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Avatar n tn I never understood why they put him on it but they said that his heart went into afib at some times and the coumadin was to prevent a stroke. Well he had a stroke anyway. Do you have any other recommendations to help my dad stay awake during therapy. Today they took him for some one on one restorative therapy and he kept falling asleep. It is very frustrating.
Avatar n tn My grandfather had an ischemic stroke last Friday. The doctors weren't able to use blood thinners because he was outside of the three-hour window. They sent him home and said rehabilitation wasn't possible because of his age (88) and the severity of the diasability (he doesn't recognize family members, has no control of his bladder, and doesn't know the function of household objects such as the telephone). My question is about what's next.
Avatar n tn Hi. What type of "mini stroke" did the person have? Was the event a transient ischemic attack (TIA)? The Aerospace Medical Association ( is an international recognized authority with expertise in providing guidelines regarding traveling for persons with medical conditions.
241234 tn?1220984156 1,2 In 1951, Thomas Twitchell published a 37-page analysis of the clinical course of recovery of 121 acute hemiplegic stroke patients in the Boston City Hospital.3 Early on they were examined daily, and 25 were carefully followed for weeks or months until they reached a stable status of recovery or disability. Twitchell described in great detail both the usual and exceptional patterns of functional recovery, along with the associated patterns of reflex phenomena.
572651 tn?1531002957 Full story Clot Busters Look Safe in Pediatric Stroke NEW ORLEANS -- Using thrombolytic therapy appears to be as safe in children with acute ischemic stroke as it is in adults, a retrospective study showed. Full story Pumping Iron Best Exercise in Parkinson's NEW ORLEANS -- Weight training may ease Parkinson's disease symptoms better than a mix of stretching, aerobics, and strengthening exercises long term, a trial suggested.
Avatar m tn It is used in combination with other liver related blood tests. GGT is increased in most diseases that cause acute damage to the liver or bile ducts but is usually not helpful in distinguishing between different causes of liver damage. For this reason, use of GGT is controversial, and guidelines published by the National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry and the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases do not recommend routine use of GGT.
Avatar n tn Neurological disorders or conditions that can produce tremor include multiple sclerosis, stroke, traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases that damage or destroy parts of the brainstem or the cerebellum. Other causes include the use of some drugs (such as amphetamines, caffeine, corticosteroids, and drugs used for certain psychiatric disorders), alcohol abuse or withdrawal, mercury poisoning, overactive thyroid or liver failure.
Avatar f tn The CFSAC must respectfully consider how it is contributing to the human rights abuse caused by the CFS construct, and demonstrate that it is forcefully acting in the best interests of these severely ill and neglected patients by becoming the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Advisory Committee, strongly demanding the reinstatement of MyalgicEncephalomyelitis and the adaptation of a research version of the Canadian Consensus Guidelines, the only medically relevant guidelines with *diagnostic tests* an
Avatar f tn Yes, while many people have these viral pathogens in their body-like EBV and CMV- in a dormant state, in a few re-infection happens usually when they are imuno-compromized. Acute Lyme's disease, is fully recognized by most doctors in its acute only aspect and treated by antibiotics for 6-8 weeks usually. What determines acute , I think, has to do with the length time that has passed from the initial infection.
Avatar m tn At the same time that was happening it felt like my brain was going to get a electric shock or something, almost felt like my brain could get a stroke. All of that went away after about 3 weeks of feeling that. I felt fine for about 2 months then i started to get heart palpations. Palpations lasted for about 2 weeks then calmed down and went away.
Avatar n tn I am a 30 year old female who had a stroke when I was 28. After the stroke the docs sent me to a cardiologist to check my heart and found that I had a PFO. They also found that I have a blood disorder that makes my blood clot very fast. They put me on Plavix, asprin, and Arixtra. They closed the PFO, but I still had and have alot of chest pains. I have a heart murmur and 2 leaky valves (very small leakage). I have perioditis twice in 3 months. Things now have gone down hill.
Avatar f tn 1However, despite a reduction in LDL cholesterol with high-dose statins to 1•6 mmol/L in patients with stable coronary heart disease, and to 2•0 mmol/L in those with acute coronary syndrome, the risk of cardiovascular disease remains substantial at 8•7% after 4•9 years of follow-up,2 and 22•4% after 24 months' follow-up,3 respectively".
Avatar m tn Sometimes a piece of plaque can break away completely and travel through the artery, eventually finding its way to the filtering process of the kidneys, or becoming trapped in a smaller vessel in the heart/brain causing a heart attack MI or stroke. This causes a double whammy as it is known by cardiologists because not only is there a blockage caused by the plaque, but also a clot will form where the plaque broke free.
Avatar n tn Maybe you should have it done soon before you turn 18 and may no longer fall in the guidelines. I don't know how this is set up of course... you will need to discuss this with your family. Don't wait!
12492606 tn?1459877633 He is one of the top experts in the world on VT and heart failure. Clearly the old guidelines and 20,000 pvc/day rule of thumb have been thrown out of the window. Med school text will have to be updated. Abnormal PVC's are not caused by low EF - that doesn't make any sense. PVS's lead to cardiomyopathy which in turn causes EF to goes down and VT. That is definition of heart failure. Yes I agree that we do need to do everything possible to have healthy habits and destress.
