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Avatar f tn I noticed for the past year or more that his growth has not been the same as when he was an infant/toddler. A friend had told me that she saw online somewhere that Zyrtec can suppress growth in children. Maybe when used for a long time? Does anyone know about this? Is this true? Or is this a possibility that Zyrtec taken for allergy could suppress growth in children?
Avatar f tn I was told to take zyrtec. Now I have a rash on my upper thighs. Is it the generic zyrtec? Would the regular Zyrtec do the same? Have you ever heard of Diamox being prescribed for Meneire's disease? I find nothing in the literature about it and am hesitant to take it as it makes me very tired. I need to sleep about 3 hours a day when I take it. I don't want to experience vertigo again.
689528 tn?1364135841 s control, like this time of year ,he gets a prednisone per day for 3 or 4 days and then every other day for two or until things calm down. Zyrtec can be expensive, but we actually found a generic brand at the dollar store! $1. for 14 pills, so we clear their shelves! Our poor boy suffered until we found this new vet, every other night, we would do oatmeal baths, benedryl cream, benedryl pills, alcohol rubs, ice.. it was heartbreaking. We can totally relate.
Avatar n tn We just got a rx but we are not sure this is safe for an infant under two years old. The side effects for long term use mention glaucoma and vision problems? Should I be concerned about this?
Avatar n tn Should we try the Zyrtec? I am scared that this is only going to get worse and I feel so sorry for her. Whenever her lip swells people talk about her. I had been giving her Benadryl when the lips swell but is that really helping her since it is not truly an allergy? I have a friend that says she has the same thing and she takes Zyrtec and Pepcid at night, she says it is the combination of the 2 drugs, and then when her lip swells she has to take Prednisone.
Avatar f tn //www.healthline.com/health/childrens-health/zyrtec-child-allergies#talk-with-your-doctor Flonase is a bit different. I assume you were also buying that over the counter? This too is generally regarded as safe but is recommended to only be used 2 months out of the year unless your doctor has said otherwise. It's a nasal steroid. These have been associated with usually insignificant slowing of growth. https://www.post-gazette.
Avatar f tn m looking for recommendations on car seats, cribs, strollers and any other items that you deem necessary for twins. I'm due next March and feel clueless so far. Please help.
Avatar f tn I got the ok on zyrtec during pregnancy from my allergist, OB, and pharmacist. I am positive that zyrtec is ok.
Avatar m tn i take zyrtec,allegra and alervert all day every day as my doctor told me for my hives .some days its real bad and others are very good. ive had no effects from the mixture.
460830 tn?1347219306 ), but I never have had any problem with taking a normal dose of Zyrtec...if I go ahead and take a Zyrtec, and it turns out that I did already take one, would it do any harm?
7945295 tn?1397658820 Do any of you lady's take zyrtec for allergies? I don't like taking anything period but my allergies are sever. I claritan with my son but I feel like zyrtec works better. I was told its just as safe but figured I'd see what you lady's take.
Avatar m tn and for about 6 days i experienced shortness of breath,sometimes severe,but it has happened to me before aswell as i am allergic to alot of things like perfume,smell,dust and the most common symptom i have is shortness of breath,,,also it could be because i discontinued zyrtec for a week,,,,as for pain,i sometimes have a slight tingling pain in the left of my chest where the heart is,not in the middle...
Avatar f tn Hello all. I have had hives all over my body in as many as 15 different locations at the same time. I've tried singular, zyrtec, Claritin, benadryl, oatmeal baths and nothing helps in the least. In the last day I've also experienced headache and nausea. No new foods, drinks or environmental changes. Please note I also have multiple diseases such as Lupus, Posteral orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, gastroparisis, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
351317 tn?1204751871 t just use a pill splitter and cut tablets in half. I had to ask for a lower dosage for my Benadryl myself for the same reason. This is also what I read that I needed to do with kidney function issues. Mine are capsule form that I buy behind the pharmacy counter as a prescription. The insurance still won't cover them, but they're still cheaper to buy this way than buying them OTC.
Avatar f tn I have the same problem. I have been taking Zyrtec for many years and for the last few have had the "addiction"...itching, often mixed with a burning sensation, starting with my palms and the soles of my feet then moving to every other part of my body. It is terrible and nearly debilitating. This used to take a couple of days to start, but recently I start itching about 36 hours after my last dose. I am currently on day 7 of a juice fast.
Avatar n tn I was also advised to take Zyrtec and wondered if Zyrtec had any more benefit for skin reactions thank Claritin. Claritin didn't help at all. Two dermatologists suggested Zyrtec over Claritin . I hesitate to try the Zyrtec as I took it once a few years ago and promptly feel into a deep sleep. If it is better for the skin than Claritin can it be taken at night and do any good? Your help is greatly appreciated. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn You can do children or infant Tylenol. Just a lil tho. And a temp that's to high for a infant is 101. Try giving him a cool warm bath to cool him off if the temp is to high.
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced severe itching problems when they stop taking Zyrtec?
Avatar m tn Both Allegra and Zyrtec are 24 hour medications in my area. I have known several people who took 3 Zyrtec in one day, and my allergist says that you can't really OD on antihistimines. You should be sure to drink PLENTY of water and watch for signs of constipation and dehydration. You should make sure that your dr is well aware of how much of these meds you are taking to make sure that they are ok with any other medications you maybe taking.
Avatar f tn Zyrtec and benadryl. Zyrtec doesn't work for me, and benadryl makes me so tired. So my Dr gave me flonase and said to take the benadryl at night.