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Avatar n tn My 75 year-old mother had an acute ischemic stroke a week ago today. She had a frontal parietal infarct that damaged a third of her left hemisphere. She hasn't really regained any level of alertness, though has shown marked improvement every day. Yesterday was the first time she was able to really open her eyes and look at things, though she closes them again after a few seconds. She can hear and move all her extremeties, though the movement is much more limited on her right side.
368646 tn?1208397487 Can a stroke (hemorrhagic from cavernous hemangioma burst) cause the myelin sheath to be inflammed or injured on the affected side? Thanks for your time!
Avatar m tn My 31 yr old daughter with Down Syndrome had a stroke two weeks ago. She has lost movement on the right side, Her speech and reasoning is good, she is eating a pureed diet. I have a 1000 questions with no answers. I am an RN and work 24 hours a week.I haven't been there long enough to take a medical leave. I am thinking of drawing out early on my ira so I can quit work. I cant concentrate there and am afraid on making an error. she has just been moved to acute rehab.
Avatar n tn It's been nearly 23 months since my wife had a hemoragic stroke at age 54. Day one after the surgeon placed 13 platinum coils (about 14 feet of wire) in her giant anyerisum, she was in critical condition. As she awakened over the next few days, it was obvious she would have issues. Today, she has only one big remaining issue which is the loss of her left peripheral vision in both eyes. This would seem to be permanent.
Avatar n tn My father had a similar sounding stroke on Dec. 8, 2006. He seemed pretty alert, spoke well, could swallow, etc. His major problems were left side paralysis and double vision. After about three weeks, he took his first steps and within 2 weeks of that was walking 40 feet with a walker. He was not able to start moving his left hand until about 4 weeks in. At that point, he could move all fingers and make a loose fist.
Avatar n tn My 55 yr old mother had a "massive" hemorrhagic stroke Feb. 18/05. The neuro surgeon said it was a large deep bleed in the left side of her brain, apparently she is lucky to have survived it and without surgery. The latest CT scan 3.5 weeks after the stroke the blood has started to re-absorb and swelling is going down.
284078 tn?1282620298 I hope anyone who uses Topamax for any reason is fully aware of the serious risk of acute narrow angle glaucoma. I had read several articles about it but saw it firsthand last week. As usual on my quiet weekend off I got the dreaded call from the emergency room, again. This time about a woman on Topamax for 7 days who seemed to have lost almost all her vision 12 hours after increasing her dose per her doctor's instructions.
Avatar n tn Hi All. I read these posts with heavy heart...what you all have been through! I have been there done that also. I began having problems in 95, an initial episode of overall feeling sick, spleen, liver and gland pains, sore throat, and tickly crawly sensations on my skin. I continued to feel low-grade ill all 95. In 96 I suffered what was called an "acute cortical insult" -- some type of stroke like incident which left me with visual disturbances.
Avatar n tn From your description, your mother experienced an Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS -fancy talk for a blocked heart artery). If an ACS is untreated, it often leads to a heart attack. It sounds like the heart attack was at least partially averted due to the placement of the stent. During treatment for the ACS, your mother was treated with blood thinners, a very appropriate treatment for most persons experiencing an ACS.
Avatar n tn Dear Sir or Madam: Can you please recommend what to do for postviral syndrome with neurological complications such as fasciculations, nerve burning, visual problems, and fatigue? Would any therapies such as IVIG or plasmapheresis work on this? There must be a specialist somewhere who is exploring the connection between neurology and infections. Can you help me find that somebody? DESPERATE. THANKS.
Avatar n tn Do you know if a MRA was requested? I, too was given a CT Scan when expierencing stroke symptoms. The CT Scan came back clear and I was sent home with a diagnosis of "Migrains with neuological side effects." I suffered an acute ischemic stroke 2 weeks later. The stroke affected my cerabellum, brain stem and the right side of my brain. An MRA and MRI was done when hospitalized. The MRA will show the ateries, blood vessels and aortas.
Avatar f tn In June of 2009 I had a Nova Sure ablation with great results. I have no bleeding at all now and have had little to no pain. In December I suddenly had severe lower abdominal pain that originated just below the belly button and radiated to both sides and around my back. This pain was very sharp, brought me to a fetal position and induced vomiting. The severe pain lasted about 1 1/2 hrs and then eased up leaving me with a constant aching pain in my lower abdomen.
Avatar n tn I had heard from the time he had his stroke that stroke patients do much better in their own home, I never guessed his mind would improve that much so quickly.... He still has a hard time transferring himself, so my mom has help approx. 4 hours a day right now, but we are thinking of going up to 8 just to give her more of a break. He seems to have a determination to walk again, so I hope someday he will be able to...
Avatar n tn I think that you have migraine without headache syndrome, which is a form of migraine. The family history would also indicate this possibility. Usually, with atypical types of migraine we rule out other possibilities initially, so I will assume that all other testing has come out negative and you indeed have atypical migraine. As far as information, I would tap into the National Headache Foundation (
Avatar n tn This seems like a very complex situation especially for her doctors, so it's difficult to answer some of these things given the limitations of this venue, but I'll try to give you some information that may answer your questions. It sounds like your sister has had an acute event with progression or a series of acute events in succession.
