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3837157 tn?1348286069 I took a .5mg Xanex for anxiety about 12 hours ago, but now have a killer headache and want to take an Excedrin for it. Will there be any complications or has the Xanex worked it's way out of my system yet? 21 year old male, about 290lb, don't drink, haven't smoked in a year, no recreational drug use.
Avatar f tn The fact the headaches are severe and respond to Excedrin and not the others is some suggestion it could be migraines, but mild ones as you don't report blurry vision or nausea and migraines are really bad headaches.
268911 tn?1213744781 I am wondering what, if any, stomach problems some of you may have had due to pain pill usage. In a VERY WEAK effort to try and taper myself off of norcos I started using Excedrin as a pain supplement and I'm thinking those pills are behind my current situation. These Excedrin contain more acetominephen than the Norco's I'm taking. I've been taking the Excedrin, 4 pills a day, for 6 months and now I have lower abdominal pain that wont go away.
Avatar f tn But for a couple years now I get hives every time I exercise. My body (especially my feet, thighs, arms and trunk) burn and then start to itch really bad and I break out in little red bumps that quickly spread to patches of red, swollen hives all over. Very uncomfortable! By the time I cool down, shower and dress they are mostly gone but it's a pretty miserable hours until that happens. Any ideas why I seem to be allergic to exercise and what I can do about it?
Avatar f tn I took it because my leg is getting worse (it goes through spurts where it will be bearable and then not) and the Aspirin/Tylenol combo in the Excedrin sometimes helps more because I usually go straight to Motrin, and rarely take Excedrin so my body isn't as used to that one. But along with the much needed energy, today it like made me oddly happy, too.
Avatar n tn I was also advised to take Zyrtec and wondered if Zyrtec had any more benefit for skin reactions thank Claritin. Claritin didn't help at all. Two dermatologists suggested Zyrtec over Claritin . I hesitate to try the Zyrtec as I took it once a few years ago and promptly feel into a deep sleep. If it is better for the skin than Claritin can it be taken at night and do any good? Your help is greatly appreciated. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn My doctor was OK with me taking zyrtec. You just have to make sure to drink lots and lots of water.
681148 tn?1437661591 It seems like Akira has seasonal allergies and dust allergies in addition to her food allergies. Because I really don't want to give her long term steroids, I decided to only give her the 1/4 tablet of Zyrtec that the vet told me to give her before. I try to wait 'til I just have to give it to her, because I know that people can build up a tolerance to antihistamines, so I figure that animals can, too.
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to the forum. I used excedrin migrain n it worked for me. Congrats on wanting to get clean. There is support here, but we also stress aftercare. It is essential to longterm recoverty. Good luck n keep posting!
Avatar f tn Well, ive been to 3 different doctors about my problemfor the past 6 months ive had these weird headaches every single day. They usually start in the morning when i wake up and i get this noise in my ears i hearits hard to explain how it sounds but its kinda like the noise you would hear when you listen to one of those big seashells from the ocean its kind of like that in a way.
Avatar m tn Both Allegra and Zyrtec are 24 hour medications in my area. I have known several people who took 3 Zyrtec in one day, and my allergist says that you can't really OD on antihistimines. You should be sure to drink PLENTY of water and watch for signs of constipation and dehydration. You should make sure that your dr is well aware of how much of these meds you are taking to make sure that they are ok with any other medications you maybe taking.
Avatar m tn To relieve them, I have taken 2 Excedrin (asprin, acetaminophen and caffeine) and one Claritin-D (before Claritin came onto the market, I was taking something else but I don't remember what it was). They would occur 3 or 4 times a year. They have been steadily increasing in frequency to the point where they occur every other day. My "cure" is always the same, 2 Excedrin and 1 Claritin-D.
3215224 tn?1345829226 I have been taking excederin for at least 20 years. I get up in the morning and take two and take two around three or four o'clock. I have been trying to quite by either cold turkey or taking one in morning then one in afternoon. but i always end up back to taking 2 in morning. I have cut down in the afternoon tho. I have been experiencing some itching and hives with cold sweats.Does that sound right.I also am going threw metapouse. I am on 50mg aday of Pristig.
Avatar n tn I have battled an addiction to Excedrin for almost 15 years now, and can't seem to stop it for good. Is anyone else struggling with this? If so, have you had any success in weaning yourself off?
Avatar m tn I would be on and off of them. I now have been taking excedrin migraine medicine to get rid of the headaches and give me a boost of energy since it has caffeine. The problem is it works good but even though I eat something before I take it, about an hour or so later I am nauseous. Why does this happen if I eat like it says. Does anyone have any insight into this. Thanks .
689528 tn?1364135841 10mg every day for the first five days and then every other day for the next five, in addition he gets a generic Zyrtec everyday. Now he just gets a zyrtec every day, and if his allergies act up beyond the zyrtec's control, like this time of year ,he gets a prednisone per day for 3 or 4 days and then every other day for two or until things calm down. Zyrtec can be expensive, but we actually found a generic brand at the dollar store! $1. for 14 pills, so we clear their shelves!
Avatar n tn I used a TENS unit that I purchased off ebay and put it on my lower back and it helped wonders. If you are unable to attain one a massager helps too. I have an eletric wand that I would plug up and lay on my belly and stretch the cord so it would lay on my calf. It helped quite a bit,but the TENS unit was better. I wish I never let my brother-in-law borrow it because outside of it helping my herniated discs in my neck I had hell with withdrawals last pm.
Avatar f tn Had been on Augmentin for a sinus infection, just finishing up the script, and take Crestor, Nexium, and Zyrtec on a regular basis. Symptoms started a few days after starting generic Zyrtec, which also caused unbelievable dryness that felt like I was dehydrated (no vomiting, though). A day after the chills, I noticed my urine was dark and my stools were very light, almost gray, and I started getting very itchy but no rash.
Avatar f tn Without the Zyrtec, my hives are not only unbearable but they also start to present in my throat, mouth and on my lips, so going without it is not really an option for me.
1930941 tn?1400107522 Hey, congrats on 27 days, that's wonderful! I agree with ImDone and Ricart, Excedrin and Tylenol are excellent. I suffer from chronic migraine and if the pain is too bad my Dr. prescribes Toradol (not Tramadol) it's non-narcotic and it's great for pain, if you're not allergic to aspirin maybe you can give it a try.
Avatar m tn Months ago my ALT was 26. I stopped using Zyrtec, and my doctor told me to use Atarax. However, its been a week and the rash is still the same. I am very worried about it. What shall I do?
Avatar f tn started taking zyrtec, seemed to help a little but starts up again so i also started taking zantac along with the zyrtec. i am still getting some hives and itching but now for about the past 3-4 wks now i'm also getting nausea, please help!
Avatar n tn Zyrtec can cause side effects like skin nodules, rash, pruritis (itching), acne, urticaria, photosensitivity reactions and eczema. So, the itchy red cheeks could be due to Zyrtec. Discuss your symptoms with your consulting doctor he may change the dose or the medications. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I saw zyrtec at Walgreen's just last night. Some was out and some you had to ask for.
Avatar n tn I take excedrin sometimes 8 a day. Recently I have been dizzy and felt like the room was moving sideways. My hemogloblin was 6.2 a year ago and I was given a blood transfusion. My daddy has heart problems and my grandmother has altzheimers.
Avatar f tn Which excedrin can you take while pregnant...I've been having migraines for 2 days and Tylenol is not helping. I've always taken excedrin.