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Avatar f tn i started taking zyrtec about 6 months ago for post nasal drip and watery eyes. i took it almost every day and felt much better. i figured i would stop and see if my allergies were better. bad idea. after 48 hour without zyrtec i start to itch everywhere. it starts between my fingers and wrists and feet and ankles and ends up everywhere. i take a pill and it goes away. i have tried to stop many times but the itching is just too bad.
Avatar n tn Also apply calamine lotion on the rashes. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend rashes after being touched. You can rub his back and it gets really red. He carried a sack from a store that had a paper like handle and after about 15 minutes, you could see on his hand exactly where the handle was and the shape embedded in his hand in the rash. He laid his arm on a screen the other day and again, it rashed in the area the screen was and it was in the shape of the screen holes on his arm.
Avatar m tn That really helps.... But this rashes starts all of a sudden on a day. Last winter I didn't have this problem and even this winter too, it started suddenly( in the mid winter). Which made me to think, whether something bit me or something. But i confirmed that it is cold urticaria. I get red, itchy, only in some part od my body which is exposed to cold, like hand (fingers to wrist only) and in the feet only. other parts are preety normal.
Avatar f tn Hi, not sure about meds and rashes. But rashes are associated with a variety of auto-immune diseases. And due to the fact that thyroid conditions are also often due to an auto-immune disease process which attacks the thyroid, people with thyroid disease are also at risk of other auto-immune conditions. I would ask your doc if the rash could be related to one.
Avatar m tn I originally got them on my inner thighs, but they appear also behind my knees, on my arms mostly by my elbow joints and armpit areas, and also up my biceps and triceps area. I also get them in the upper chest, and occasionally on the neck. I apply hydrocortisone, which takes the itching away, but the rashes can take up to three weeks to go away. Then ill go a few weeks or days without any evidence of rashes, and then ill feel an itch and another one or two will show up again.
Avatar m tn Short courses of oral cortisone or steroids are taken for short periods (one to three days) to settle more severe symptoms.You may take Vitamin C and apply calamine lotion on the rashes. If the hives don’t go after 6 wks of treatment also, then it can be a case of chronic urticaria which needs further evaluation as it may be due to auto antibodies. Hope it helps. Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional queries.Kind regards.
Avatar f tn I have always had occassional issues w/ itching and rashes my whole life. Very sensitive skin. Ocassional rashes when Ive used new bath products, etc. But since I delivered my 2nd child I have itching and rashes all over my body. Something will itch & when I look @ the area there will be "whelps" and if i scratch it will turn into a horrible rash that will go away by next day only to happen in another area. Is this common after pregnany? Will it go away? Its driving me crazy.
Avatar n tn I have skin rashes almost 24/7 and they worsen when the temperature changes. When I get warm I notice them and they stay around for 1-3 days. They are typically worse in the summer, when I have a fever or if I take a very hot shower. My dermatologist gave me a huge tub of steroid cream which literally saves me from itching and just basically looking rashy. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn i use a vacuum with hepa filter. I have her on Zyrtec now and have a steroid cream from dermatologist. If not left on Zyrtec, I notice rashing still. Hate giving her antihistamine every day. Allergy and derm doctors think it is a contact allergen. Not sure as what is causing. We use hypoallergenic fragrance free natural shampoo, no face washes on her, no products with perfumes etc near face. It is always mouth area, and is not perorial dermatitis as has no bumps per dermatologist.
Avatar n tn I've made him take Zyrtec and he's using a dyphenhydremine (sp) and lidocane ointment I had on hand to stop the itching. Any ideas? will it continue to spread? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Hi guys... I have develop rashes on my left and right arms at times. The rashes started with feeling of itchy. After i hv scratch it, the itch is gone but the rashes are still visible. after a min or two, the rashes clears itself. Have you guys have any idea whats the reason for rashes to occur on my arms? it happens rarely at certain times of the day. sometimes it results in a pimple like inflamation in my arm while the rashes are gone. I am worried... pls help!
Avatar n tn It's been 5 mo since my last Pegasys shot (shot #96) and 16 mo since I was on Ribavirin, and I still get rashes, but not as many. My family doc prescribed Mometasone Furoate 0.1% Ointment. It's a corticosteroid, but as much as 10x as strong as Hydrocortisone. A couple of applications makes the rashes disappear. Unfortunately, some of them always reappear in a couple of weeks and I have to re-treat those. Exposure to cold air and maybe also hot water seems to start the rashes up again.
Avatar n tn i have been suffering from itching from 3 months ,first it was just itching severely on legs and hand with no rashes etc...and now recently i am getting through whole body except face .it is itching suddenly (like some ants are biting) and when i scrath over there i am getting rashes (long lines,bulging)and red in color,and after some time like 5 min they disappear and itching is becoming severe when i scath but i cant help without scrathing...itching is gone after 15 min....
