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Avatar n tn And, if you have insurance or can find a way to afford it, get your husband out of a skilled nursing facility and into an acute or post-acute care rehab facility, preferably one that specializes in brain injuries. My husband had a severe stroke in August and is currently in a neurorehab. He was paralyzed on the right side, lost his ability to speak intelligbly, had no sense of balance, couldn't swallow, short-term memory loss, and had many cognitive issues.
Avatar f tn Sufferd first acute attack 3 wks ago. MANY steroids and other drugs got me up to 460 on peak flow last week Now getting worse again - down to 350 AFTER nebulizer. How long is this supposed to last? Possible msdiagnosis? Been to ER twice, regular doc and pulmonologist.
Avatar n tn Depending on how an MRI scan is completed it can show both acute and chronic strokes. Radiologists comment on the fact that there is no acute stroke either to indicate that they did special imaging to look for an acute stroke, or because this is a common reason to obtain a MRI of the brain. Chronic strokes can be seen with standard MRI techniques, and therefore the comment normal MRI excludes the presence of chronic strokes.
Avatar f tn This is the only MRI done since his initial stroke. The MRI showed old infarct in pons area + acute infarct in anterior portion of corpus callosum + subacute infarct in the other side of the corpus callosum. It also showed lesions in the thalamic portion + basil ganglia. The neurologist resident stated that my dad had a TIA (or stroke) 2 weeks prior to his stroke on February 19,09 (at home-it was never noticed).
Avatar m tn Can there be residual side effects of a stroke like face tingling, dizziness, jaw tightness, muscle weakness?
144586 tn?1284666164 Yes, Virgina. Heparin can cause a stroke. My question regards the ability ofthe new generation of physicians to"connect the dots".
Avatar n tn tt2 and flair hyperintense lesion seen in right side of pons showing diffusion restriction and low adc values so acute infarct
Avatar n tn My mother recently suffered an acute stroke after a mini-stroke two weeks earlier. While at the hospital the neurologist told our family that had they known she had atrial fibrillation in her first mini-stroke, they would have prescribed coumadin and the acute stroke would likely have been prevented. I was told by a geriatric nurse practitioner friend that they should have done the Holter EKG rather than the short EKG as it would have detected the atrial fibrillation.
Avatar m tn Certain medical conditions need to be considered like a transient ischemic attack, stroke, alzheimer’s disease and depression. Once stroke and TIA are ruled out, she may be assessed by a psychiatrist depending on the protocols in the hospital. Take care.
Avatar f tn my mom is 72 3 weeks ago she came down with acute west nile and in the middle of that she had a stroke. A bleeder and it affected 25 % of her left side brain. she is having severe headaces. Can't move her right side, can't eat or drink. The drs. are going to start intense rehab. Is there a chance for recovery or are we just biding time. I want to give her every chance possible. I quess I may be in a state of shock just looking for answers.
Avatar m tn If my memory serves me right, acute ischemic event is just the medical jargon for a stroke. Congratulations, it looks like you are in the clear.
Avatar f tn my mom had a stroke in the month of may she can walk with support and her is not moving please tell me any tretments are there which recovers my mother that she can walk independently.
Avatar n tn Rapid assessment of acute ischemia is critical for the management of acute stroke patiens who may benefit from thrombolytics or neuroprotective therapeutics. Differentiation of acute from chronic stroke, which may all appear hyperintense on T2- Weighted Imaging(T2WI ), is essential in determining the management of patiens.
Avatar n tn Acupuncture treatment, used in its aftermath and recovery period can also be used in the acute phase. In recent years a large number of shows, stroke acupuncture treatment time is very important, no matter what type of stroke should seek early treatment. In addition, some recent acupuncture workers started to attach importance to the cause of stroke and certain mental obstacles to the treatment of mental disorders.
Avatar f tn My 86 year old mother had a acute stroke in Dec 08. The Drs have said that it has just effected her balance. Just wanting to know more about it. She many other health issues, high blood pressure,diabeties, heart bypass surgery, ect. Any info would be helpful.
Avatar n tn Juvenile chronic myelogenous leukemia ( JCML with Ph- chromosome ) has similar features to acute myelogenous leukemia in that it has a more rapid course than the adult form of CML ( with Ph+ chromosome ) . Our hematology team recommends bone marrow transplantation for this condition. I have included a couple more websites that may be able to give your friend some more information on the prognosis for this specific type of CML. Good luck
Avatar f tn I currently live at a high altitude... could this be the problem? Or Stroke? Maybe Guillain-Barre?
Avatar n tn My husband had a hemorrhagic stroke in July 05. He recently was diagnosed with an inguinal hernia. The surgeon did not recommend surgery because of the risk of stroke with the general anesthesia and spinal tap. Is the risk of stroke or other complications under anesthesia significantly higher for him? If he needs emergency surgery, is this a major concern? Thank you.
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Avatar n tn A patient who had suffered from a myocardial infarction would have an area of damaged heart muscle and so would have elevated cardiac troponin levels in the blood The following information would summarize the interesting facts for your clarity and better understanding. Acute MI immediately following t-PA treatment for stroke is a rare but serious complication.
Avatar m tn The answer is complicated. The fact you state she "had a stroke" is meaningless. The word "stroke" is one I would like to see disappear from the vocabulary (as well as "heart attack"). Commonly "strokes" can be caused by either a bleed or a clot, and the treatment protocols are diametrical. Often the problem starts with a clot, then the treatment is coumadin, and there is then a bleed. A lot depends upon the condition of the circulatory system.
Avatar n tn This seems like a very complex situation especially for her doctors, so it's difficult to answer some of these things given the limitations of this venue, but I'll try to give you some information that may answer your questions. It sounds like your sister has had an acute event with progression or a series of acute events in succession.
Avatar f tn I would attack it at the viral level, as this is a viral disease. I myself have battled EBV. It is very debilitating at the acute level, and can continue at the chronic level. I didn't start feeling better until I started doing anti-viral protocols. Homeopathic formula for EBV worked wonderful for me and enhanced my treatments. This is not an overnight feel better takes time to start to feel better.