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Avatar n tn I just moved here from Houston and have not been able to fine one. I was on a program in the Houston are.
Avatar n tn I have ADHD and thogh have been diagnosed for it as a child am not sure how to go about finding the right person to talk to to prescribe the medicine known to help calm me such as an Adderen.
Avatar f tn He is not violent, it just seems like he forgets what he is told the second that he hears it.. i don't know what to do from here...could he b ADD? i don't feel that he is ADHD because he is not hyper...well, not out of the ordinary for his age.. PLEASE HELP!! What should i do?
Avatar n tn My Daughter, age six, was recently evaluated for ADHD and started taking adderall at a dose of 1.25 mg. for three days, then 2.5 mg. for two days when a major tic started. We discontinued the adderall. The tic presents after she has been awake about thirty minutes and continues all day sometimes as often as every five to ten seconds. It does not present when she sleeps.
Avatar n tn Thank you very much. His neurologist in Houston, Dr. Robert Zeller, was a professor of Child Neurology at UTMB in Galveston. He did mention that the pattern of the abnormalities through the years on his EEG weren't normal. Like it went from the left temporal lobe, to both temporal lobes, to the right then back to the left. He said it was not typical. I did bring him every EEG printout that I had, which was two and he looked over them.
Avatar n tn They accuse him of being ADHD. My doctor stated that was an untrue statement. We live in Texas (Houston area). Please help. My son has has never been a behavioral problem and tries to remain positive.
Avatar f tn i guess we are not going to have christmas it is suppose to be raining turning in to sleet one weather said it might snow. and it is a long way to houston and all the gifts would get wet. some days i sleep all day and all night with out waking up. i dont want to die. i just want to be happy. I hope all of you are doing good. i tried to write to you a private letter but it said it was blocked. dint know what im doing wrong.
Avatar n tn She needs help too. Psychiatrist said my grandson has adhd, (he has been seeing one since he was 3), the school tested him and said he has severe emotional problems and mood disorder. My granddaughter has never been seen by psychiatrist. I don't know what to do, they tell me to stay out of it, but my heart just can't take my grandkids having so many problems. Help me please someone!!!!!!!
269143 tn?1310798952 Of course, I'm not hyper. My daughter has ADHD, and benedryl seems to rev her up. Maybe disregard that suggestion. I found that the time before last, when I got out of rehab (5 days) I was so hyper. I couldn't sit still, I couldn't concentrate. I had to MAKE myself sit for 30 minutes and play the piano. It's always been my refuge from the world. I can lose myself for hours when I'm sitting in front of my piano. I couldn't sleep.
Avatar n tn child 4 1/2 with congential cmv- are there any projected neurological outcomes? Already dx- developmental delays, disruptive disorder, severe adhd that does not respond to stimulant medication. What is next????? Physician says pointless to do MRI- they know he is experiencing "disfuse brain involvement". Is there a road map out there showing the effects this virus has on the brain andwhat a parent can possibly espect in the future?
Avatar n tn Are you taking it for ADHD or for narcolepsy? The best thing to do would be to find a doctor who supports you and who will write out a gradual step down schedule for you to follow.
323051 tn?1206928283 Scientific data also shows promise for other conditions such as pain, tension/migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, and ADHD. CES might also provide benefits for chemical dependencies (such as street and prescription drugs, alcohol, and tobacco); that is, it might help the insomnia, anxiety and depression that often manifest during withdrawal. [4,5] Patient Experience Individual responses may vary, but most users report reduced symptoms (such as anxiety) after their first or second treatment.
Avatar n tn I have watched her here at home and she shows all the signs and symptoms of a child that has ADHD. Her grandmother on her dads side is bipolar and her dad has ADHD. On my side..I think I might have it and I know my brother has it. So, I tam going to get her evaluated at the end of this month by her pediatrian. In the meantime does anybody have any advice on dealing with her behavior?
Avatar n tn This is a general comment for no one in particular, so please dont be offended. However, in my opinion, I think ADD and ADHD has a tendancy to be over diagnosed. I used to teach in public schools and it got to the point where over half of the children were considered ADD or ADHD. Sometimes, I think that a child may just be ignoring or choosing to do something else. Just because a child does not do as he or she is told does not make that child ADD or ADHD.
378497 tn?1232147185 That typing thing does sound like what I do. I have an MD friend in Houston who takes Provigil for ADHD and thinks it really helps her clarity with that. Considering my existing tendencies in that direction, I probably should look into it on general principle. I have fatigue, but I've got three children, two with special needs, and an extremely stressful life, so I don't think this fatigue is unexpected. My instrument is defective!?? Say it ain't so?