Avatar f tn Recently, I had a very bad sinus infection and since then.. I have been getting rashes anytime i hold a bottle thats recently come from my fridge. Today i tested it to see if that was it and i placed a bottle of water from the fridge on my arm and sure enough a rash appeared. I'm completly confused about this one and I have no insurance so going to a doctor isn't really an option. I have taken claratin and benedryl and they don't help.
Avatar n tn i had sex in between the medicine treatment and now i have rashes everywhere and they itch like crazy.is this a sign of hiv or a bad skin problem. should i get tested for hiv again?
Avatar m tn I have itchy red rashes appearing all over my body on random places and at random times during day and night. They come out very quickly and can disappear within an hour or so if I don't scrape it. Their shape varies, sometime it's like a mosquito bite, sometimes it's in straight lines, and sometimes it's a big chunk. First I thought it's allergy, and I took some Zyrtec. While it did stop the rashes for a day or so but whenever I stop taking it the rashes come out.
Avatar n tn The rash appears as red, itchy blotches along the hairline, on the neck, chest, and back. (About 17 years ago, I had the same reaction to hot water and sweat and it mysteriously went away over time.
Avatar n tn the next day my face was covered in red rashes spreading across both cheeks around eyebrows, under and on eye-lids and around mouth and scalp line. there were a few more family memebers that came with us on the day out but none of them have been affected by anything as such. i was given some allergy tablets by a phamasist but the treatment seems to be working at a very slow speed and the amount of spots havent decreased.
Avatar f tn I had this happen to me the day after I got my 1st TPI's done with Marcaine and am wondering if the rashes are an allergic reaction to the Marcaine in the TPI's? I have Fibromyalgia and got 4 injections done that day(2 on each side of the back of my neck between my neck and shoulders). The only other thing that happened that same day I got the rash is I increased my Vicoden from 1pill a day to 3pills a day.
Avatar f tn today is tuesday and she still has those rashes and her face is still swollen. Could you please help?
Avatar f tn I generally find these rashes disappear within an hour or so, but some on my back are still there for almost a whole 24 hours and they itch and are irritating, also unsightly. I'm in a long term relationship and self conscious enough as it is about taking off my clothes, now I have this to be embarrassed about. I went to a dermatologist a whiles back but all he did was give me a topical cream that did little to nothing for me.
Avatar n tn So for some background, on Monday, I layed out to get some sun and accidently fell asleep, and ended up being outside for about 2 hours. I got sunburnt on my chest and stomach, and nowhere else. I normally tan, and my skin doesn't peel when I get burnt. That night, I was fine. On Tuesday, the next night, I went to sleep and the next morning I had what I think were hives on my back and sides. They went away after an hour or so, and looked like mosquito bites, for the most part, but bigger.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I'm 2 weeks post TX and all my skin rashes (around lips corner, both sides of forehead, side o the neck and shoulder, front neck, close to both elbows, side of the legs) everything is still here and itchy. It was getting better at some point then all the sudden its flare up again. If I put Clobetasol Prop. Ointment helps a lot and almost clears out, but its hormonal and can't be used or long time and on big areas... Also, I developed nose bleeding during my last 2 months of TX.
Avatar f tn I tried decreasing the Vicoden back down to 1 pill a day and taking Claritin in day and Benadryl at night and its still not going away and keeps coming back everyday. So my question is what do you think this rash is and what is it being caused from? Do you think it's an allergic reaction from the trigger point injections or from the Vicoden or neither?
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone could give me ideas on what my rash is coming from. I got 4 trigger point injections with Marcaine done 3 weeks ago for the first time ever for Fibromyalgia. That was on a Friday. The next day-Saturday (about 27hrs later), I discovered that I had several red blotchy rashes all over most of my upper body(chest, breasts, stomach, whole back, shoulders and upper arms, and face. It lasted a few minutes and then disappeared just on its own.
Avatar f tn You say your hives have worsened with pregnancy and I am giving you reasons why this could be so. Pregnancy is associated with rashes and worsening of existing rashes. “1) Does my increase in hives indicate that my hives are not autoimmune?” and “2) Could my hives be related to a hormonal imbalance? I wonder this because I am pregnant and the only variable that could be responsible for the increased hives are the changing hormone levels in my body.
Avatar m tn Patients with cold urticaria should learn to protect themselves from a rapid drop in body temperature. Antihistaminics like Claritin and zyrtec can also be taken. The antihistamine cyproheptadine (Periactin) has been found to be a useful treatment also. Sometimes cold urticaria is a symptom of another problem, such as cryofibrinogenemia, cryoglobulinemia, or syphilis.So please contact a dermatologist/immunologist to get a more confirmatory diagnosis. Hope it helps.