451975 tn?1372332199 My husband gave me an aspirin when he realized I couldn't respond to him and took me to the hospital 5 min. from our home. I was treated as a stroke patient and sent to the downtown Toronto Stroke Centre. Unfortunately, by the time I arrive by ambulance, (about 3 hrs. later), it was too late to administer the 'stroke buster' shot that was planned. After about 4 hours, slowly, I began to regain feeling in my left fingers and forearm.
Avatar n tn My father-in-law recently suffered a stroke that has left him paralyzed : on his right side and severely aphasic. Recently he has become agitated : and uncooperative with his therapists, and talks continuously and : inappropriately, even when no one is with him, and has had difficulty : sleeping. : He has been administered occasional doses of Haldol to control his agitation. : Is this a common practice? Isn't Haldol usually used for long-term : treatment of schizophrenia?
Avatar m tn My physician diagnosed as a case of psychosis and gave haloperidol and planned for CT/MRI next day. In CT it was found that he had acute ischemic infarct on bilateral mesial frontal lobe and corpus callosum. He was given anti stroke treatment such as LMW Heparin and others along with haloperidol. There was improvement on part of recent forgetfulness but little effect on irritability and restlessness. Then after 1 month he developed excessive salivation,tremors(hand and perioral).
Avatar n tn While a real central post-viral syndrome (ADEM = acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis), and real peripheral post-viral syndromes (Guillain- Barre syndrome and neuralgic amyotrophy) exist, the existence of a myalgia-chronic fatigue syndrome following viral infection is certainly quite debatable. A cervical disc herniation, no matter how severe, should affect neither BAER nor VER.
Avatar n tn Hi, The seizures may be due to Antiphospholipid syndrome. Apart from stroke in the young, other neurological manifestations seen uncommonly in patients with APLS are seizures, acute ischaemic encephalopathy, transverse myelopathy, Guillain-Barre syndrome, anterior spinal artery thrombosis, migraine headache, and multi-infarct dementia. Please discuss these possibilities with the neurologist and consult another neurologist for a second opinion and treatment. Hope this helps you.
Avatar f tn I also had inability to use my left arm for severe weakness like a stroke would cause. I could not raise my left arm. A pain specialist diagnosed thoracic outlet syndrome on scan and i had 3 years of chiro/dance/yoga/stretching and muscle stimulation therapy. I couldn't golf!!! This summer past my parotid glands blew out and I had always told dentist my jaw was very locked. Root canal could not be done until infection abated. I was on 7 different antibiotics without resolution.ANs?
Avatar n tn It is indicated for the reduction of atherothrombotic events such as recent myocardial infarction, recent stroke, peripheral arterial disease and acute coronary syndrome. The reason for numbness on left side of body can be stroke or other neurological conditions. I would advise that you consult a neurologist with your past medical history and undergo neurological examination. CT scan, MRI or lumbar puncture are the usual tests that would be able to diagnose your condition.
Avatar n tn Hi, The causes of arm heaviness may be Lymphedema , Heart attack , Acute panic and anxiety syndrome, Anaemia , Aortic dissection , Aortic stenosis , Biliary colic , Bornholm disease , Cardiospasm , Cholecystitis , Fibromyalgia , GERD , Heart attack , Pneumothorax and many others . As with men, women's most common heart attack symptom is chest pain or discomfort.
Avatar m tn They are leaning towards MS or an Infraction Stroke Syndrome. MRI brain 7/8/2014. Comparison 11/19/2009. Indication: Postconcussion headache. Technique: The trauma protocol brain was performed without and with gadolinium, patient was injected with 19 mL Magnevist contrast from a single dose 20 mL bottle. Findings: There is no acute hemorrhage, infarction, mass effect, or midline shift. The ventricles and sulci are stable and age-appropriate.
Avatar n tn Its quite similar to what we narcotic people know as PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome) and is very real. In fact thats where the term "dry drunk" came from. People would quit drinking and then much later would exhibit the signs of a drunk. But they had been "dry" - not drinking.
Avatar n tn Hi, There are many possibilities for your symptoms ranging from benign causes like fibromyalgia, acute anxiety, and chronic fatigue syndrome to more serious causes like migraine, stroke and MS. It will help to associate the clinical symptoms with the MRI findings to arrive at a diagnosis. Do let us know if you have more questions!
Avatar n tn Hello dear, Migraine and hypertension are common conditions that frequently coexist.Some evidence suggests that poor control of blood pressure may exacerbate the frequency and severity of migraine Severe hypertension in the setting of new acute headache may indicate a serious underlying cause and requires urgent investigation. In patients with migraine and established hypertension, good control of blood pressure may be beneficial in controlling headache.
Avatar f tn ) Not that this is very useful for people already diagnosed with Lyme, but interesting nonetheless.
Avatar f tn BTW, the research I've read on low T3 indicates that cardiac events are more serious with "low T3 syndrome," not that low T3 by itself causes cardiac events. Pingitore A, Acute effects of triodothyronine replacement therapy in patients with chronic heart failure and low-T3 syndrome: a randomized, placebo-controlled study. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2008 Jan 2 [Epub ahead of print] Alevizaki M , Low triiodothyronine: a strong predictor of outcome in acute stroke patients.