Avatar f tn Well pot is fine no different then drinking it should be legal i believe , but i think you know the answer already to this it does impair you whether it gets u messed right up or just relaxes u a bit or you reflexes are delayed etc , thc will affect the baby and prob, different then you so even if it has little effect , i have lots of friends who smoked all thru pregnancy only three of 11 had babies under 5 pounds one was preemie the other two term a few are " adhd" and its hard to s
Avatar m tn I ended up getting so out of control with my Methadone (prescribed for pain) that I was Snorting it with Adderral (do not have ADHD) and taking a Benzo at night to come down. I ended up getting surgery and NO longer had a reason to get pills anymore. I knew it was a matter of time! However, I have been a Recreational users off & on since I was 14. SO by the time I even took my first Opiate I was off even worse to a Progressive Disease Called Addiction!
Avatar f tn Scientific data also shows promise for other conditions such as pain, tension/migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, and ADHD. CES might also provide benefits for chemical dependencies (such as street and prescription drugs, alcohol, and tobacco); that is, it might help the insomnia, anxiety and depression that often manifest during withdrawal. [4,5] Patient Experience Individual responses may vary, but most users report reduced symptoms (such as anxiety) after their first or second treatment.
Avatar f tn Thank you all for helping. I want the best for my son. I am still looking online for a doctor in Houston, TX. The three we have been to haven't been able to get this under control. I have had to research and ask for test. They didn't want to do the Free t4 & Free t3 test. Glad they did!
365714 tn?1292202708 So, I am asking that we keep all med help members and all people in our thoughts and prayers. Some are going through severe pain, grief, stress, ADHD, ADD, CFS, Fibromyalgia, pregnancy, anorexia, heart problems, HIV, AIDS, IBS, alcoholism, and many many other issues. I just pray and hope that all will be well for everyone very soon if not today. God Bless You All.
Avatar n tn Can a symptomatic pineal cyst, Abnormal CT of basilar artery, and ALL the symptoms of a CVM (prior injurieS to C7), severe upper back pain(any stimulants seem to make pain almost unbearable), hearing loss, mood disorder diagnosed, diagnosed ADHD, hand tremor, bouts of insomnia, diagnosed gout, recent hospitalization w AMS, inability to have a normal spinal tap but was treated for incephilitis OR meningitis (they didn't know for sure bcuz they treated me w antibiotics before the alternate way th
Avatar f tn Jacob had to sign a form as she can only give patients 30 days worth and NO REFILLS..... I KNEW IT...all due to ms WHITNEY HOUSTON having XANAX Bottles in her room that this was gonna prevent patients like myself to continue with what ive been getting for 11 years. Im so sick of all these movie stars who die and have xanax in there system that the decent patients get punished for it..... has anyone else been told of NEW laws in effect with benzo's amount and NO longer get refills not even 1??
Avatar n tn I can not afford the Effexor and because i had to evacuate to Houston, when the hurricane came through New Orleans i was not able to refill my prescription. I have been off for about 5 days now and i am experiencing the same side effects; nervousness, twitching, when i move my eyes it feels like an electrical shock in my head and i can hear my eyes move. How long is this supposed to last for? I don't want to go back on anything.
9662954 tn?1405609759 Wow, thanks so much for the links. Re my concerns. Yes, before I started the dual therapy pills in April of this year, I already had fibromyalgia, muscle and joint pain, muscle cramps, fatigue and easily confused, (some of this actually began after my last interferon treatment which I had to stop because of the horrific reaction I had--I never even made it to incivik). Then, when my symptom got became much worse last Fall.
Avatar f tn He did not walk until he was 2 1/2 and did not use full sentences until almost 4 years of age. Now, he is in 1st grade and has been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD combined type, Anxiety Disorder with OCD tendencies, touretts (due to the tremors). He was sent in to get the MRI because in the last year he has had on top of all of this, conductive hearing loss, vision loss, and a regression in speech despite getting speech therapy.
Avatar n tn Much the same early childhood family religious experience here. And my brother had absolutely the most severe adhd imaginable. It was hellish. So we all ate this diet completely devoid of any preservatives, dyes, unprocessed food, no sugar, etc. Not that the diet hurt us I'm sure, but neither did it do jack for my brother. He failed miserably at school and socially but due to my parents beliefs they refused to seek treatment.
314833 tn?1263263099 I have 4 Children Boy 29, Boy 15 Girl 14 and Boy 9 ( who is going on 40) I have 2 Grandchildren Boy 3 and Girl 1 I have a Springer Spanial named Baxter who i reckon has ADHD I am a stay home mum.. 5 people I am going to tag are lagyoa Chitchatnine Wannabenana Lizzie Lou Tag you're it !
Avatar m tn I too have bad anxiety while driving on freeways, especially tight ones, and bridges. Bridges are the worst. During my attacks I have a nervous cough. I too feel dizzy, like I am going to pass out, check my pulse, feel like it is too high and that I am going to have a heart attack. Here in Houston, I call the freeways the "concrete jungle". We have exits and overpasses that are like 16 stories high and are only one lane. This really freaks me out.