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463897 tn?1468013750 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 http://www.medhelp.
10947 tn?1281404252 Hello All, We'll soon be introducing a new feature for our expecting moms. The Pregnancy, Week-by-Week application will allow you to read all about what's happening to your body and to your baby during any given week. It'll track where in your pregnancy you are and send you emails to let you know when you've started a new week as a reminder to read the new information for that week.
1643514 tn?1314387784 nauseau pretty much gone well the vomiting pretty much done and just a little back pains but i got a book of exercises for pregnant women to help me out with the week by week pregnancy pains so we shall see if it works!
Avatar f tn Heyyyyy Mommies!!! I'm 21 Weeks today , anyone else??
Avatar f tn This is not a question but I just had my 32 week ultrasound anf everything is perfect. My little princess is perfect size, she weighs 1.9kg and her heart beat was great at 154bpm. It has just sunk in that in 8 weeks my little girl is going to be in my arms and I cant wait. Congratulations to all mums to be and new mums I hope everything goes well for all of u.
Avatar f tn Is Anybody Elses Week By Week Videos Acting Weird Lately ? Im In The 36 Weeks Stage ..
Avatar f tn However due to my individual problems i am now going to be seeing the COB (complicated ob) and well ill be seen at egsactly 14 weeks and well im just wondering if any of you other either expecting mommies or already mommies had a ultrasound at 14 weeks and were told the sex of your baby and had it be right? Or if the doctor will even be able to guess? Also if there are any other mommies out there seeing a complicated ob/gyn? What can i expect how often will i get to see my baby?
Avatar n tn I just found out I'm pregnant on October 29,2012 and my expected due date is July 1,2013 this is my first pregnancy I am excited kind of nervous (:
1900942 tn?1462421460 i wanna let everyone know im pregnant and i wanna just be happy and go enjoy this pregnancy would be awesome...
202436 tn?1326474333 LOL Well I wouldn't be a sept mommy with THIS pregnancy but I do already have one kid with a september birthday so in a round about off hand way I still qualify LOL
Avatar n tn Should be able to test positive by the end of the week.
1012334 tn?1283702979 it is also uncomfortable at the point in pregnancy because of the pressure on your lungs, but mostly just the acid reflux and indigestion since your stomach it so squashed! LOL!
Avatar f tn I have 38 days! Seems like forever! Just wanted to say good luck.
1115543 tn?1376380638 Before I write, I am just sharing how I feel. I will take anything this pregnancy throws at me cos I love my baby girl so much already and we havent even met yet. Its just compared to pregnancy with DS this one is so much different and so much harder. So as you all know I am not sleeping, suffering on and off anxiety and still have nausea all time and slight sickness. Like today I feel like total crap, but I cant say its anything in particular.
Avatar f tn com/pregnancy-calendar-and-calculator-week-by-week
Avatar f tn I've been on a cleaning spree for like 3 days. Cleaning, organizing, washing everything. I even scrubbed the inside of my dishwasher.
Avatar n tn I feel like it's so close even though I'm so anxious! How are you Mommies doing?
Avatar f tn Thank you! Yes I just want for my baby to be just fine! Good luck to you too!! The good thing is that I'll be able to find out the sex of my baby!
Avatar f tn Are any of you mommies experiencing naseau at 19 weeks ? What helps you mommies?
1432741 tn?1300198763 INTRODUCTION This week your baby is undergoing some extraordinary changes and developments. The head, heart, spinal cord, and some of the larger blood vessels begin to form. As these blood vessels form, the heart begins to pump fluid through them, and your baby's first red blood cells are created. Your baby is about 7 - 9 mm or 0.27 - 0.35 inches in length, (approximately the size of a grain of rice), and weighs about 1/30 of an ounce - less than a breath mint.
Avatar f tn I'm nine weeks today and had a miscarriage about 7 years ago and having slight cramping and its around my. Period So I'm just wondering if it's normal..
1806721 tn?1554333407 I'm 15 week 3 day today. Had OB prenatal check up on 12/29 with BP >145/80 and HR 123, severe migraine headache, dizziness, nausea... Was sent directly to L&D from OB clinic by hospital transportation. Had MR venography done to rule out brain bleed. Got bunch of IV tx and stayed in hospital for over 10 hours. Headache came back again and getting very bad on NYE, ended up in ER, getting IV fluid and Reglan. Today, 1/3, I had light bright red bleeding twice.
Avatar f tn Ill be full term in 2 weeks! It's going by so quick.