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Avatar m tn She pointed out that, ironically, some data suggest cannabis is actually neuroprotective in the acute phase of stroke, the difference between the effect on the vessels and the effect on the neurons. "So at the time of stroke, if you get cannabis in your system it actually protects and limits the amount of brain injury," she said, similar to the observed effects with estrogen.
Avatar n tn Symptoms don't always indicate a serious problem. It's like saying that since stroke may cause a headache, all people suffering from migranes should be scared to death that they're going to suffer a stroke!! I'm not saying it is certain I will never have cardiac arrest. I'm just saying, it is as likely as it is for anyone else and it does not depend on my PVCs, with good echo and ECG results. I understand your frustration, which we all share. Your nick says it all! PVCs can drive us crazy..
429949 tn?1224695179 My neuro- opthalmologist said that if I did have it that it was probally further back in the visual pathway toward the brain( Retoubular Neuritis), which another form of ON with the same symptoms. It is just back in the optic radiations I think. Did you have any surface eye conditions with it like dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction, or blepharitis? I had all of these and they are all chronic conditions.
Avatar f tn He said he was able to burn most part of the additional pathway. I am feeling much better, and less fatigued but I get a tightening feeling in my chest and a strange pain which moves from the chest to left arm and under my breast. I still haven't started on my regular excercises although the dr. said to start. I don't want to push it too hard after all the stress the heart has gone through. I hope I'll be fine after some time.
Avatar f tn Ventricles not dialated. Brain volume normal for age. No hemmorrhage, mass, acute infarct, or extra-axial fluid collection. There are several scattered punctate foci of T2 hyperintensity in the subcortical white matter of both cerebral hemispheres, involving the right and left frontal lobes, the left insula, and the left parietal lobe, measuring up to 6 mm in diameter. Appearance is nonspecific. IMPRESSION: Scattered nonspecific subcortical white matter hyperintensities.
Avatar n tn I would say skip the Clonidine right now. It has addictive properties as well, and must be weaned off. It lowers your blood pressure and can be harmful. I think that it is used in the "acute" phases of w/ds only. You are doing so well, don't get back on the wagon! Read my other post to you down below.
237039 tn?1264261657 I doubt if the ER would help, but I do think you need to see a cardiologist who can admit you directly to the hospital. That is , unless you have an acute episode..then take a bayer aspirin and call 911.
1442701 tn?1286387587 6 rs ago I was diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy and after being tested for everything from aids to shingles and anything in between they said it was idiopathic. Well Ms does cause neuropathy and I am going to be very upset that after all this time If i get diagnosed with ms and could have been on treatment for 5 yrs now and maybe could have stalled the neuropathy. my feet and hands are numb all the time and feel like they are in blocks of ice but are warm to the touch.
181575 tn?1250202386 Notes on "On-Treatment Management Strategies for Chronic Hepatitis B" Clinical Care Options, by Ira Jacobson. 1.
665881 tn?1248930597 Another important observation made by Zamboni's team is that the pattern of reflux, that is, the specific pathway the blood uses to flow back to the brain, showed a strong correlation to the type of MS. Persons with PPMS had a different reflux pattern that those with RRMS and SPMS. Furthermore, the PPMS reflux pattern provided a good explanation why this form of MS is more aggressive and problematic.
Avatar n tn I've heard Dan talk about the brain taking a while to begin producing endorphins naturally, the substance that the opiates mimic. I think that's got a lot to do with it. I tried zoloft for a while but it just made me feel emotionally flat, which distressed me even more. I was put on Prozac another time. It turned me into a total space cadet to the point that I was literally afraid to drive a car for fear my mind would wander and I'd forget I was even behind the wheel.
Avatar n tn In simple terms I think the theory means that the more times an epileptic seizure occurs, the more likely it will occur in the future. The nervous pathway is facilitated each time that the pathway is used. Eventually, the nervous reflex becomes habituated. Kindling is also applied to other brain and nervous system problems including depression. Kindling applied to PVCs and PACs may provide an understanding of why the frequency of PVCs and PACs tends to get worse over time in some people .
