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Avatar n tn Hey, does anyone know if theres anything to buy over the counter that will speed up healing process/sort out the immense pain/ and help with peeing with herpes? Ive tried a few things, tea tree and olbas oil seems to get rid of them when i feel im getting a tingling sensation but once there fully there i find it really difficult to get them to leave. I wouldnt mind going to my doctors but i get them so regularly i would be there every other month!
1654177 tn?1319842094 it is good for u to check before taking. meanwhile some health food stores have some good over the counter meds for this condition.
Avatar f tn I know the herpes is not curable but is there something that I can take to prevent the outbreak for coming back besides acyclovir....something over the counter? Finally would it also be best to take the vaccine for gonarrhea? So that it can be completely gone.
Avatar f tn Or should I book an emergency doctors appointment to get these medicines tomorrow (and if so, is that three day delay in potentially being infected and taking the meds, too late? - assuming these are not available over the counter in the UK.
Avatar m tn She put me on an over the counter antihistamine (Claritin I think) for 3 weeks, and they went away. I suspect that if I'd started on them as soon as the hives started showing up, they would have been gone much sooner.
Avatar f tn There are no over the counter antiviral meds for herpes. You would need a prescription for either Valtrex, Acyclovir or Famvir.
Avatar m tn There are also several topicals that you can get over the counter. Some of these are Abreva, Releev, and Dermoplast. In addition some people use natural remedies such as honey, which has been found to have antiviral properties. However, these have not been formulated, and have had no clinical trials, specifically to treat HSV.
Avatar n tn It grows there for the same reason that jock itch grows -- it is a moist and dark area. Buy one of the over-the-counter anti=fungal creams and put the cream on twice each day until the area is cleared up. You may need to use a Qtip to reach the area. Then try to keep it dry. You might even want to put a small piece of toilet paper there gently.
Avatar f tn i have outbreaks every now and then. whats the best over the counter medicine to cure the outbreaks? is it because of me having herpes the reason why it hurts when i try to have sex with my partner?
Avatar n tn Really? MS? Come on now. Now, while I don't want to downplay your own afflictions (and I'm sorry you were diagnosed with MS, it's a horrible disease) - but considering there are QUITE A FEW posts of similiar nature, perhaps it's best to help provide more common/less severe possibilities as well as the "worst case scenarios?
911799 tn?1242905895 My question is, i do have acyclovir tablets and just noticed the lesion today, should i begin taking them, will they help. And also, should i seek some over the counter antiviral ointment from the german pharmacy. Thank you for your help....
Avatar m tn is this a drug that you can get over the counter because you say you started taking the meds with the suspicion that you may have HSV2 :-? and you had negative tests... I say go get tested again... and find out what the real issue is... you could be taking the wrong meds!
101028 tn?1419606604 You need to take it twice a day. Acyclovir is the old tried but true but it's also the medication that all other herpes meds compare themselves to. It's been available in a generic version for a long time now and is usually the most affordable option. You have to take acyclovir twice a day suppressively. How to make treating your herpes more affordable? Well if you have insurance look into your options.
Avatar f tn Ice applied directly to the cold sore site prior to the eruption of a blister may reduce the potential swelling. Any drying over-the-counter cold sore preparation that contains camphor and/or phenol may provide relief if applied in the early stages. When used in the scab stage, these ointments can help prevent painful cracking and bleeding.
211940 tn?1267884866 At the time it felt like it was the muscle or tendons, kind of like they had been strained or over used. The pain continued to increase with night time being the worst. Since then the pain is in my shoulder, collar bone, mid arm (between the shoulder and elbow), elbow and wrist. My elbow is now very sore after typing or writing if it's not well supported on a desk. Although it doesn't hurt to the touch.
Avatar n tn Don't waste your time or money on herplex. It doesn't have in any ingredients that have been proven to be effective at treating herpes. there aren't any studies on daily suppressive therapy with any of the 3 herpes antivirals reducing the transmission of hsv1 to a partner either orally or genitally. If you feel you still need the peace of mind - daily suppressive therapy with acyclovir would be the cheapest option though there's no guarantee's it will help at all.
