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Zyrtec dosage for children by weight

Common Questions and Answers about Zyrtec dosage for children by weight


Avatar f tn It only is in the system for a short time based on its half life. Children can take this usually without incident. However, once stopped, some allergy sufferers are uncomfortable. Perhaps this is what is going on. Again, please talk to his doctor. Why did you discontinue it? Was there a particular reason? It's an antihistamine. Sometimes weaning down on the dose can help with that occurrence of increased allergy symptoms upon discontinuation.
351317 tn?1204751871 t just use a pill splitter and cut tablets in half. I had to ask for a lower dosage for my Benadryl myself for the same reason. This is also what I read that I needed to do with kidney function issues. Mine are capsule form that I buy behind the pharmacy counter as a prescription. The insurance still won't cover them, but they're still cheaper to buy this way than buying them OTC.
Avatar f tn The amount of Zyrtec I was told to give to Akira is only 1/4 of the adult human dosage. This is much smaller than the children's dosage, which is 1/2 of the adult human dosage. I would never ever give medications to Akira without her first seeing her doctor. I do know that no one should ever give Tylenol to their pets. Tylenol is definitely toxic to both dogs and cats. In fact, some of us humans can't even take the stuff.
Avatar m tn I took my dosage and quit hookah. 3 days after the steroids had ended I woke up in the middle of the night with the left side of my tongue swollen. I went to the emergency room and they put me back on steroids and benadryl again. 3 days after my steroid dosage had ended my hand and foot only on the left side started swelling to the point I couldn't walk. Got put back on steroids and zyrtec and some antacids.
Avatar f tn My Son Is 3 and 40 pounds want to know if safe to cut dissolve zyrtec in half for propper dosage?
Avatar f tn Benadryl for sure and claratin I think
Avatar m tn and for about 6 days i experienced shortness of breath,sometimes severe,but it has happened to me before aswell as i am allergic to alot of things like perfume,smell,dust and the most common symptom i have is shortness of breath,,,also it could be because i discontinued zyrtec for a week,,,,as for pain,i sometimes have a slight tingling pain in the left of my chest where the heart is,not in the middle...
Avatar f tn What are the actual levels of your FT3 and FT4, along with the lab's reference ranges? Your TSH is still too high (normal range is 0.3-3.0, even though some labs are still using outdated ranges), but you need to be adjusting med based on symptoms and the FT's, not just TSH. If that's (TSH) all your doctor is looking at, get a different one. I don't understand why he's waiting another 2 months to retest.
907968 tn?1292622204 I imagine they're trained to know which medications work best for which heart problems. As for dosage, I'm not sure. If you look at a PDR the book mentions standard dosages for children, adults and geriatric folks. I know with the antibiotics I use at work we choose which antibiotic works best for which type of injury or specific bacteria. I always calculate dosage according to species (mammals have a different calculation compared to birds or reptiles) and weight.
850029 tn?1238857820 i use 2 types of antihistamine for hayfever, i use them on alternative years - i find if i use the same one for 2 summers it does not work for the for the 3rd summer - but by alternating them i am fine.
Avatar n tn Take her off the ALLERGIA as that can cause bad hives. I got horrible leg pains and hives down both my legs that by the time I knew what caused it I had to use antibiotics to heal it. Try children's ZYRTEC and one Tagament a day. Watch for an hr to see if she gets a allergic reaction to what ever she uses or eats if earache, coughing,itching start remove what ever she is using or eating for one week.
Avatar n tn We love Tenex - it was the only thing that worked. My son takes Zyrtec for his allergies.
Avatar f tn I was told to take zyrtec. Now I have a rash on my upper thighs. Is it the generic zyrtec? Would the regular Zyrtec do the same? Have you ever heard of Diamox being prescribed for Meneire's disease? I find nothing in the literature about it and am hesitant to take it as it makes me very tired. I need to sleep about 3 hours a day when I take it. I don't want to experience vertigo again.
1340745 tn?1276393303 I think you need to find an endocrinologist. I was treated by my family doctor for my hypothyroidism for 14 years. I had regular bloodwork every 6 months and my tsh never changed from 4.0 and I felt fine. For 14 years. Then one day my tsh came back at 5.5, doc increased my meds without doing any kind of exam or any further bloodwork other than tsh. I had a gut feeling something wasn't right so I went to an endocrinologist, he found a nodule and it turned out to be cancer.
Avatar m tn Have you tried claritin? I started using that to combat my allergies with perfume, but found that zyrtec worked better. I'm not sure about other allergy meds though, have you tried nasal sprays? Benadryl knocks me out in seconds so I understand not wanting to take it all the time- have you tried using the tablets and cutting them in half? I found a 1/4 of the adult dosage works well enough on reactions my Zyrtec isn't good enough for without causing excessive drowsiness.
Avatar f tn Has anyone heard that the dosage is based on your weight? My numbers are perfect, according to the doctor, however, I am always tired, have reflux problems that the gastro doesn't understand why, I am constantly having hard stools, not gaining or losing weight, and getting very frustrated. I keep thinking I need my dosage raised but no one will listen to me. Am I thinking the right way or not? Help! Need your advise.
Avatar n tn On looking up this drug all I can find is that for children the dosage goes by weight and there may be side effects .I think you should speak again to your doctor regarding the dose .
Avatar n tn t further adjusted by weight, but by lab vales and, most of all, symptoms. Or I should say, it should be adjusted by FT3, FT4 levals and symptoms.
2169449 tn?1358489923 Benadryl is safe, but just a normal dosage and it's better to wait until after your first trimester to take meds...