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Avatar f tn I seem to do fine early-week wise---it just had chromosome abnormalities last time. But I do know that anything could I AM a little worried. And I haven't told anyone but my husband yet, so I must not feel completely safe in spreading the news.... I don't think we are ever the same after miscarriage.:( Hey--my due date is September 13th! So we will be going through this journey together! Best of luck to you!
Avatar f tn This is not a question but I just had my 32 week ultrasound anf everything is perfect. My little princess is perfect size, she weighs 1.9kg and her heart beat was great at 154bpm. It has just sunk in that in 8 weeks my little girl is going to be in my arms and I cant wait. Congratulations to all mums to be and new mums I hope everything goes well for all of u.
1012334 tn?1283706579 it is also uncomfortable at the point in pregnancy because of the pressure on your lungs, but mostly just the acid reflux and indigestion since your stomach it so squashed! LOL!
Avatar f tn I was 145. By week 12 i was 157 now at 26 weeks im 184. Its normal to loose weight at the begining because of morning sickness n lack of apitite, unless your me...
177465 tn?1288242063 he's grounded for that one lol) I am still getting some cramping (I mentioned that in a post earlier in the week)but I'm just learning to deal with it. Soooo that's all for me! Can't wait to hear from everyone else!!!
Avatar f tn Great that you have minimal symptoms. Some of us are lucky that way! Symptoms usually accelerate in the 6th week of pregnancy. This forum is a great forum to get advice, support and friendship throughout the coming weeks of your pregnancy and we can all count down together.
Avatar f tn Im due march 7th and ive had the easiest pregnancy so far don't want to jinx it lol, im a ftm so don't know if its really normal but all threw my pregnancy I haven't even really felt pregnant only time I do is when he kicks.. and I don't really look much pregnant. Only a little but a stranger would never tell...
Avatar f tn Thank you to all you mommies. Im just scared of a c section if I can't have her vaginal. ; ( im being induced due to cholestisis I wish I could continue my pregnancy but my baby is safer outside the womb than inside.
Avatar f tn Hi Mommies. Well just got a call from the doctor saying my 10 week prescreening for down syndrome came back positive. I'm 12 weeks now and going in today for counselling and ultrasound. I'm 39 yo. Anyone else go through this? Any info on your experience would be helpful. I hear there are many false positives. I'm trying not to worry too much. Errrrr nothing ever seems so easy with our pregnancy. Thank you.
349463 tn?1333575176 Just checking in with all of the September Mommies. On my ticker I noticed that I'm down to 49 days. I'm so excited to meet this baby, but feeling a little sad about the end of the pregnancy. lol I have no idea why. How are you all feeling and any big drs appointments or ultrasounds this week? Oh also does anyone have new belly pics or nursery pics up?
4403438 tn?1403640099 I'm due December 26 and had my 12 week ultrasound today. The tech guessed a boy but won't know for sure until the 20 week scan. We wanted a girl but we are so happy either way :)).
7294220 tn?1390284020 1D My Due Date Was March 17th It Hurts But I Have To Be Strong. I Really Hope You Ladies Have A Wonderful Pregnancy And Good Luck.
Avatar f tn Just over 38 weeks here!
10426972 tn?1419336364 Is there any January mommies out there who has less than 19 days and just feel like it's going so slow now... I am so ready for him to come just done with being pregnant... how about you ladies??
Avatar f tn How are you lovely ladies feeling? (: This pregnancy has flown by for me. I'm only in my 23rd week but it still seems like I was just getting that positive test yesterday. My little stinker is becoming more active and stronger, and every little kick still amazes me. Besides all the pregnancy discomfort and being hungry 24/7 it's been pretty easy though, and it's great having a boyfriend who is more than understanding about everything and seems to be more involved than I am at times haha.
Avatar f tn My due date is april 23rd but will be induced on the 2nd if my twins haven't already come by then. I've had a huge increase in braxton hicks the last week,I think because of dehydration from being sick. I'm hardly getting any sleep and can't walk long distances without having a lot of pelvic pain. Still have 8 weeks to go at least.... Really hope it flies by! Babies are doing so well though, have my next growth scan tomorrow.
5009178 tn?1369957375 My pregnancy has flown by and is still just flying by I'm due aug 3rd. This pregnancy has been a lot different then my last, during the first four months i had such bad all day morning sickness, car sickness, and food aversions. In my second trimester and currently have constany heartburn headaches hip pain and carpal tunnel. And now i just found out yesterday i have bv and am currently taking meds for it.
Avatar f tn Woops, just noticed this is dec mommies... oh well, he could decide to come early lol.
Avatar f tn I have to keep reminding myself I'm pregnant and since I'm not yet showing at 28 weeks, that one of these days I'll just pop!!! This week I have prenatal apt as well as pre admit and my second glusouse test this pregnancy. (First was 19weeks) other then baby beating me up I have no symptoms.. And can't wait for my 4th baby girl!!!!
2515342 tn?1347084237 Can't wait to meet our lil girl (our third girl)! Due xmas day, we have everything ready so its just a waiting game now im so ready to have her!!
Avatar f tn Hey beautiful mommies! I am trying to find out when I could have conceived, im due apirl 17. (Not for paternity reasons) just out of curiosity! :) I know were all different & we could have conceived different times but the date the internet conception calculators gave me doesnt add up because me & my boyfriend werent intimate! But yeah thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn we moved back just over a year after having my first) looks like we will be moving again around that 30 week mark but thankfully it's just a town over! I swear this pregnancy is going so slow...much slower then my first....which is weird because i was constantly sick with my first....and nothing (not even feeling pregnant with this one unless he is kicking me in my lungs!) With this one!
Avatar f tn I just found out im 5 weeks and after having 1 misscariage im super excited, when are you pretty mommies due? And how old are you new mom's?
Avatar f tn Omg how how exciting so many babies in september congratulations to all mommies I guess were all just thinkn the same we just want these babies here already :)
Avatar f tn I'm 7 weeks April 20 the my due date XD my boobs are sore loss of appetite I force myself to eat my feet become swollen when I walk I'm tired a lot I had crampings there gone by this week real gassy ehh and its hard to sleep
Avatar f tn I am 6 months today (24wks1d) and impatient, lol. My baby girl is due Aug. 18th and I want to see her already. I'm barely showing and as the weeks go by my boyfriend is getting more worried b/c I'm not. As long as the doctor says my baby is growing fine then I'm fine. She's the size of a grapefruit this week. How are you mommies feeling? Boys or girls? How along?