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Avatar n tn What should have been the standard of care at the ER for a mid-70 year old female who had a stroke? Patient had greater than 1-year history of chronic atrial fibrillation, managed with Lanoxin daily. Coumandin theraphy discontined 6-months prior to stroke. On the night of the stroke, patient transported to hospital ER in less then 1-hour. Noncontrast cranial CT showed no acute infraction, hemorrhage or subdural hematoma.
Avatar n tn Patient had greater than 1-year history of chronic atrial fibrillation, managed with Lanoxin daily. Coumandin theraphy discontined 6-months prior to stroke. On the night of the stroke, patient transported to hospital ER in less then 1-hour. Noncontrast cranial CT showed no acute infraction, hemorrhage or subdural hematoma. Patient had history of transit hemispheric ischemia 12-months ealier with complete neurological resolution.
Avatar f tn My question is really simple, for those who are care takers of someone with a stroke. My fiance had a stroke 6 mths ago. He's partially blind and has some memory issues. I know this sounds selfish, but what is the outlook for our future. I keep thinking I can't hang in there with him. We have only been together for 2 yrs and I believe that I am just not cut out to take care of someone who is disabled. Should i cut my loss now and move on or is there hope that he will get better.
Avatar n tn Depending on how an MRI scan is completed it can show both acute and chronic strokes. Radiologists comment on the fact that there is no acute stroke either to indicate that they did special imaging to look for an acute stroke, or because this is a common reason to obtain a MRI of the brain. Chronic strokes can be seen with standard MRI techniques, and therefore the comment normal MRI excludes the presence of chronic strokes.
Avatar m tn t seen her since a couple of days after she was moved from the acute care hospital to the nursing home. Very cold today, and I am working outside. If anyone happens to know someone who is in Trump Pavilion, her name is Carole Reisman and she is in room 228. Maybe you could talk to her for me.
Avatar f tn How are you? How is your mom? The prognosis following a stroke is related to the severity of the stroke and how much of the brain has been damaged. Some patients return to a near-normal condition with minimal awkwardness or speech defects. Many stroke patients are left with permanent problems such as weakness on one side of the body (hemiplagia), difficulty or the inability to speak (aphasia) , or incontinence of the bowel or bladder.
Avatar m tn All these result in either narrowing or a brain blood vessel or its occlusion by a clot. Total stroke care which involves maintaining respiration, taking care of heart function, reducing brain edema, thrombolysis etc help the patient recover. Recovery from stroke depends on how soon the blood vessel could be opened by thrombolysis and if at all it can be opened.
Avatar n tn The next day he woke up with the same symptoms as the stroke 6 years ago and we assumed he had another stroke. The MRI, CTScan shows no new stroke, but his symptoms continue and he doesn't seem to be getting much better. He has lost his job due to the memory loss issues. Any thoughts on what could have happened? We are seeing a neuropsychologist.
Avatar f tn This is the only MRI done since his initial stroke. The MRI showed old infarct in pons area + acute infarct in anterior portion of corpus callosum + subacute infarct in the other side of the corpus callosum. It also showed lesions in the thalamic portion + basil ganglia. The neurologist resident stated that my dad had a TIA (or stroke) 2 weeks prior to his stroke on February 19,09 (at home-it was never noticed).
Avatar n tn My dad was also 80 when he had his stroke. When he was being discharged from the hospital the doctors recommend acute rehab, but the insurance company denied it. So he was sent to a SNF. He had two weeks of therapy ther and then they said he had reached his full potential. We continued to fight with the insurance company and after 3 months, we were able to get him into an acute rehab facility. The bad thing was that he had sat in the SNF for 3 months getting no therapy.
Avatar f tn She has lost most of the control on her right side and has no speech. The PCP at the hospital recommended an acute care facility vs. nursing home, but she remains very tired and cannot complete the 3 hours of therapy required a day. May mom is struggling with whether she should take a leave of absence now vs. later because she us currently getting such good care and may need my moms care later. Can someone shed light on the critical optimal 6 month period of recovery ?
Avatar n tn tt2 and flair hyperintense lesion seen in right side of pons showing diffusion restriction and low adc values so acute infarct
Avatar n tn They put in a mini trach, and he is now home with me as bed ridden and with home health care and my care. I refused nursing home. He was doing somewhat better in acute rehab, but on the retun for the pneumonia, one of the transport people who took him for xray, brought him back and put the oxygen on wrong, where he got too much co2, The resperatory therapist caught it but he has not rebounded well yet from it. Any one know what that can do and if so how to treat it?
Avatar f tn If there was evidence of an acute stroke on the MRI, investigation for causes of stroke in a young person (of which there are many many causes including blood clots from various areas of the body including heart and legs, various clotting tendencies including the clotting tendency that occurs in all women around pregnancy but also other hereditary or non-hereditary clotting disorders, and some genetic disorders such as CADASIL and mitochondrial disorders).
Avatar n tn The onset of pain under any circumstance shouldn't be ignored. I highly recommend that you pay a visit to your doctor as soon as possible. That said, I'm not sure why your post bears the title "Stroke". Strokes usually present over the course of several hours and involve a plethora of neurological symptoms, like confusion, difficulty speaking, memory loss, sudden lethargy, tingling or numbness down one side of the body, and sometimes a sharp pain in the head.
Avatar n tn My mother recently suffered an acute stroke after a mini-stroke two weeks earlier. While at the hospital the neurologist told our family that had they known she had atrial fibrillation in her first mini-stroke, they would have prescribed coumadin and the acute stroke would likely have been prevented. I was told by a geriatric nurse practitioner friend that they should have done the Holter EKG rather than the short EKG as it would have detected the atrial fibrillation.
Avatar f tn my mom is 72 3 weeks ago she came down with acute west nile and in the middle of that she had a stroke. A bleeder and it affected 25 % of her left side brain. she is having severe headaces. Can't move her right side, can't eat or drink. The drs. are going to start intense rehab. Is there a chance for recovery or are we just biding time. I want to give her every chance possible. I quess I may be in a state of shock just looking for answers.
Avatar m tn If my memory serves me right, acute ischemic event is just the medical jargon for a stroke. Congratulations, it looks like you are in the clear.
Avatar n tn Rapid assessment of acute ischemia is critical for the management of acute stroke patiens who may benefit from thrombolytics or neuroprotective therapeutics. Differentiation of acute from chronic stroke, which may all appear hyperintense on T2- Weighted Imaging(T2WI ), is essential in determining the management of patiens.
Avatar m tn MY 52 year old aunt was in the hospital since 12/19/11 because of stroke. She is sleeping a was a lot more than the last visit when she was up for 20 minutes at a time. How long does this last? She is paralyzed on the left side of her body..not her face, though. Do people recover from this...i know with pyshical therapy--but how long typically? I feel so helpless and I feel so bad for her. She got hit with a baseball at work a month ago, could that have triggered it?
Avatar n tn Acupuncture treatment, used in its aftermath and recovery period can also be used in the acute phase. In recent years a large number of shows, stroke acupuncture treatment time is very important, no matter what type of stroke should seek early treatment. In addition, some recent acupuncture workers started to attach importance to the cause of stroke and certain mental obstacles to the treatment of mental disorders.
Avatar f tn My 86 year old mother had a acute stroke in Dec 08. The Drs have said that it has just effected her balance. Just wanting to know more about it. She many other health issues, high blood pressure,diabeties, heart bypass surgery, ect. Any info would be helpful.