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Avatar f tn Vaginal itching of 4 weeks duration following Acyclovir treatment of a positive Herpes (HSV) culture test. Tests for UTI, Yeast, and other STD's are negative or within normal limits. History: Approximately 3 weeks following unprotected intercourse with a new partner, I developed an ulcerated lesion on my labia minora and another in the vestibule with no other symptoms. I immediately went to an urgent care where the provider that treated me ordered a complete blood test and a urine analysis.
Avatar n tn He should have a urethral Gram stain (after having not voided for at least 2 hours) and tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Your evaluation should include a wet mount looking for yeast, trichomonas, bacterial vaginosis (not an STD and not requiring treatment of your partner but a common cause of vaginal discharge) as well as tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia.
Avatar m tn urination frequent again, and now an erection problem that has stayed for 3 weeks. I saw a different Dr and was prescribed Acyclovir 400MG 3x day for a week, and 6 weeks of Doxycycline Hyclate 100MG 2x a day (I tested again for herpes exposure and was negative again). I am 14 days into that cycle. He did mention he was wondering if it could be a yeast infection. The inflammation went away in the urethra area, but I am still have very inconsistent/weak erections.
Avatar f tn I have been on the meds since then and pretty much the symptoms are coming and going like they have been for a while before I saw my GYN but it seems like the UTI symptoms are lessening a bit more now. If the meds are helping with the pain does that confirm Herpes? Because I'm reeeeeeally praying thats not what it is...but I think I'm just in denial because the meds seem to be helping a bit. But could it just be me?
Avatar n tn This sex was also at the tail end of my period and involved his finger in my anus, both of which has been connected to greater chance of a UTI for me. I've been taking uristat to control the pain and drinking lots of water/cranberry juice to clear this thing out. That has usually worked with UTIs for me in the past. My main questin is: What are the chances that I could infect a partner right now? How long do I need to wait to have sex again?
Avatar n tn I have a prescription for acyclovir but haven't been using it suppressively. Is this a time when it would be worth it for me to start taking it, perhaps in a suppressive does of 400mg 2x day instead of the prescribed 400mg 3x day. Are there side effects/long term effects that I should make me worried about taking this drug too casually? Also, what are the chances that I could infect a partner right now? Thanks for your help!
Avatar m tn I have been tested for chlamydia, gonnorrhea, syphilis, HIV, HSV1, HSV2, trichimonas and UTI. All the tests done with a decent window period ie. was tested for HSV1/2 9 months post a possible exposure. I've been to three different urologists, two different PCP, several different clinics and an ER and no one seems to be able to diagnose me. I have also been on 8 different antibiotics, a set steroids and multiple creams.
Avatar f tn Your partner needs it too so you both know what you have. Go from there. For the record, acyclovir is a 12-hour dose, not a 4-hour dose. Oral sex is not only not out of the question, it's very low risk for transmission. But you are just getting ahead of yourself with your questions. Find out first if you and your boyfriend actually have herpes and what types you have.
Avatar m tn I've been having unprotected sex with a guy friend of mine, that I've known for little over a year now. We've only been doing things for about a month or so. He said he positive he's clean, he wasn't tested not long ago. So I'm wondering if I could of been misdiagnosed. Here's how the symptoms went. Day 1: Slight irritation & itching in vagina & anus openings. Day 2: Itching was replaced with pain in both areas. Burning sensation when urinating & pain feels worse after urinating.
874521 tn?1424120397 Lost Ezmeralda last night about 11:00 PM.. We really don't have an explanation , she really took a turn for the worst when she got , what the vet thought a UTI.. "Thanks for sharing your life with us, you were a true companion and friend and you will be deeply missed my sweet girl"..
Avatar f tn My boyfriend was 2 weeks misdiagnosis at Kaiser receiving antibiotics for chlamydia, gonorrhea, UTI, Yeast infection. After those 2 weeks going to the Hospital every second or third day and being test for "STD" and UTI for different doctors he finished with Herpes Meningitis. He was tested finally for Herpes and had to spend 2 days in the hospital and after it 2 weeks with Acyclovir IV......
Avatar f tn So I have had sex maybe a week ago and a couple days later I started feeling burning when I peed so I thought it was a uti but the more cranberry juice and uti meds I took it didn't help nor did the pain reduce so finally I took a mirror to look and the lining of my vagina is red like a rash and I have white bumps some look like they have been popped oh and there is this discharge it's seems to harden on my underwear, this is really embarrassing and I don't know what's going on and as I tried to
Avatar f tn When I returned home, the paranoid bug took hold and I went to the doc and asked for acyclovir, which she gave me. At the time, I had no symptoms. Two days later, I started getting UTI-type symptoms (irritated urethra, increased urge to pee, etc.). After two days of that, I went to the doctor again, who said it was possible that since she is likely a carrier, I may have contracted it and the pills meant I only got the urethritis, but no lesions.
