i have. i was wonerding about these posssible symptoms ,are these adhd or not? 1. when i read i seem to read but it just go through my head and usally i got to reread a few times to remeber it. adhd or not? 2.when i go out and play pool i usally just take my shot right away not aiming for a long time if i try to aim my shoots get worse i try to see the shot but cant.adhd or not?
Avatar f tn It can have symptoms very similar to ADHD but is treated very differently. A great site I have found for information on this is here - So those are the quick thoughts. I would definitely look at the SIDS site because you do treat that differently from ADHD. and he could have both. What is distressing to me is that he could have ADHD and the only help the doctors gave you is to prescribe meds?
Avatar f tn But when inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior are the norm for a child, it may be a sign of ADHD. ADHD can lead to problems at home and at school, with family, teachers, and peers, so it’s important to identify the symptoms and get help.
Avatar f tn He is getting ready to go to high school next year. Upsetting part is that he was diagnosed in MI with ADHD and then when we moved to AL he was tested throug the school and result was autism. I took him to a dr and tested, result ADHD. School insists he shows more signs of autism and pretty much made it sound like he would get better help if it was autism and not adhd or if it is a combination it would benefit him.
Avatar f tn It certainly is an inherited disorder for many - but not all kids. But, i have had kids in the classroom who have ADHD and their brother or sister did not. So it certainly is not guaranteed. By the way, I have seen the changes in how ADHD is treated over the years. Having spent almost 40 years in the classroom. It is being treated much better now then it was. And your little one (if they do have ADHD) will have an advantage in having parents that know what is going on.
Avatar n tn Hello, the symptoms you describe do sound like ADHD, particularly the impulsivity. Kids with ADHD can also be anxious, so it can be difficult sometimes to tease out the correct diagnosis. Keep in mind that the symptoms you describe could happen for more reasons than just ADHD. I would indeed have her tested, though the school is not likely to want to test her unless her difficulties are having an educational impact.