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he's grounded for that one lol) I am still getting some cramping (I mentioned that in a post earlier in the week)but I'm just learning to deal with it. Soooo that's all for me! Can't wait to hear from everyone else!!!
This is not a question but I just had my 32 week ultrasound anf everything is perfect. My little princess is perfect size, she weighs 1.9kg and her heart beat was great at 154bpm. It has just sunk in that in 8 weeks my little girl is going to be in my arms and I cant wait. Congratulations to all mums to be and new mums I hope everything goes well for all of u.
I seem to do fine early-week wise---it just had chromosome abnormalities last time. But I do know that anything could I AM a little worried. And I haven't told anyone but my husband yet, so I must not feel completely safe in spreading the news.... I don't think we are ever the same after miscarriage.:( Hey--my due date is September 13th! So we will be going through this journey together! Best of luck to you!
it is also uncomfortable at the point in pregnancy because of the pressure on your lungs, but mostly just the acid reflux and indigestion since your stomach it so squashed! LOL!
Great that you have minimal symptoms. Some of us are lucky that way! Symptoms usually accelerate in the 6th week of pregnancy. This forum is a great forum to get advice, support and friendship throughout the coming weeks of your pregnancy and we can all count down together.
Im due march 7th and ive had the easiest pregnancy so far don't want to jinx it lol, im a ftm so don't know if its really normal but all threw my pregnancy I haven't even really felt pregnant only time I do is when he kicks.. and I don't really look much pregnant. Only a little but a stranger would never tell...
Just over 38 weeks here!
My due date is april 23rd but will be induced on the 2nd if my twins haven't already come by then. I've had a huge increase in braxton hicks the last week,I think because of dehydration from being sick. I'm hardly getting any sleep and can't walk long distances without having a lot of pelvic pain. Still have 8 weeks to go at least.... Really hope it flies by! Babies are doing so well though, have my next growth scan tomorrow.
Can't wait to meet our lil girl (our third girl)! Due xmas day, we have everything ready so its just a waiting game now im so ready to have her!!
I have to keep reminding myself I'm pregnant and since I'm not yet showing at 28 weeks, that one of these days I'll just pop!!! This week I have prenatal apt as well as pre admit and my second glusouse test this pregnancy. (First was 19weeks) other then baby beating me up I have no symptoms.. And can't wait for my 4th baby girl!!!!
Omg how how exciting so many babies in september congratulations to all mommies I guess were all just thinkn the same we just want these babies here already :)
I was just wondering if there were any other October mommies out in the community. I am due Oct 14th/24th if the doc would make up his mind on my EDD. If you like, you can add me a friends invite, so we can tag along with our baby bumps lol. I don't know anyone here who is preggers besides my step sister, but she is due in 2 days, with a possible induction on the 25th. Her baby is estimated at over 8 pounds! She is so huge that her skin on her tummy is blistering uhg!.
due July 14th with a baby boy. pregnancy has been great for me so far. just not enjoying the heartburn and back pain.
He is anticipating baby will be early but told me not to get my hopes up. He does not check for dilation until 40 weeks unless it's a high risk pregnancy or baby is in distress. Guess that means I have to be patient.
I'm not really showing and no movement. But this pregnancy just feels soo unreal! That want it all to come faster to make it feel real.
i will miss having him in there to some degree esp bc this is my last pregnancy but I just wanna meet him and see what he looks like! 45 days left for me!!!! Do yall have names picked???
I had the stomach flu last week though. That s u c k e d really bad. And just recently I have started having dreams about the baby, except he is almost a year old when I dream about him. Definitely better than the nightmares I had been having for awhile.
I'm due April 11th, how bout yous? Bag ready, nursery room ready and car seat ready. Just waiting for the baby to be ready. I mean, lets gooo..
( and I can feel him dropping lower and trying to turn from being breech ...
( My little Dalton is kicking away most of the day...sometimes I just go lay in bed, just to relax and feel his kicks:) I think I have a hernia , UGH. That sux, I really hope it wont be a problem:) I am super stressed about my van being stolen!! I know this is not good for me or baby but I just want to go slap somebody, lol! Time seems to be dragging now that I know the gender of my baby, UGH!! Does anyone eles feel this way??? Tabitha 22.
Got my doula, got my birth plan, got my breastfeeding plan. Just enjoying my last days of pregnancy.44 Days left till my due date and although I'm starting to feel the pressure I HATE feeling anxious and dont want to run out of things to do and then sit around and wait for baby boy. When do you think is a good time to have hospital bags done? wash his clothes? (I was thinking last week of april for this) And also when is a good time to start setting up bassinet swing and stuff like that?
Hi ladies!! Just seeing how all you July mommies are doing! I'm a little over 16 weeks now and still getting sick :( We find out if it's a boy or girl next week (on Valentine's Day!). Let us know how you are doing!!!
he is getting so big everytime he moves it hurts lol..I think he is going to come before then like a week before my due date...
Monday is my big c section day, my pregnancy has gone as fast until last week when I found out when he would be here now it's creeping by.... Wish Monday would hurry up already!!
) I think I have most of what I need just a couple more items to get.
Oh so it is normal I just dont want a c section hope my baby turns soon
Awwww guys! :) I've only gained 2lbs this whole pregnancy. I didnt vomit any but I had no appetite. Now my appetite is back and I'm eating more.
How are all the June mommies doing? How is pregnancy treating you? Has it completely sunk in that you're pregnant yet? :) I'm due June 10th and I'm barely showing.
Find out April 16 whether I'm carrying a boy or girl. I'm so excited!
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