Avatar n tn I had the exact same experience with ablation and had it done 2 years ago, I had just turned 30. The dr. acted like I was some kind of freak but I had pain that I was taking tylenol for and my left arm was tingly (not good, right?) . On top of that I was svt free for only a short time. I had the ablation in November and in March I was starting to have tachycardia worse. More frequent and longer attacks and all he wanted to do was go in.
Avatar n tn Under conditions in which an excess of methionine is present or cysteine synthesis is required, homocyst(e)ine enters the transsulfuration pathway. In this pathway, homocyst(e)ine condenses with serine to form cystathionine in a reaction catalyzed by the vitamin B(6))-dependent enzyme cystathionine (beta)-synthase. [6] Cystathionine is subsequently hydrolyzed to form cysteine, which may in turn be incorporated into glutathione or further metabolized to sulfate and excreted in the urine.
Avatar n tn I am also an RN who has practiced in the acute care cardiology field and learned that many people who have frequent palpitation just have very sensitive electrical systems or extra nerve pathways in their hearts and position changes put pressure on different parts of the heart muscle where the nerve systems are and cause the palpitations. Anyway..just thought I'd share my own experiences.
Avatar n tn hmmmmm DOCTORS you are missing something... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! frustrated Rob ....take care all..... someday maybe someday I just wanna double over real bad & not get up & say SEE DOCTORS I told you there was something wrong---ya just couldn't find it....!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn Perhaps they understand very clearly the effects of mercury vapor inhalation on the body but simply don't care, it's hard to say. Notice that thousands of dollars were spent before I had the fillings removed and the money I paid them fixed nothing. This is precisely what the medical industry wants which is to get paid large sums of money for doing nothing. I do think that there are a few doctors around that do sincerely care about us, but they are far a few between.
Avatar m tn The study aims to enroll 140 participants receiving primary care at the UCLA CARE Center in Los Angeles (310557-9062). Here they give people with hiv 100 000 units weekly. This is what we should do also. I still think we need 50000 units daily though for 24 weeks to see what it does with immune system and viral load and hbsag quantity.
Avatar n tn It has happened in the past, but has been more intense over the last few months. Told my PCP (Primary Care Physician) He didn't seem to concerned over it. Plus I've had X-Rays of my spine (not for this reason), and they said everything looked fine.
Avatar n tn I went to the ER the other day and they basically didn't care at all and just had me take Ativan and sent me home. Today I panicked and called the paramedics who came and did a 12 lead and they said normal sinus with one ectopic and so I didn't go back to the ER. I had a normal echo 3 years ago. I already don't eat caffeine or sugar. Please reassure or sympathize with me. I'm going insane and have no idea what's causing this out of the blue.
Avatar m tn It should be present in the body in optimum amount, else it can cause brain related problems like stroke, Alzheimer's and Prrkinson's disease. If you realize that you are suffering from alpha lipoic acid side effects, visit a doctor without any delay. ................................................................. Side Effects Side effects of alpha lipoic acid may include headache, tingling or a "pins and needles" sensation, skin rash, or muscle cramps.
Avatar n tn Wow, I'm amazed that I found a group of people having the same issue. It started last Friday and I kept thinking it was my cell phone and today I realized it wasn't the phone, because it wasn't in my pocket. So yes, I have lower back pain too. This is my left leg and you can't feel the vibration from the outside, only from the inside. Any idea how it worsens? When I should see a doctor?
Avatar n tn Going to orthopedic doctor on November 3 for MRI and XRays. Hopefully we'll figure out how to take care of this situation. No more flu shots for me ever again.
Avatar f tn I still have incidences of these attacks and through therapeutic tools I've been given I've learned to cope with them although they are definitely not pleasant. If you've never considered psychiatric care it might be something you want to look into. Things to definitely avoid eating or drinking...anything that is spicy and anything that has caffeine in it. When you begin to experience these symptoms just remind yourself that you're O.K.
Avatar n tn It came out of the blue, and not knowing anything about what a panic attack was, I assumed I was dying of a stroke or a ruptured blood vessel -- I grabbed the panst leg os my friend who was sitting watching TV in my house and I said, "please help me -- then I said goodbye -- then I bolted up and down the stairs three times and returned to my friend who commented that my face was white as a sheet and that I looked like a corpse.