469720 tn?1388149949 Family history MI (sister, brother, mother, father) Stroke Hypertension High Cholesterol Diabetes Smoking Sedentary lifestyle Obesity - greater than 20% of ideal weight claudication-calf or thigh pain with walking exertion How may members are high risk ie 2 or more risk factors??
21064 tn?1309312333 According to American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association guidelines for the management of patients with valvular heart disease, when using current echocardiographic criteria for diagnosing MVP, the prevalence is 1 percent to 2.5 percent of the population. Even this estimate means millions of people have been taking antibiotics prior to dental procedures.
Avatar f tn Hi fnfiacco. Well I certainly hope you have a good LLMD. CDC, guidelines are only for DATA purposes and epidemiological studies and should NOT be considered for diagnostic work to my opinion. This is a huge disservice to the public, specially when Lyme Disease is considered by them and IDSA as only an acute infectious disease!!! You must follow up on the IGeneX results with an LLMD, as they are the golden standard in this field.
181575 tn?1250202386 Current treatment of HIV infection is based on creating a high genetic barrier to resistance. ... Current guidelines for initial treatment of patients with HIV infection reflect that view by recommending a combination of 3 or more agents from different classes having different mechanisms of action. ... Although data are not available for all antiviral agents used to treat HBV infection, it is becoming clear that single-drug therapy may not provide a sufficiently high barrier to resistance.
Avatar n tn My dissection resulted in a stroke and my artery is closed forever. You were lucky! My stroke doc says he sees many dissections in people doing less than what I was doing. Like you, my headache started within a couple of hours of me completing the race. Looking back, I feel that was an indicator that something was not right. As far as exercise goes, no running again. I spin now with a heart rate monitor. I don't let my heart rate go above 150. Have you considered that vs checking bp?
Avatar n tn There are mimics of MS whoch shouild be thought of and excluded before a diagnosis is made, eg vasculitis, sarcoid, Lyme, stroke A single clinical event (termed clinically isolated syndrome, CIS) of numbness and an MRI with some spots that are not specific for MS (I have not seen the MRI scan so cannot speciifcally comment on your spots) is not diagnostic of MS. A diagnosis is made based on the principle of demyelinating events disseminated in space and time.
Avatar f tn The heart cells can be in a low oxygen level due to ischemia and be viable although non functional causing hypokinesis (impaired wall movement). With heart attack aside, troponin levels may also be elevated with acute or chronic conditions such as myocarditis (heart inflammation), congestive heart failure, severe infections, kidney disease, etc.
429949 tn?1224695179 so to speak as it has been one year since I was prematurely discharged from acute rehab after suffering an attack of Acute Disemminated EncephaloMyelitis as a 29 year old female. Today is the last day of 2012, so what better way to end the year than to follow these conversations, now that I can actually verbalize "Acute Disemminated EncephaloMyelitis" and have been able to return to CSUS as the Deaf Studies Major I was preceding the brain trauma...?
Avatar n tn Nerve dysfunction in your case appears to be due to some kind of vascular compromise or compression injury at the spinal level. When I say vascular compromise, it can be thrombosis or ischemia or stroke like thing in cerebral vessels. When I say compression injury it could be at the level of cervical spine and also at lumbar level. You have associated fever now which suggests it could be due inflammatory descending paralysis. You need to wait for the report of MRI as what does it suggests.
436713 tn?1408888330 Though apparently this is within ICNIRP 'guidelines'. I'd like to see those so called scientists involved with the ICNIRP guidelines sit there and see how they feel after such exposure and time. Having been upstairs in my house working at my desk, I had to go to hospital because I had numbness, headache, pains, nausea and dizziness, I was later told by the doctors first is was a heart attack, then after scan that it was a stroke, then after another scan it was not.
Avatar f tn When I first started reading this I thought, "A stroke". But as I continued, I would say a Migraine. 15% of people who suffer from migraines have visual disturbances of some kind. Over the last eleven years, I've had a couple of different kinds of visual disturbances. You may want to try seeing if you are able to find a trigger, i.e. stress and find a neurologist that you like and trust.
Avatar n tn A little known fact is that xanax withdrawal is much more dangerous than even heroin withdrawal. In the healthiest of people it can cause major seizures and stroke for starters. I have found that 500mg of naproxen really helps with hydrocodone withdrawal for me. Many people also use somas for opiate withdrawal.Stopping methadone at 60mg is dangerous and very hard on your body.
Avatar n tn 3)[12,13] and dementia.[14] Consistent J-shaped curves demonstrate increased risks for stroke, especially hemorrhagic stroke,[15] and dementia at heavier levels of alcohol consumption.
475555 tn?1469307939 The reason I ask is because he's representing all Hep C patients in the US as a Board Member for the World Hepatitis Alliance, which is in violation of their guidelines which state that to be a full voting member or be chosen for the Board he must be a Hepatitis patient (which is also what Mr Gore said) and the organization must have chronic viral hepatitis as their primary area of activity. You don't know whether he has hepatitis?