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Avatar n tn I just moved here from Houston and have not been able to fine one. I was on a program in the Houston are.
Avatar n tn I have ADHD and thogh have been diagnosed for it as a child am not sure how to go about finding the right person to talk to to prescribe the medicine known to help calm me such as an Adderen.
Avatar n tn child 4 1/2 with congential cmv- are there any projected neurological outcomes? Already dx- developmental delays, disruptive disorder, severe adhd that does not respond to stimulant medication. What is next????? Physician says pointless to do MRI- they know he is experiencing "disfuse brain involvement". Is there a road map out there showing the effects this virus has on the brain andwhat a parent can possibly espect in the future?
Avatar f tn Ladies if any of you mommas live in Houston contact me, I'm 20 with a two year old boy and 5 months pregnant with another little boy. I need some mommy friends!!
Avatar f tn Hello i live in houston...
7474740 tn?1391112694 I don't have no friend in this app:/ but either way u from Houston or not just want to talk to moms to be !! Thanks .
Avatar m tn Has anyone been to the Houston eye center or know of a good ophthalmologists in the area or the east valley?? Thanks!!
Avatar n tn I have watched her here at home and she shows all the signs and symptoms of a child that has ADHD. Her grandmother on her dads side is bipolar and her dad has ADHD. On my side..I think I might have it and I know my brother has it. So, I tam going to get her evaluated at the end of this month by her pediatrian. In the meantime does anybody have any advice on dealing with her behavior?
Avatar n tn I just did a research online and found a doctor through the following link in Houston, or near Houston area, Please let me know how your wife is doing.
13089429 tn?1436037535 Im from Beaumont tx an hour away from Houston!! Hubby fam lives in Houston so we travel often to htown!!