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Avatar n tn And, if you have insurance or can find a way to afford it, get your husband out of a skilled nursing facility and into an acute or post-acute care rehab facility, preferably one that specializes in brain injuries. My husband had a severe stroke in August and is currently in a neurorehab. He was paralyzed on the right side, lost his ability to speak intelligbly, had no sense of balance, couldn't swallow, short-term memory loss, and had many cognitive issues.
Avatar f tn In doing alot of reading it seems that speech is one of the things effected. I understand each stroke and stroke patient is different, but what could we expect in relation to time of recovery and how much recovery should we realistically expect? Any advice or experiences shared would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn My grandfather had an ischemic stroke last Friday. The doctors weren't able to use blood thinners because he was outside of the three-hour window. They sent him home and said rehabilitation wasn't possible because of his age (88) and the severity of the diasability (he doesn't recognize family members, has no control of his bladder, and doesn't know the function of household objects such as the telephone). My question is about what's next.
875426 tn?1325532016 Hospitals in different countries and different areas of different countries all have different protocols for treating severe migraines, so I can't answer what types of treatment you will get for sure. Although, for the most part, emergency departments will treat severe migraines with at least one of the following medications or a combination of the following: - If you have not already used two doses of triptans in the last 24 hours, they may give you an injection of sumatriptan.
768044 tn?1294227036 Always seek emergency services if you experience NEW symptoms that may indicate an emergency situation (stroke, heart attack, etc.). --- If you experience any change in your migraine pattern it is still advisable to make a regular appointment with your family doctor or your migraine specialist in order to update them about your condition. --- The following is a list of questions that I frequently get asked.
Avatar n tn my husband had his first stroke 3 years ago,(he had 1 TIA afterwards) and is on diovan, norvasc, plavix, and 5 others. to dialate veins, reduce water, and lower blood pressure. he has in the last 6 months, lost 25 pounds and has about 15 more to go. he is 56, and although he has word retreval issues, he still works full time, and has only residual weakness on his left side. just recently, I noticed he was red in the face more often than usual...
220917 tn?1309788081 Well~ I can tell from all the PMs I got that no one is fooled by my post before about the migraine diagnosis. I think I was the only one. I don't know what to say... I appreciate everyone's concern. I know I sound gloomy because I am. I really thought I would get a better answer. At first, I thought, Well, if all these neurologists think there is NO way I have MS, I just can't have it. And maybe I don't. There is nothing that has shown up in testing yet that would indicate MS. Nada.
2106457 tn?1333924567 If it wasn't broken bones and other such things when young it is severe osteoarthritis. He had a stroke a year ago. A month ago he fell and fractured his ankle. I must add he had taken a great deal of hydrocodone and Xanax in a 3 day period prior to the fall, whether depressed from the stroke or memory probes prevented him remembering how much he had taken, is all in question.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms listed above are typical of multiple sclerosis. However, without a full neurological examination and MRI films to review, it is difficult to answer your concerns with 100% certainty. Here are the thoughts: 0) Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system (CNS). 1) Multiple sclerosis has many different types. Some are progressive, some are relapsing-remitting course.
Avatar f tn I had mono in 2003, a very acute attack in that I was on bedrest for about 4 months. I slowly started to get better after that (which means I could get out of bed to shower without crawling to the bathroom) but I've NEVER felt 100% since. I went back to the doc in 2004 to figure it out, but she didn't test me for EBV or anything, just hypothyroidism and iron levels, the normal stuff. Everything was normal, and the doc said it was in my head, eat better, etc.
Avatar m tn I am also on Morphine and Gabapentin but I have have acute espisodes which are very bad. I have electric shocks all over my body, sensation of water dripping down my legs. Jerks which target my legs, arms, torso all so frightening. I use acane to walk as sometimes ym leg has collapsed and I have fallen. My legs have a spastic state and I had no use of them.
Avatar n tn 3)[12,13] and dementia.[14] Consistent J-shaped curves demonstrate increased risks for stroke, especially hemorrhagic stroke,[15] and dementia at heavier levels of alcohol consumption.
