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Avatar f tn I have ADHD and my son has ADHD. It runs in my family from way back before ADHD became rampant and misdiagnosed. My son also has a very high IQ - and had the same difficulties as your son. I also work in the school as a speech pathologist. Request an obsevation by either the School Psychologist or a Teacher Consultant, if they have one. They can also give you a checklist that can be filled out by you, the teacher and your son.
6726276 tn?1421130268 I've been studying the ADHD aspect of my disorder. My recent inability to deal comfortably with the recent disappointments - the Robbery at our StorageDepot facility, the non action of Sheriff Dept & recently a guest who keeps wanting to visit & then not here in Costa Rica. It looks like the ADHD disorder is causing the discomfort rather than the Bipolar. Sound familiar?
1287128 tn?1331138138 But your doc does seem to have thought out all of this into a pretty good plan of action. Lexapro has got some pretty good reviews. Here is my favorite site for those kinds of meds if you want to check it out - Hopefully, after awhile, the strattera or the adderall will also help with your anxiety and you can get off the Lexapro. In the meantime, find out all you can about ADHD or ADD.
Avatar n tn As you said, at the worst you know you'll be parolled in 4 years, at the best you might really change someone's life for the better and get something out of it for yourself to boot - someone to love that loves you back. He's not his sister and if you develop a firm plan of action to address situations and stick to them like they are a raft on the open ocean, from day one, things will be better.
Avatar m tn Doctor: ADHD Does Not Exist Dr. Richard Saul March 14, 2014 Over the course of my career, I have found more than 20 conditions that can lead to symptoms of ADHD, each of which requires its own approach to treatment. Raising a generation of children—and now adults—who can't live without stimulants is no solution.
Avatar f tn When I asked why certain aspects of his plan are not being put into action, they tell me he needs a new plan. When I ask for a new meeting with the IEP board, they tell me they're looking into it and never do. The only time things have gotten better is when I demanded his records so that I could review all of the paperwork they had for him. Frankly, I'm desperate and I need help. I need the school to take me seriously and stop trying to take advantage of me.
Avatar m tn Here is the ADHD diagnosis - It sounds as if the doctor feels that it might be ADHD. If you question the diagnosis, you probably should get a second opinion.
Avatar m tn There are a ton of things that can be done. But the first thing is to figure out what the problem really is. Kind of hard to find a solution if you don't know what the problem is. Over on the where I am also the CL I recommend this site as a starting point. - I suggest you read it and if it makes sense to you - then suggest they read it.
Avatar n tn I have read the medical assesments for ADHD and she fits almost ALL the symptoms in each list. I plan on taking further action, but I just feel torn between there being problem and my husband and I needing to be "better" parents. I get so frustrated with her because she in her words "forgets" the rules. She has moments of clarity where she is the most well mannered, sweet girl but most of the time she is just TOO much. It makes family activities or outings really difficult.
Avatar f tn These are very classic ADHD symptoms. And, of course, it could be something else - but everything you describe does sound like a child who is intelligent with ADHD. The intelligence can mask the symptoms since many teachers will say the child is getting good grades so whats the problem? Of course the problem starts appearing about the time common denominators or if the child is really intelligent - algebra - appears in their life.
Avatar f tn Things must occur as a routine or be something he is familiar with. He becomes easily frustrated with things (standing up action figures, putting blocks together, etc.). By frustrated, I mean meltdowns. When things don't go the way he wants or he is not instantly given what he wants this triggers a meltdown. These are more than temper tantrums. I am very concerned that he will actually hurt someone or himself.
5624042 tn?1372200166 Once the area of deficiency is identified and your child’s level of functioning is determined, you will sit down with a team – who usually consists of you, your child (if old enough), your child’s teachers, a psychologist and anyone else who will be working with your child – to develop a plan of action to assist your child.
Avatar f tn Please remember that via this forum i can only guide you. However the main treatment, plan of action, can be provided by the treating doctor only as he examines you in the best possible way. I would like you to consult the Orthopaedician, before you discuss any further about these diseases.And surely, they are ringing bell. Combination of all these disease is very bad for the prognosis part. So please visit your orthopaedician. Regards..
Avatar m tn In many ways, this sounds like my three and a half year old son. He was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) as well as Semantic Pragmatic disorder in June of last year. I wanted to try to keep him off meds but now I feel like we have to try them in order to keep my four (almost five) year old safe. I am considering Risperdal and Vyvance. He has an appointment later this month to be evaluated by another physician.