Avatar f tn I have been sick for 1+ week with a terrible UTI and vaginal yeast infection. I was seen last week and given oral antibiotics and oral yeast infection meds (one dose). On Thursday, I ended up at the ER because of the pain associated with urination. It felt like someone had a razor blade on my vuvla when I went to the bathroom. The ER doc changes my antibiotic and gave me vaginal cream to use for 7 days. As of yesterday, I still have extreme pain when I would pee.
Avatar n tn On 3/21/07 she had stomach flu,5/24/07 she woke up with a bloody looking eye it's ALWAYS on the same eye (right)on the inner part of the sclera & it never spreads to the other eye,she always says it hurts & it swells up a little. Her pediatrician thought it was conjuvitis & rx Ofloxacin .3% it cleared up in 3 days.
Avatar f tn you said antibiotics - was it actually acyclovir or valtrex? also make sure your gyn tests you properly for vaginitis ( bv especially is very common with genital herpes ) as well as you and your partner should seek out type specific herpes igg blood testing. I'd definitely take the time to write a letter of complaint to the clinic you were seen at - call and find out if they have a complaint line to call or find out who the clinic manager is and get their email.
Avatar m tn I took IgG and IgM test about 10 days later and both were negative. I was also prescribed acyclovir 400mg in case of out break which I took for few days, but no difference in tingling, so I stopped taking it. I also have a slight lower back pain. Is it possible to have 3 weeks of tingling and no visible sores? Can Acyclovir stop the first outbreak? AS I mentioned it comes and goes and It is not always at the same spot. I kindly appreciate your response.
Avatar m tn I had oral sex, after few weeks I woke with numb hands and feet next day I got genital sores and uti..After few days I was diagnosed with herpes simplex virus type 1..I was medicated with acyclovir tablets even after the course body ache joint pain sore throat left side groin pain night chills persists..I doubted it could be hiv symptoms and got tested at 4 weeks and 6-5 week result was negative...
Avatar m tn A few years ago I began having problems with ED, pehaps due to high cholesterol but I am able to improve that with ED pill and I don't always need them especailly for masturbation. Lately I have been having a lot of problems climaxing.. I stay hard enough but I just can't get the equipment to pop. I have also had some uti type feelings and some discomfort at the base of my testes (prostate?) Anyone have this? How to overcome it?
Avatar m tn My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 months. We have both been regularly tested (but not HSV). Four months ago he was having what he thought was a UTI and asked the doctor to do a full std panel including HSV, just to be safe. While he was waiting for the results, he had a genital outbreak. It was one small lesion which disappeared within two days on Acyclovir. The std panel came back negative for everything except HSV2.
Avatar f tn told me they were herpes and prescribed me cipo for the UTI and acyclovir for herpes. The lesions subsided and were all gone by day 2. He tested all STDs for me but forgot to order for herpes. All negative. A month later, I went back and tested for herpes, the IgG antibodies one. Negative for HSV1, but positive for HSV-2 with an index # 2.1. My partner, he's the only partner I've had, tested negative for both HSV 1 and HSV2. I read on this web site that if you're index # is <3.
Avatar f tn The 1st doctor did a visual test and prescribed acyclovir 800mg 3x a day for 7 days. I had an igg test done in Jan 2018 and the doctor called and said that the test showed that I had been exposed to hsv1&2.
Avatar f tn But because of the timing I decided to retest after my possible exposure which was 14 weeks later almost 15 my test was still negative I did igg blood testing I'm very unsure if I should continue to do blood work to figure out type or be content with my 14 week results. Please help me and the meds the doctor gave me (acyclovir) for my initial outbreak did not help what else can I take.
Avatar n tn This past Tuesday, my boyfriend and I tried to have sex but it was very painful for me if he tried to put is entire penis inside of me. Two days before we had had sex and there was no pain so we both assumed that I was just irritated from that time. Just to be cautious, I scheduled an appointment for this past Thursday. Between Tuesday and Thursday, my vagina still felt irritated, I could feel the irritation when I would wipe after going to the bathroom or when initially sitting down.
Avatar f tn Is it possible that the virus is just too new to show antibodies yet? Started Acyclovir the next day. Looking for some input on these results and if I should get re-tested at some point. Most importantly - now what?! Should I report the guy to the CDC, since I have not heard from him since?
Avatar n tn all negative. I even took a weeks worth of antibiotics and acyclovir (which I did on my own) before being tested for herpes. After about 4 weeks the pain is all but gone but there is still a little redness. If the trend continues, I think it will be gone completely in one or two days. Questions: If it was cancer, would it go away and return to normal like it has? I have an appointment with a urologist next week.
Avatar n tn Would a trial of acyclovir be useful, to see if it helped alleviate my condition?