Avatar f tn 12 weeks after my last realtionship (because of his affairs) I tested HIV negativ - so this can not be the trigger. The docors in the HIV forum told me that acyclovir does not inhibit the HI virus so that I can trust in my negativ result although being ón acyclovir. Would you agree? I hope my question is not too long. But I really think that you will take my problems seriously as you did it with all the other Users!
Avatar f tn I would be angry and just as upset as you are, but you will be okay. I do not know of any over the counter treatment for the pain. Maybe some Ibuprofen could help some with the inflammation. My mother got herpes a long time ago. She has had two attacks since the 70's when she contracted it.
272338 tn?1252284004 Hi, Just continue with Acyclovir or the antiviral medicine. Over-the-counter pain medicines, such as acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen, may help reduce pain or burning sensation. Other doctors prescribe corticosteroids in combination with antiviral medicine to reduce pain and the duration of shingles. It may also help to use topical antibiotics to stop infection of the blisters. Discuss which treatment option is best with your doctor.
Avatar n tn I suggest you use an over-the-counter anti-itch cream like Sarna Sensitive lotion as often as you need to for itch, and that you see a skin doctor for definitive diagnosis and treatment. Take care. Dr.
Avatar f tn im not on any medication because i never needed it. what can i take over the counter or herbal meds to make the virus lie dormant? is this normal to have a breakout for 4 months straight with no relief?
Avatar f tn Unfortunately not much helps. The problem is if it hsv then over the counter antifungal creams or other assorted pain relief creams can make herpes outbreak worse.
Avatar n tn It cleared up before the test results came back so I did not take acyclovir for it. However, at the same time i was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis which I have never had before. I was given metronidazole and it went away, a week later, when I learned about the hsv results and went back to ther doctor. She said that the bv went away but I now had a yeast infection which I also had never had before.
Avatar m tn She fell asleep and I found a medicine bottle of Acyclovir on her sink counter when I went to use the bathroom. I asked her about the medicine and she flipped out. She stated she only had one bump on her vagina and she thought it was an ingrown hair, that females can't transmit the virus to males, blah, blah, blah. I am worried sick, what is the likelihood of transmission from her?
Avatar f tn There is medicine you can take for it. I have to wonder if that isn't what is going on, The medicine is over the counter--- acyclovir.
Avatar n tn i had a cold which i treated myself with over the counter meds for about 2 weeks because i have no health insurance. about a week ago i developed a horrible backache which i thought was just a pulled muscle from coughing. I woke up 3 days ago in the worse pain i have ever been in. From the middle of my back to my left side just under my breast is so tender and sore and when i cough i have a horrible pain. i went to the er and was diagnosed with shingles without a rash and pleurisy.
Avatar n tn Acyclovir works best for me and for many others, for example. I hope you find relief soon. There may be over-the-counter topicals that will help with the discomfort. I've heard that folks sometimes use the oral herpes ointments with success. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn I never heard of chloraphor, so I went to the web. The ingredients have no chance of doing anything useful for herpes. Even before looking, I was sure it would be ****. Ditto for lysine and a hundred other magical therapies that have been proposed. From time to time patients with genital herpes come to me saying they are using any "natural", over-the-counter, or internet-derived product and they think it is helping, either to prevent outbreaks or treat them when they come.
Avatar m tn Well, I started to experience an outbreak and started taking Tagamet. I read somewhere that over the counter Tagamet was helpful in suppressing herpes viruses, especially shingles. The outbreak went away but I discovered that I cannot take Tagamet with another medication I am required to take. After a week of no meds (acyclovir or tagamet) I am breaking out again. I started back on the acyclovir and it seems to be working but I have some concerns.
Avatar n tn It doesn't mean he cheated on you. However, you don't say what type you have (1 or 2). You could have contracted it through oral sex (cold sore on his mouth to your vagina) or through penis-vagina sex (type 2). The first outbreak is often the worst for folks. I had my initial outbreak years ago, then never had another one and never had any symptoms after that. It varies from person to person. Your boyfriend needs to get tested, obviously, so you two can figure out which types you have.