Avatar f tn That said, he told me that tx is tx - I'm going to get the same thing no matter who's in charge of it. Just to keep that in mind. The new protocols are there - and situations are tweaked as they appear with each individual case. 12. My pdoc will handle any side effects meds needed - he knows what he's doing (of course they know each other). 13. Pdoc can always be paged - and he spends a lot of time in the ER in case I ever need to go there. 14. Re.
475555 tn?1469307939 A recent report by the Institute of Medicine noted that the general public, people who suffer with hepatitis B or C, and medical providers are staggeringly ignorant about the scope and consequences of viral hepatitis, including physicians who are frighteningly ignorant of diagnosis and treatment protocols! The IOM concludes that the current system is not working and there is much work to be done to address this burgeoning epidemic.
Avatar m tn Very late in tx, I did try Wellbutrin for a couple of days but it just made me anxious and jittery so I stopped. Hardly did pain meds as well, except for a very acute ear ache. I was pretty weak and woozy as is, and I think too many pain meds would have turned me from a vegetable into a cooked vegetable :) Also, I had constant prostate and gastro issues (GERD) on treatment, and pain meds would make both worse. But back to the article.
Avatar f tn read about the amino protocols....very helpful and if you are going cold turkey the Thomas Recipe is very helpful as well. Please let any of us know if you have any questions! We are here to help and I am glad you are getting your life back!
181575 tn?1250202386 (Program and abstracts of the 41st Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver; April 26-30, 2006; Vienna, Austria.) showed that greater virologic suppression at Week 24 of telbivudine or lamivudine treatment was associated with superior clinical outcomes at Week 52. 5. "To date, we have no data demonstrating additive viral suppression from combinations of HBV drugs,...
Avatar n tn Its like saying to people who took a new blood pressure medication, and a few years down the road a percentage of them started dying , out of the, blue from stroke, or similar event...and telling them not to discuss the impact of their medication on the disproportionate number of deaths, etc.
Avatar f tn It happened to me last night and it was the most horrible experience ever I tough I was having a stroke, now my body aches really bad. I also was diagnosed with fatty tissue all over my liver couple months ago, and of course my first tough was maybe my liver is not functioning how it supposed. Don't know but I'm really concern. I have kids and I don't want them to see me sick.
Avatar m tn Supplemental vitamin D show no consistent effects on infection In studies on acute respiratory tract infection3, tuberculosis4 and overall infections5, the effects of vitamin D have been mixed (and largely unsuccessful) in terms of reducing infectious burden. A complete evaluation of the above mentioned studies, and the differences between them that can help explain the different results, is not suited for this article.
Avatar n tn I have decided to live with the pain so far, and I am swimming again this summer, but have to use a slightly exaggerated rolling motion of my body lengthwise during each stroke because of the pain. Perhaps I'm doing more damage to muself (?) Meanwhile, I cannot get to sleep for hours because of the pain when I lie down. I have found that a combination of one aspirin and the over-the-counter sleep aid Diphenhydramine HCI (25 mg) gets me to sleep faster and with less pain.
Avatar m tn The body makes ALA on its own - an endogenous substance - but Berkson has saved lives by treating acute toxic liver poisonous by poisonous mushrooms with ALA. Those were people about to die and IV ALA saved their lives and their livers. So to be safe, I would not drink, but if I did, I would use plenty of ALA along with it. Good luck with your LDN protocol by the way.
Avatar m tn It should be present in the body in optimum amount, else it can cause brain related problems like stroke, Alzheimer's and Prrkinson's disease. If you realize that you are suffering from alpha lipoic acid side effects, visit a doctor without any delay. ................................................................. Side Effects Side effects of alpha lipoic acid may include headache, tingling or a "pins and needles" sensation, skin rash, or muscle cramps.
Avatar n tn coronary, pulmonary or spontaneous bleeding and clotting can occur at any time and hasten death Additionally, it is not uncommon for liver failure patients to wax and wane in terms of their mentation, confusion and overall state. Paradoxically, it's a laxative (lactulose) which can improve their mentation by converting and clearing amonium from the system - which is a function of a healthy liver So it's a roller coaster I'm afraid.