Zyprexa vs risperdal

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Avatar n tn My brother (46 years old, dx at age 17) has been on 20mg/day of Zyprexa for approx 1 month (we switched him from haldol injections). He is schizophrenic, lives with me, & is a heavy smoker (approx 3-4 packs/day with no current interest in stopping although he did kick the caffeine habit). I've been reading up on zyprexa & smoking and noted that zyprexa clearance is 40% higher in smokers vs. non smokers.
Avatar f tn I am living in a developing country, so being away from fatty american foods is part of it, but I didn't loose weight here until after I went off of the zyprexa. I notice that if I do take zyprexa (my doc said I could take a pill every once in a while if I started to feel manic) I start to get huge cravings (even after just one pill) and I am really lethargic, so to me this shows how much this med can affect you.
Avatar f tn Health care providers are so eager to give out that and other drugs in its class (i.e Zyprexa, Risperdal) for every sneeze and sniffle (metaphorically speaking of course). I am convinced that most doctors who perscribe these meds have no idea what they are doing. A few years back i was suffering from severe anxiety and a doctor put me on Luvox and Seroquel, two drugs which i found through researching after being on them, should not be taken at the same time.