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Avatar m tn My 31 yr old daughter with Down Syndrome had a stroke two weeks ago. She has lost movement on the right side, Her speech and reasoning is good, she is eating a pureed diet. I have a 1000 questions with no answers. I am an RN and work 24 hours a week.I haven't been there long enough to take a medical leave. I am thinking of drawing out early on my ira so I can quit work. I cant concentrate there and am afraid on making an error. she has just been moved to acute rehab.
Avatar n tn Its quite similar to what we narcotic people know as PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome) and is very real. In fact thats where the term "dry drunk" came from. People would quit drinking and then much later would exhibit the signs of a drunk. But they had been "dry" - not drinking.
Avatar n tn Rapid assessment of acute ischemia is critical for the management of acute stroke patiens who may benefit from thrombolytics or neuroprotective therapeutics. Differentiation of acute from chronic stroke, which may all appear hyperintense on T2- Weighted Imaging(T2WI ), is essential in determining the management of patiens.
Avatar f tn a strong predictor of outcome in acute stroke patients. Eur J Clin Invest. 2007 Aug;37(8):651-7. Pingitore A, Thyroid function and heart failure: from the new clinical evidences to the potential therapeutical implications. Recenti Prog Med. 2005 Nov;96(11):535-41. Giorgio I, Low-T3 Syndrome: A Strong Prognostic Predictor of Death in Patients With Heart Disease. Circulation. 2003;107:708-713 Again, thank you.
Avatar n tn The onset of pain under any circumstance shouldn't be ignored. I highly recommend that you pay a visit to your doctor as soon as possible. That said, I'm not sure why your post bears the title "Stroke". Strokes usually present over the course of several hours and involve a plethora of neurological symptoms, like confusion, difficulty speaking, memory loss, sudden lethargy, tingling or numbness down one side of the body, and sometimes a sharp pain in the head.
Avatar n tn I suffered an acute ischemic stroke 2 weeks later. The stroke affected my cerabellum, brain stem and the right side of my brain. An MRA and MRI was done when hospitalized. The MRA will show the ateries, blood vessels and aortas. If any of these are narrow a stroke can occur in these areas. I was told I had very narrow vessels as well as I tested positive for Antiphospholipid syndrome. Strokes just don't happen for no reason at all. Don't accept an indefinate answer.
Avatar f tn Hi I am just trying to find out the best and most recent ways to handle thalamic stroke pain. My father in law has been suffering for the past two years and can't seem to find anything to help the pain and tightness in his right hand and leg. It hurts him to do anything except lay in bed or sit in a chair. I know how bad he hurts because he was a man of projects prior to his stroke and now he does nothing because of the pain.
Avatar f tn Can serotonin syndrome develop gradually and be mild vs just the short term acute serious descriptions I've read? I have unexplained neuro sx including clonus and hyperreflexia and have been taking 20 mg of celebs for over 5 yrs. is this a possible cause?
1385138 tn?1279928966 I am just wondering if anyone knows if eagles syndrome can be deadly? And if anyone can tell me what some of this means... this is from my CAT scan from a few weeks ago...No evidence of acute fracture. Paranasal sinuses are well aerated. There is extensive elongated calcifications of the stylohyoid ligaments as can be seen with Eagle Syndrome. 8mm nodular density in the partially visualized right parotid gland represent intraparotid lymph node or possibily primary parotid neoplasm.
Avatar f tn If there was evidence of an acute stroke on the MRI, investigation for causes of stroke in a young person (of which there are many many causes including blood clots from various areas of the body including heart and legs, various clotting tendencies including the clotting tendency that occurs in all women around pregnancy but also other hereditary or non-hereditary clotting disorders, and some genetic disorders such as CADASIL and mitochondrial disorders).
Avatar n tn My mother suffered an acute subdural hematoma after falling down the stairs, hitting her head. She had surgery to drain the blood within a 2 hour window. Her recovery was outstanding at first, and was sent home a week later. She seemed to be pretty close to 100% mentally - able to carry on inteligent conversations with no problems. All of a sudden a couple days after she had been taken home, she began to be unable to "spit out" what she was trying to say.
Avatar f tn My MRI Brain without contrast shows there 2 foci of restricted diffusion located in the periventricular white matter of left frontal lobe consistent with acute lacunar infarction. Brain Paracenchyma: Evedince of partial empty sella.Brain prenchymal architecture otherwise is within normal limits. Brain signal: There are multiple foci of T2/flair hyperintense signal located in the subcortical white matter of the frontoparietal lobes bilaterally.
Avatar n tn  USG(Abd , Pelvis)  S.Lipid  S.TSH  S.Vit B12: 897 - N  HbA1C  S.Homocysteine : 8.76 –N  MR Angiography of Brain : • Right Cerebral peduncle acute infarct & right basal ganglia acute infract. • Mild Cerebral atrophy. • Atheromatous changes in P2 segment of right PCA. As compared to previous MRI dated 20.11.2016 there is appearance of fresh acute lesion in right cerebral peduncle.
Avatar n tn The next day he woke up with the same symptoms as the stroke 6 years ago and we assumed he had another stroke. The MRI, CTScan shows no new stroke, but his symptoms continue and he doesn't seem to be getting much better. He has lost his job due to the memory loss issues. Any thoughts on what could have happened? We are seeing a neuropsychologist.
Avatar f tn anyways my question is about acute relapses i awoke at approx.
Avatar m tn The doctors are recommending surgery on the right side first, since that is the side of the stroke. She was moved to acute rehab first to get stronger and to give a diagnosed UTI time to clear up. Is there a time frame for the most success for both cardioid surgeries. The surgeon said 1-2 weeks after the stroke and neurologist said it is elective and can be done in a few weeks after she gets stronger.
Avatar f tn I was curious if the standard, acute treatment for a hemorrhagic stroke included an emergency vent shunt. My sixty one year old father suffered a severe hemorrhagic stroke 10 months ago. He received a CT scan upon arrival at the emergency room where they determined he had a hemorrhagic stroke. At that point he was considered a 3 on the Glasgow coma scale.
14998285 tn?1437801447 I used to be a member here when I had my first demyelinating event back in April 2006. I had an acute event that left multiple white matter lesions on my brain and a visual field defect. Been in Limbo ever since stuck between MS and ADEM was what the neuros said for the first 5 or 6 years.. I have only had the one event back in 2006. My neuro is now the main MS specialist and head of the MS clinic in my area of Knoxville Tn.
Avatar f tn One night I got a massive ringing in my right ear which made me almost feel like my entire right side was paralized or I was going to have a stroke but it went away. The next day I started to feel extremely dizzy and my heart began to race and I thought I was going to pass out.