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Avatar n tn Rapid assessment of acute ischemia is critical for the management of acute stroke patiens who may benefit from thrombolytics or neuroprotective therapeutics. Differentiation of acute from chronic stroke, which may all appear hyperintense on T2- Weighted Imaging(T2WI ), is essential in determining the management of patiens.
Avatar n tn my father suffered left side stroke on march 2012 and latest he had suffered chest pain DR says he may have to undergo angioplasty later, he is under medical management as of now stroke is acute infarct which is complete occulsion his condition is that he can walk and speak few word properly but some times his both legs looks swollen, his face looks swollen when he wakes up in morning. Can any body guide why is it happening ? what can be done, is there any danger to his life ?
Avatar m tn Will the medicines controlling the heart rate not lower down the blood pressure, resulting in worsening of stroke? In these subset of patients(acute ischemic stroke & atrial fibrillation), what is the role of anticoagulation?
Avatar n tn The MRI describes multiple small areas of recent (acute) infarction (tissue decay due to reduced blood supply), no evidence of bleeding (haemorrhage) and multiple long sanding areas of reduced blood supply (ischaemia). The angiography describes a plaque in one of the main arteries supplying the brain (carotid). This is a risk factor for the development of stroke since the plaque could dislodge causing embolism and ischemia.
Avatar f tn If there was evidence of an acute stroke on the MRI, investigation for causes of stroke in a young person (of which there are many many causes including blood clots from various areas of the body including heart and legs, various clotting tendencies including the clotting tendency that occurs in all women around pregnancy but also other hereditary or non-hereditary clotting disorders, and some genetic disorders such as CADASIL and mitochondrial disorders).
Avatar f tn Unfortunately To date, there have been no studies that have evaluated either the prevention or the management of delirium post-stroke. I agree with the doctors as the time taken for recovery may be in months or even years. But preventing malnutrition and removal of the cause of stroke helps in quick recovery. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn To no avail did I do so. Cat blood work and scan confirmed the existence of bacteria. White blood cells battling the red. Again thank you. FYI, ice on the area kept me from needing to consume narcotics. Even though prescribed, I never had to injest them for the pain.
Avatar f tn As my father is affected by Acute Brain Stem Infarct (Pontine Stem Stroke) which has all the vital functions like breathing, swallowing, sleeping, thinking, movements etc. He got the stroke on 2nd Mar 2012 and now he is able to breath by himself. Swallowing is not properly done, so Ryle's tube is inserted through the nose for his feed. He is not able to move and he is bed - ridden. On 26th Mar 2013 he vomited some black particles through the Treacheostomy tube.
Avatar f tn I have fainted once before but it was from too low of blood pressure. I have orthostatic hypotension which means I get low blood pressure from standing up too quickly. I see stars and have completely fainted.
Avatar m tn My brother told me that her stroke was massive. I have not seen her, as she does not wish to see me. It's really upsetting. I spoke with the social worker yesterday and she told me my mother is very, very sick. Her blood pressure is very high. I don't know how long she will remain in the facility. She receives therapy twice a day, and I think she's on her third or fourth week. Can't even be sure. I don't even know if she still has to wear an adult diaper.
Avatar m tn now my blood pressure has been running left arm 160 over 88 and right arm 180 over 110 this doesnt seem to be a great concern to my physician but it is a great concern to me.
Avatar f tn s are a warning to our bodies that a full blown stroke CAN be headed our way. How is your dads blood pressure? What about clogged arteries? How is his overall health? There is no way of knowing exactly what will happen as far as if another TIA will hit or if it'll be a full blown stroke..only thing your father can do is take the necessary precautions to lessen the risks.
Avatar f tn Mom is on diabetic 2 meds and high blood pressure. She's not overweight for her height. She's in her 60s. Walks 30 minutes daily. Back in April my mom started having sensory issues like numbness and muscle tightening on one side of her body only. Few weeks went by, it didn't get better, until one day the side of her face went numb. We rushed her to ER, they didn't find anything conclusive, and said follow up with a neurologist.
Avatar f tn Yesterday we could not get a blood pressure reading on left arm or wrist using 2 different monitors. Hospice nurse felt very weak pulse in foot as well. Any suggestions as to what this might be? Blood clot, stroke, no circulation to left side? Also, left arm is tingling and cannot use arm to lift herself from chair.
1398693 tn?1343684738 A high diastolic can be caused by stiffening of the arteries, through age, or through coronary artery disease As people become older, the diastolic pressure will begin to decrease and the systolic blood pressure begins to rise and becomes more important. ...There is a differentiation with diastolic and age. For the younger people, the diastolic blood pressure is an important metric.
Avatar f tn Hello and welcome. Sorry about your husband's stroke! Is he in the hospital? What would be helpful is if you knew if he had an ischemic stroke (from a blood clot) or a hemorrhagic stroke (caused by a burst or torn blood vessel). If you aren't sure which, this is a good question for his doctor. When weakness is on the right side of the body, that means the stroke occurred on the left side of the brain.
Avatar n tn The majority of migraine patients should have a fast-acting triptan as part of their acute treatment plan. Since you have had a stroke and have high blood pressure as well, triptans are probably not an option for you. Still, if you have never talked to your doctor about triptans, it would be worth having a conversation about them. Naproxen is another medication that many migraine patients should have as part of their acute treatment plan.
Avatar n tn Told that it will take about 6-8 for some of the blood to be absorbed by the brain and that it is normal for stroke victims to sleep more then 12 hours per day. There also risk of seizers, "but hope not". It's also common for stroke victims to suffer from OCD after the stroke. Taking walking for granted and learning to walk was the most frustrating for me. Wish you and Mom well.
Avatar f tn This began in November whilst at work, stressful morning sudden left arm pain high blood pressure, I thought heart attack ECG normal, hospital thought stroke pain in leg and arm side of face fluctuating sensations memory problems. CT scan Heart scan Mri scan head normal. Off about five months simptoms seemed to improve although still weakness left side loss of feeling in parts of body.
Avatar m tn probable anterior infarct.acute st elevation .consider lateral he in danger?right now his blood pressure is 150/104.please answer soon.
Avatar n tn They found nothing wrong. No new stroke, no high blood pressure...nothing. He did and still complains of his right leg, which the right side has tremendous paralysis, felf very heavy. Today, after coming home, it is as if he has regressed to when he first came home 4 months ago. He feels horrible because he knows he is back where we started from. I am beside myself and broken hearted to see this place again. Is it normal to regress so much? Thanks for any insights.
783212 tn?1295028006 Well, other the a family history of strokes I am wondering if having high blood pressure puts me at risk. Recent tests on my heart say its fine. But my blood pressure had been high and recently found out that I have vessel damage behind my eyes due to high blood pressure. I also have vessel damage on a brain MRI. I am just wondering how high blood pressure is bad if my heart is fine.
Avatar n tn There is nothing in what you tell us that leads me to think Stroke or Heart Attack. The high blood pressure is way over the top, real high, but if it is a short term/time thing it may not be a problem... don't know. As there isn't any mention of irregular heart beat or palpitations this may not be the best forum to post and ask questions. May get better results from: or http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn my blood pressure two weeks before it was 140/85 and since having another cardiac stent fitted ive been put on the usual medication.however a few days ago my blood pressure kept going up on movement and at its highest was 185/85.i was in hospital overnight and they put me on more tablets to bring my blood pressure down .which when im resting is about 110/85 but as soon as I get up , move around, get stressed or exert myself my blood pressure goes up again quite high about 145/85 .