Avatar f tn Little background my daughter has been on meds all her life for adhd then she went into foster care at the age of 7years old my mom is now he foster mom and is having trouble with her . The meds my daughter is on is : guanfacine (tenex) 1 mg (1/2 tab at bedtime for 1wk then 1/2 tab 2x a day) and respidone 1 mg (2x a day) and depakote 500mg ( 2x day) and trazodone at bedtime as need 150 mg.
Avatar f tn There needs to be an action for his action. That action has to be very constant and immediate. If the action does not happen, he will never stop. I think you might want to pick up Joe's book as he has several things in it that will really help you to deal with him. And by the way, going to a therapist is a good idea. As long as the therapist also trains YOU how to work with your child. If all the therapist does is talk to the child - it will not be successful.
Avatar m tn But to use tough love for something that the child may have no control over is certainly not an acceptable course of action. I wonder how much experience this analyst has with kids with ADHD (or maybe SPD) . And yes, consistency is highly important. And I can recommend several good sources for other ways to change his behavior. But we gotta first find out what the problem actually is.
Avatar f tn Definitely seeing a specialist is a good idea. Since about 25 to 30% of kids with ADHD have anxiety as a co-disorder ("The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley, p53), its possible that this is a manifestation of that. You didn't mention if he was on any medication. Sometimes when the meds wear off, this type behavior can get worse.
Avatar f tn The principal has said she has seen this before and wonders if he has a sensory issue or ADHD. I just hope he will be okay. He said he wanted to see what was behind it. I think he probably thought the door would just open adn there would be the fire extinguisher. It's not like him before to do all these things. What stuff exactly did your kid do? Would you also mind if I got your email address. Thanx for responding, I could use the support tonight!!!
Avatar f tn // and I use the site I just mentioned alot for very specific aids for parents and kids. Finally, if he is 8 and the size of a 3 year old. That has got to be a very difficult thing to deal with. He has got to come home from school every day feeling very defeated. And if he is doing badly at school, that makes it even worse. He really probably needs psychological counseling to help him through all of this. Is he getting any?
Avatar f tn I think my best plan of action is to not get the rest of the assessment done and not get an official diagnosis. That way I can still plead ignorance if the medical school does find out. If I did get an official diagnosis I would HAVE to tell them, and once again go through the horrors of being interrogated by the Fitness to Practice committee. If I didn't tell them and someone found out or raised suspicion about me, it would be a probity issue & my course would be terminated.
Avatar n tn -) Thank you! I chuckle only because, as a parent, I can clearly see that the ADHD is present. I have it to some extent. To what extreme it is, is yet TBD, and will be more noticeable as he delves into the more rigorous studies of primary school. I just feel that he can respond well to the chart system and am glad to get some great answers to the many questions that I have re: the meds. etc. I thank you again for your valuable insight. It is very much appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have always recommended trying everything else first. Exercise will increase dopamine levels - food will not. Definitely get a 504 plan for her at school. The book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. , has a whole section on 504 suggestions to help a child in school. Plus, its a really good book (about 10 bucks on amazon). This is a very, very good link for helping kids with ADD.
1135243 tn?1260511393 Some kids ARE very active, busy and hyper. They are by temperment. That does not mean they are ADHD. I know that isn't what you want to hear (by why would you want your child to have adhd?)------ but it is true. ADHD should not be diagnosed until a child is at least 6 because there is so much variability in kids. MANY kids are just as hyper as your daughter whether you notice it or not.
Avatar f tn my 11 year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD. He has been taking Adderall which helps him get through the school day. He is doing great in school. He does struggle with friends. This morning he returned home from an overnight scout activity which he was excited to be able to attend. A scout leader later came to my door saying my son has threatened to stab another child if that child did not do what my son said. I confronted my son about this.
598237 tn?1225647072 I am no expert, my son was diagnosed ADHD aged 8 at the time i didnt live in Austria so we had to design our own behaviour modification plan based on mostly American ideas. But i am lucky we work with the UN and he went to a private school with small classes and lots of willing help. I know it is not like that for everyone. But having said that he is fine now aged 17.
Avatar f tn Which is why I warned you to be careful with that. Both him and I have ADHD, I don't plan to medicate him for ADHD. My son is almost 4 and we can see a little bit of defiant behaviour in him. Tonight we had an example, he eas very good all day long with me but refused to sit at dinertime (after his father came home), while laughing. I decided to not give him a bath as usual, something he loves, he was really upset.
Avatar m tn Alan, I have used NativeRemedys for years for various things, they have a fatigue fighter that sounds good. My grandson was dx with ADHD 2 years ago, school wanted to put him on Retilin, we refused and got 2 natural products from them and now he is getting straight A's. I take their product for Diabetus2 and was able to stop my perscription, doctor approved that for me, my blood sugars run normal all the time now. You can read what every thing they have contains, on their web site.