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Avatar m tn 90% of his pons is damaged now and we I are trying to find out what type of recovery is possible, the steps we have to take, and recommended rehabilitation centers in MN and other states. We want the best for our father and are willing to make it happen! He is presently paralized due to not having any use of his voluntary muscles and he cannot speak or eat on his own. He is breathing on his own and has full cognitive ability.
Avatar m tn I live in California and can easily drive to the bay area if there is a medical center there where such therapies exist. I am also willing to commute to the Los Angeles area if necessary, or, truth be told, I would arrange for travel anywhere if necessary. I'll do anything.
Avatar m tn Call acute rehab centers in your local area. They may have referrals that will be able to direct you to counselors who probably know what programs and assistance are available to assist you. The internet is also a great source for info.
1041487 tn?1256327719 t think you will find a single survivor that was told that this particular area in the brain was damaged. In my case i was told I had a stroke with obvious hemiplegia and hemiparetic affects, but I was never told that 2/3rds of my motor cortex was dead and all of my pre-motor cortex was dead. Without that knowledge no one can compare their stroke therapies to anyone elses.
Avatar n tn where in the jeffeson county mo area can one find stroke rehabilitation services in the home? certainly willing and able to pay for services. please advise!
Avatar n tn After a couple of days in the hospital, the result was the discovery of the previously undetected stroke and a recommended rehabilitation plan to that of a stroke. The key to me is that heat exhaustion triggered this lapse or acute stage of confusion and short term memory loss. My dad is under the care of a cognitive therapist and is scheduled to meet with a neuropsychologist later in September. Did your neuropsychologist consider the stroke/heat exhaustion connection?
Avatar n tn Has anyone had any experience using acupuncture in addition to rehabilitation? My mother's physical therapists see nothing adverse in trying this to help my mother's impaired right arm.
241234 tn?1220980556 I received no information on stroke rehabilitation or even what the damage from stroke consisted of from my physiatrists. This is what I believe I should have received. Add your own for your case. If the medical profession is not willing to critique their own information delivery then we will have to do it for them.
Avatar n tn Emotional problems resulting from stroke can result from direct damage to emotional centers in the brain or from frustration and difficulty adapting to new limitations. Depression and emotional lability may also be observed. It is important to work with a team a rehabilitation team which may include the doctors, therapists and even psychologists to help deal with the emotional aspect of stroke. Complete recovery is unusual but not impossible.
Avatar f tn He is still very aware and conscious. Is there hope or rehabilitation for pons stroke patient and what advise can you give the family. He is being considered for home care facility.
Avatar m tn Hello Dear, Disability affects 75% of stroke survivors. Some of the physical disabilities that can result from stroke include paralysis, numbness, inability to perform movements, difficulties carrying out daily activities, appetite loss, speech loss vision loss, and pain.
Avatar f tn HI, My father-in-law has a stroke 3 weeks ago, he had a crainectomy and has a tracheostomy and a PEG placed. He has now got Pneumonia and is found to have TB. He was - before the pneumonia - in the stroke unit but is back in ICU. He is paralysed on the right hand side and has no speech or cough ability. 1. The nurses are doing physio therapy with him but what can we do as a family when we are with him? Are there any excercises we can do with him? 2.
Avatar n tn A best friend, 66 female in South Bend, IN, had a very serious stroke week ago Sunday effecting her left occipital lobe. She will now survive but family seeking best rehab facility for her because she lived very full life with retired husband, grandchildren & internet. Please refer to rehab facilities that help recover this woman. ================================================================== Thanks for your question.
Avatar n tn I am going to throw out some information that should be discussed with your physician. Very ocasionally, a stroke will cause damage to the area of the brain called the substantia nigra, located in the mid-brain. This area is responsible for dopamine production and the control of voluntary movement. Lack of dopamine can sometimes cause "Parkinson's like" symptoms, which include loss of balance and falling backward or sideways. It is unlikely this is your problem, but it is possible.
Avatar n tn Im 47 yrs old and I had a stroke on june 30th....thankfully I only lost the vision in my right eye. It is now only the peripheral vision that is gone The Dr's have tested me for everything and can't determine why I had the stroke . I understand that it is sometimes difficult to tell the cause. I'm very healthy except for the stroke so they are concerned about the cause. I'm a little bit more concerned at the moment about recovering my eyesight.
Avatar n tn Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn however your doctors will say they have no idea because the knowledge of stroke rehabilitation is so bad. usually the more cognitive a person is after a stroke the better the recovery because the survivor needs to understand what needs to be done to recover. They will tell you there is no cookbook approach to stroke rehabilitation, Every stroke and recovery is different. I would seriously challenge that assumption because it is the lazy way to answer a very serious question.
Avatar f tn My father had a hemorragic stroke in the Broca's area about a month ago. He is 74 years old a prostate cancer survivor and a diabetic. He is home and can walk speak really well has no memory loss however he has problems with nerve sensation in his right hand and is unable to move it much. He does have a grip but can't really move his fingers - last week he was able to write a little but today he cant writ at all. Is this normal or indicative of another stroke?
Avatar n tn s neurosurgeon said she had enough activity in the arm and leg affected by her stroke in order to resume activity through rehabilitation. A nurse from a nearby rehabilitation centre visited to inspect her and said the progress was not of a level to cope with the kind of rehabilitation offered at her facility, which is, I understand, the best in the area with all the health disciplines represented. Two conflicting views. What does one do next?
Avatar n tn Your father will need intense supervised rehabilitation care and can vary from impatient rehabilitation units, outpatient units, nursing facilities and home baesd rehabilitation program. Skilled nurses could guide your father and caregiver on how to carry out the basic activities of daily living. He may need a ryles’s tube feed if swallowing is an issue. The physician should judge and advise you regarding this or whether parenteral nutrition is needed necessitating in hospital stay.
Avatar n tn some neurologists specialize in motor neuron disease, others specialize in other areas and some specialize in strokes and stroke rehabilitation, so that may be something you want to look into. In any event, let's hope that the diplopia gets better. Good luck to you my friend.
Avatar n tn large rehabilitation centers may help at retraining him to sense position better or to rely on other systems in doing so. they may also try to tackle his dizziness. long standing dizziness is unusual -- does he have spinning sensation, inability to maintain himself straight, lightheadedness or does he sway? there're many different problems that people sometimes call "dizziness" and he needs to define it well in order to have a doctor or physical therapist help him best.