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Avatar f tn Need advice, anything to help the congestion. My nose has been stuffy for a good two weeks. I have awful allergies, so I've been taking zyrtec. After that didn't help, I talked to the doctor, they told me to take mucinex and sudafed. Took those and still stuffed. Took antibiotics thinking it was an infection and I received no results. I am 5 weeks pregnant since yesterday and wondering if it has anything to do with the pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I am 30 weeks pregnant and suffering from nasal congestion, cough and chest congestion- any recommendations for safe meds while sick?? Thank you in advance.
Avatar m tn It could take up to four weeks for the swelling and inflammation to subside. In Addition to Zyrtec, you could use saline nasal sprays. Also, try to sleep on your side, this will help to open up the nasal passages. Hope diabetes has been ruled out. If your symptoms worsen, or if there is discharge or if you develop fever, consult your doctor to rule out an infection. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn I have had constant nasal congestion and nasal drip the the past five years. After my first pregnancy I developed an allergy to cats. We got rid of our cats 2 yrs ago. We have hardwood floors and new furniture and there is no relief. I have boxes of Kleenex everywhere and sleep very little because I cannot sleep. Allergist has put me on all sorts of combos of meds. I saw an ENT who said everything looks good. I do the saline nasal cleanse, Zyrtec twice a day and two nasal sprays twice a day.
Avatar f tn Hi, repetitive sneezing and nasal congestion with a post nasal drip and cough could be due to vasomotor rhinitis, in which the symptoms occur in response to a trigger, like eating spicy food or going outside in the cold. The primary treatment is simply avoiding the things that trigger your symptoms. It is often treated with a drying nasal spray (like Atrovent) and antihistamines like chlorpheniramine and loratadine are effective. Nasal decongestant drops too relieve congestion.
Avatar m tn I experienced congestion, cough, and laryngitis a day or two after exposure to large amounts of hay and agricultural lime. Taking this into consideration, I'm a bit skeptical as to whether or not it was a cold or just an alergic reaction. The symptoms have drastically decreased. My nose is still half-way stuffy, and I'm still spitting up white phlegm, but it's more of an annoyance now than anything else. Some people I've talked to think that it's post-nasal drip.
7732297 tn?1397446837 No aspirin, advil, ibuprofen, aleve Pain - Tylenol, Acetaminophen Allergies - Claritin, Zyrtec, Benadryl Common cold - Actifed, Sudafed, Robitussin Products, Tylenol Cold Tablets, Acetaminophen, Tylenol, DayQuil/Nyquil (gelcaps only), Mucinex, Warm salt water gargles Congestion - Mucinex, Zyrtec, Claritin/Claritin D, Sudafed, Sinutab, Dimetap extentaps, Actifed, Tylenol Sinus, Saline Nasal Spray Constipation - Stool softener, Fiber/bran, Prune Juice Coughing - Any cough drop, any Robitussi
Avatar f tn Benadryl, Zyrtec, sudafed,claratin,actifed,coricidin,chlortrimeton,or Tylenol cold and sinus, Headache/Fever of 100 degrees of less: Extra strength Tylenol Insomnia caused by pain or fever: Tyleno PM Nausea and vomiting: Dramamine, vitamin b6,
Avatar n tn t been sleeping well at night for the past 3 weeks because of the nasal congestion and have been waking up with a nasty dry mouth in the morning. I have tried benadryl, claritin 24 hrs tablets, zyrtec (also 24 hr tablet), nasal spray (some kind of anticholinergic solution), Singulair and phenylephrine so far. Benadryl doesn't really work for me anymore and claritin and zyrtec are effective for only half the day.
10843549 tn?1425096623 Took generic medicine for zyrtec, allergies DM, for about 1 week 1/2. Felt better and thats what pharmacist recommended.
Avatar f tn Does ne one knw if its ok to take tylenol cold head congestion I am 32 weeks..
