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.. Just wanted to know if its necessary for the mucus plug to come with blood? , sorry for my way of saying it...
Does your mucus plug always have to have blood...
I went to the bathroom I wiped n seen a lot of discharge with brown blood in it. (Gross) assuming I've lost my mucus plug! I'm due tomorrow! I'm hoping I go in labor tonight or in the morning! Wish me luck plz!!!
I got up this morning, went to the bathroom and notice what looked like some blood in my underwear but I don't wipe anything. Is that my mucus plug? How long after you lose it do you go into labor? Sorry I'm a FTM and clueless.
Hi. The mucus plug can be lost weeks, days, or even hours before labor. It can also be lost after labor has begun. Blood in the mucus indicates a rupture of the membranes. This indicates that the baby is on it's way. You should call your doctor if you are having regular contractions or if the mucus plug contains blood. Otherwise, it is normal to lose your mucus plug before labor and the only thing you can do is wait for labor to begin.
It gets more and more as you get further along in pregnancy. Usually a mucus plug looks like a boogie with different colors like yellow or green with blood in it. With my daughter I lost my mucus plug around my 39th week. It looked like a big bloody slimey boogie and it came in big heaping piles everytime I went to the bathroom and wiped after peeing.
Part of ur plug .....sometimes no blood...good luck ur getting close!
lastnight i felt somthing slimy in my underwear and when i wiped it was a dime size amount of wht looked like my mucus plug it was clear in color im 20 weeks should i be concerned or is this normal?
Im 36+1 and have been loosing mine for the past few days. Mine came out in quarter size pieces that look like thick boogers. Its pretty gross looking!
Like a blob of mucus with blood in it, I lost mine this sunday morning and had my baby monday morning 9/24/12 but its different for everyone
It looked like a bugger. ( SORRY if TMI!) Do you think its my mucus plug? I am only 33 weeks. Thanks!!
With my daughter (1st pregnancy) i lost the plug in full and it had some blood but with my 2nd pregnancy i never lost it, it must came out during labor. Now with my 3rd it's different. Whats ppls experience with the mucus plug??
So, I'm pretty POSITIVE I lost my mucus plug. Does there have to be blood in it for it to be all the way gone? And another thing.. How long does it take to go into labor after loosing it? Preeety freaked out.
Hi.. im due my little girl tomorrow and hadnt as far as i know lost my mucus plug... until i went to the toilet this morning.. i went the first time for a wee and wiped and everything was normal... went back again half an hour later (very weak bladder at this stage lol) and when i wiped there was a jelly like substance on the toilet paper it was a yellow colour no blood... is this my mucusplug or discharge. Normally my discharge is white but this was jelly like and yellow in colour?
My mucus plug is starting to come out but no blood with it yet!
I just recently lost mine. At 38 weeks. But it can happen sooner then that or later, or even while in labor. I went to go pee, & noticed a thick gooey creamish colored blob with brownish blood in it. It was in my panties. You can google mucus plug & click on the images. There's a ton of pictures of what it looks like.
Im 41 +2 ovwrdue and going in for induction tomorrow. My mucus plug only just passed three two days ago after a stretch and sweep. It looked like a transparent gel it was thick jelly like. Some mucus plug come out looking a bit pinkish or a spot of blood but mine was just a jelly like substance.
Question does the mucus plug have to have blood in it? Cuz I just wiped myself and it looked like snot on the toilet paper.
What does it mean when you lose your mucus plug? Ftm and no female relatives to ask so help me!
Not always. Sometimes ur plug will come out in small bits with ur discharge an u wont even know it or it can come out all at once sometimes theres blood an sometimes its hard to tell the diffrence between ur plug an discharge.
Well yesterday afternoon I went to the bathroom and there was a glob of white/cream colored snot looking discharge (mucus plug?). When I wiped there was a small tiny streak of red/pink blood maybe a cm long. I know the blood wasn't from my exam because I stopped bleeding Saturday and haven't since.
I had a small amount about the size of a pen cap top come out around 12 this am... no brown discharge and no blood in it... just clearish/yellow with some white in it... my son isnt due til june 2nd so I'm trying all I can to keep him in...
What does your mucus plug look like? Does it all come out at once or can it be a little at a time? Can it be clear? When is a normal time to lose it?
I got up and went to the bathroom and noticed that I did have blood on my panties but it was dried up but when I wiped I only saw a spot of blood on the tissue. Could I have lost my mucus plug when I went to the bathroom at 3am. If so, what does that mean from here. I have felt the baby move all day today so I am not concerned that anything is wrong but just curious about the blood I saw in the toilet and on my panties.
Im just wondering if you start losing pieces of your mucus plug over the few wks before your due date if it will still have blood in it or not cause I think I've been losing little pieces here and there but im not sure cause its got a yellowish tint to it like snot but no blood
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