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Avatar n tn im trying natural approach and while i see some improvement inattention is still pretty bad, probably going back to strattera and see if it can work albeit not optimal as my son has non verbal learning disability dx as well which overlaps with adhd and does not respond well to stimulants....
Avatar n tn We tried putting my 9 year old son (who has ADHD) on Concerta about a month ago and after about 4 days, he started frequently rolling his eyes involuntarily up and to the right. We took him off immediately, but the symptoms have persisted. I'm not sure if it was caused by the Concerta, as he'd previously been on it for a month about a year ago and did not display the eye rolling. Does anyone know if there is a correlation, and if this is something that will stop?
Avatar f tn 1) mental fatigue (with poor attention, memory, concentration, retention, etc.) with ADHD and other learning disabilities. 2) Physical fatigue (times of low blood pressure, feeling "lazy," poor motivation, easily winded-feeling, unrefreshed, need to sleep long hours, unalert until late morning/afternoon, naps, brief sleep interuptions, post nasal drip, etc.) 3) Easily stressed, affecting mental/emotional/physical, twice even leading to brief agitation and atypical psychosis.