Avatar f tn have had at the beginning of october alot congestion nose and throat and ear congestion cough and mucus that would not come out the doctor said it was allergies so he told me to take zyrtec and flonose nasal spray and prescribed me amoxicillin 250mg 3 x a day for 15 days and took allegraD and it help a lil only till it wore off so im still not feeling better and am desperate to be better i have a two yr old. .i even tried the nasal irrigation and not better..
10366239 tn?1409616907 I tried it for a couple days and it helped my nasal congestion but not my headaches which was what I really wanted. If you're still unsure check with your doctor, but I believe claritin is fairly safe.
Avatar n tn d be interested to know what input you get about this. I have been having what seem to be allergy episodes -- nasal congestion, watery eyes, clear mucous -- for a day or 2, then it's gone. I don't use decongestants as I have a history of Afib, pac's & pat. My first episode, I woke up with Afib and ending up needing to be electro-converted. I am abut ready to see an allergist, as I can't identify a trigger. Is the omeprazole a proton pump inhibitor for reflux?
Avatar n tn I'm going to answer this similar to how I answered another question. Get yourself tested by your doctor or have them refer you to an allergist to get tested for what you are allergic to. My favorite over the counter medication for allergies is Zyrtec, I don't have any reactions to it whatsoever and it works faster than Claritin does for me.
1646392 tn?1333251893 My ob had already told me phenylephrine was safe. Funny how doctors vary on what they recommend. Mine told me to stay away from psuedoephedrine in the first trimester and stick with phenylephrine. But I've been pregnant enough times and seen enough Ob's to pretty much figure out what I can and can't take. This last pregnancy was my 6th full term so I go more on personal experience than my doc. Definitely talk to your doc though.
Avatar f tn hello I'm 10w3d and I have nasal congestion and I have two days without sleep , I could take tylenol or night quil
Avatar f tn Other treatment options include oral antihistaminics like benadryl and Claritin or non sedating antihistaminics like zyrtec; Topical or oral decongestants for rhinitis and nasal congestion; topical steroids for skin rashes and itching; oral steroids in more severe cases and bronchodilators in cases of difficulty in breathing and wheezing. These medications all help to relieve short term symptoms of allergic reactions. However, there is a way of preventing the long term symptoms of allergies.
Avatar m tn Deviated nasal septum, nasal polyps and tumors can also cause persistent nasal congestion. Worms in stool can raise the eosinophil count (a part of the white blood cell count) and thus increase the possibility of nasal congestion. You’ll have to discuss all these possibilities with your doctor. The nasal passages will have to be examined. Complete blood count and stool test may be required. You may need to get X-rays or CT scans too. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn The embryo is fine, it is happily floating around in your uterus and it doesn't feel a thing. Nasal congestion is very common. We can't take the usual cold meds in the first trimester. I use Sinus Rinse, it is drug free and i find it to be more effective than many decongestants. You can also breathe steam and drink tea. If it is allergies making you sneeze, zyrtec is safe in the first trimester.
612551 tn?1450022175 I suffer from night time nasal congestion and frequently use an Afrin-type nose spray once at bedtime... I also use saline spray and try to get by using just that for a few nights - not sure what I used the night of the nose bleed. I also note I am on Coumadin (blood thinner) due to a heart condition. I have no history of nose bleed problems, and have no previous occasions that I sought medical help to stop.
216239 tn?1233257361 I had a cold a couple months ago and the doctor prescribed nasonex (nasal spray)...it's also good for allergies, really helped with the congestion..
Avatar n tn 4 for more than 8 hours to call her. For other symptoms she told me sudafed for nose, chloraseptic spray and cough drops for throat and tylenol for headaches. And just lots of fluid and lots of rest!
Avatar f tn I had a cough and congestion for about 3 weeks before the doctor was able to diagnose me with a sinus infection. He gave me 875mg of Amoxicillin-twice a day for 10 days along with ZyrtecD and Mucinex. I finished the antibiotic and one of the others at the same time. Two days later, I was still coughing--post nasal drip. I had finished all the meds so I bought some more Mucinex and started that again. In another 2 days I was still had post nasal drep so I started Claritin.