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Avatar m tn In the CAPRIE trial, clopidogrel (plavix) was equivalent to aspirin for patients with a recent (but not acute) MI. Some subgroups of patients with cardiovascular disease in this trial seemed to benefit more from clopidogrel than from aspirin: those with a history of bypass surgery, a prior stroke or MI, arterial disease in two or more areas, diabetes, or high cholesterol. Clopidogrel may be a reasonable choice for these patients.
Avatar m tn Some stroke patients do appear to have 100 percent recovery. And many regain a great deal of their abilities. If the "stroke" is stabilized, and there is no further bleeding or clotting I would remain optimistic. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn The majority of migraine patients should have a fast-acting triptan as part of their acute treatment plan. Since you have had a stroke and have high blood pressure as well, triptans are probably not an option for you. Still, if you have never talked to your doctor about triptans, it would be worth having a conversation about them. Naproxen is another medication that many migraine patients should have as part of their acute treatment plan.
220090 tn?1379167187 Imai, E, Yamamoto, R, Suzuki, H , Watanabe, T CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL NEPHROLOGY 14 (5): 445-452 OCT 2010 Abstract: “Use of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESA) has been reported to increase the incidence of cardiovascular diseases at target Hb levels by more than 12.0 g/dl. The recent TREAT study found an increased incidence of stroke and cancer when maintaining the Hb level at 12.5 g/dl in diabetic patients.
Avatar m tn About a month ago I was admitted to hospital with severe vertigo and vomiting. Motor functions were fine but double vision for about a day and half. After all tests, radiologist and neurologist, based on MRI, concluded that I had a small vessel ischemic stroke event. I've been diagnosed with RRMS since 2003 and been on copaxone since then with virtually no new major MS events. I'm wondering if it really was a stroke or a new flare-up that has showed up on MRI in the pons area.
1475202 tn?1536270977 All strokes are serious but they also come in different shapes and sizes. Some patients die from the stroke and others have little to no deficits despite the stroke. Unfortunately, I can not comment specifically on the severity of your mom's stroke. I would get in touch with the neuro-ICU team that is caring for her and get an update on her condition. All the best, Dr.
Avatar f tn AMRIX is contraindicated during the acute recovery phase of myocardial infarction; in patients with arrhythmias, heart block conduction disturbances, or congestive heart failure; or in patients with hyperthyroidism. AMRIX may enhance the effects of alcohol, barbiturates, and other CNS depressants. AMRIX should not be used in elderly patients or in patients with impaired hepatic function.
Avatar m tn It depends, if the stroke is stabilized, he may be shifted to a nursing home for long term care. 10% of stroke patients require care in a nursing home or other long-term facility. For skilled nursing facility, stroke survivors require daily skilled nursing or rehabilitation services that can be provided only on an inpatient basis. So, he may have been shifted. Regards.
740140 tn?1232426714 Accordingly, abnormal values have been described in various conditions not related to acute coronary disease, like myocarditis, pulmonary embolism, acute heart failure, septic shock, and as a result of cardiotoxic drugs as well as after therapeutic procedures like coronary angioplasty, electrophysiological ablations, or electrical cardioversions.
Avatar n tn Rapid assessment of acute ischemia is critical for the management of acute stroke patiens who may benefit from thrombolytics or neuroprotective therapeutics. Differentiation of acute from chronic stroke, which may all appear hyperintense on T2- Weighted Imaging(T2WI ), is essential in determining the management of patiens.
Avatar f tn In application of acupuncture therapy, it is crucial to determine the gravity of the disease (whether it is an attack on the zang-fu organs or on the meridians and luo-eonnecting channels), the current stage of the disease (onset. acute, recovery, or stroke rehabilitation) and finally the patients individual clinical specifications ( body constitution.tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, etc.). The TCM natural treatment will do you a fovor. So why don't you try. Hope that i help.
481864 tn?1208324609 s (ASMA) recommendation are that as long as the acute phase of a stroke has passed, a person may travel at the discretion of the treating physician. It is important that person's such as your father do not travel alone. And, I see that your mother will be accompanying him. Some other thoughts for your consideration. Your father should not stay seated for prolonged periods of time on the flight. He should get up and walk around the airplane every 1 or 2 hours.
Avatar n tn The onset of pain under any circumstance shouldn't be ignored. I highly recommend that you pay a visit to your doctor as soon as possible. That said, I'm not sure why your post bears the title "Stroke". Strokes usually present over the course of several hours and involve a plethora of neurological symptoms, like confusion, difficulty speaking, memory loss, sudden lethargy, tingling or numbness down one side of the body, and sometimes a sharp pain in the head.
Avatar n tn She is now off of chemo and has contacted hospice. The doctors seem to think she had a minor stroke. Signs include slurred speech and difficulty in balance. Is this common for cancer patients or something more. She is taking morphine for the pain, but they seem to think it isn't that. She didn't take any the last couple of days, yet the symptoms are still there.
Avatar f tn Hello, My mom just had an ischemic stroke about 4 days ago. She moved from the hospital to a rehab hospital. My question is, she appears to be geting worse as the days go by. At first she could write her name and yesterday could touch her nose. Tonight she can't even lift her arm. How long does it continue to get worse??
Avatar f tn If there was evidence of an acute stroke on the MRI, investigation for causes of stroke in a young person (of which there are many many causes including blood clots from various areas of the body including heart and legs, various clotting tendencies including the clotting tendency that occurs in all women around pregnancy but also other hereditary or non-hereditary clotting disorders, and some genetic disorders such as CADASIL and mitochondrial disorders).
Avatar f tn Also, the potassium levels may not indicate a bad prognosis, it could sometimes be dietary or due to the medications. Some stroke patients do appear to have 100 percent recovery. And many regain a great deal of their abilities. If the "stroke" is stabilized, and there is no further bleeding I would remain optimistic. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.