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Avatar n tn give him Resperdal as aliquid 1 gm for one year and they change the amount to bills 2gm until before two days the doctors specify a new kind of medicene which is Zyprexa and we are wondering if there is a better medicene for autism with congenctal hypothyroidism and he is using: 1- Zyprexa 10 mg in two doses 5mg in morning & 5 mg before he sleeps 2- 150 mg of Thyroxine every day thank you
325405 tn?1262293778 1- Zyprexa 10 mg in two doses 5mg in morning & 5 mg before he sleeps 2- 150 mg of Thyroxine every day thank you
Avatar n tn What are your suggestions on disipline with this kind of childs behavior? He is taking Ritalin and Zyprexa. Zyprexa doesn't seem to be working. Been on it for three weeks now. Has to take Melatonin to go to sleep and that doesn't seem to be working now. Any comments greatly appreciated!
585414 tn?1288944902 I believe I am the first person to be prescribed Lacosomide (a recently FDA approved anti-convulsant) for tardive dyskinesia. The previous studies were tentative findings on rats. However, unlike the glycine which is still in Phase II FDA study, Lacosomide is FDA approved. However, this is the first day on it and my neurologist is a movement disorders specialist will have to do a final evaluation as well to determine if it works and how.
Avatar m tn Hi (sorry in advance for the long post), I am a twenty year old male in Las Vegas and have been struggling with mental health problems for my whole life, but only realizing my thoughts were abnormal for the past 2 ½ years. I was first diagnosed as a child with anxiety but we thought nothing of it.
Avatar f tn Yes she can take zyprexa which is a mood disorder for bipolar my son who is 10 takes it (Not for bipolar but for asperger's a form of autism) He has been takeing it for 2 years and no major meltdows since then. he takes a very small does. If you are that concerned you will just have to make her go. pick her up from school and don't tell her were she is going its better than letting this go on not treated.
Avatar m tn It really should be answered by a psychaitrist who has expertise working with individuals with autism. I wish you good luck in your search for an answer.
Avatar n tn exactly i agree with IL Asperger or autism in fact the former is a type of autism i have a friend who has Asperger and takes zyprexa and cipram and is stable for quite a long time but you need to speak with a psychiatrist 1st good luck
Avatar m tn Hi (sorry in advance for the long post), I am a twenty year old male in Las Vegas and have been struggling with mental health problems for my whole life, but only realizing my thoughts were abnormal for the past 2 ½ years. I was first diagnosed as a child with anxiety but we thought nothing of it.
574118 tn?1305138884 A friend of the family has asperger a category of autism he takes 20mg zyprexa (max dose) for 3 years now and is doing very well without changing the med. Whereas i was living on the min dose of AP's but i am getting more insane and increased my seroquel 4 times and losing control.
Avatar m tn The only thing I can think of that might have caused this was Seroquel. He took it at bed time for about two years. I am wondering if this is a plausible cause. He was also on Risperdal and Depakote and Trileptal and Terazadone and Lamictal, of course not all at the same time. I am sure I spelled all these meds wrong. We are having trouble finding any professional who will take an active interest in the urgency of our problem with both the aggression and the onset of these tic behaviors.
Avatar n tn Doing better on school work but still has major behavior problems/ I feel he shows all calling for conduct disorder but the three doctors he has seen want to call it Bipolar, typical teen stuff, or mood disorder.He is now taking also Zyprexa for match lighting and etching in his arm. He has two sister one also 13 and one 10. Its hard on the family. How do you handle it.
750716 tn?1263738243 Upon asking my pdoc whether I can change cipralex/lexapro into something weaker or its cousin celexa/cipram he said no matter what SSRI you will be using you will experience rapid cycling and mixed episodes unless under a strong MS. A friend of mine has autism i.e. not BP he is taking zyprexa+straterra+cipram but never fluctuating for 2 years , perhaps because not BP.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am mom of 20 yr old son. He has autism. In the last month He became very aggressive towards me and anyone else who may get in his path during an outburst, I am now terrified in my own home. He was taking Largactil 25mg and Nozinan 4% since 2003, he used to be very calm and nice. but when he has suffered last summer from some side effects, his psy decides to stop this treatment and gave him an anti-depressive Fluzoft 20 mg. so he became hyperactive.
222267 tn?1253305810 I take zyprexa and it is a life saver for me. You do gain weight but I have lost 46 pounds by eating 6 small meals a day. the weight gain is what kills you not the zyprexa. I intend to take for as long as it works for me.
589824 tn?1238800413 She has experienced extreme weight gain and that is making her more depressed. She was a heavy drug user for 5 or 6 years straight and that was one of the things the Dr. told her increased her disorder. Are there any meds out there that wont effect her weight gain and will help her feel better? I know a lot of those meds do cause weight gain, but are there any that wont as much? Thanks so much for hearing me out and any advice is greatly appreciated.
1930930 tn?1323217847 For instance zyprexa (an atypical AP) can be taken by BP pts, shizophrenic, and even for aspergers (a branch of autism) so no drug is particular to a certain mental illness. Contrary to lithium which is mainly for BP this is why many pdocs across the world returned to using it niowadays than before. Of course it\s toxic with many side effects antisuicidal, tremors, etc...etc... but they say very effective. I tried it one day with half a pill and i kept erring in the house for hours.
Avatar f tn My question to each now because of lately reactions to medications I have no unearthly idea what Bipolar Category I fall under. I have a few post on here, I was on Celexa for 8 years Ambilfy 8 years before that Welbutron, Zoloft and more. While on Celexa they added Ambien Klonopin I know Celexa is a SSRI drug, I read that without someone telling me You do not mix medications in the SSRI or other extra. I also read on the pdf from Celxa that it stated.
Avatar m tn Don't leave the house, don't shower for a week, stay in bed, eat, go back to bed, cry for no reason, wish to God I was dead, stockpiling pills to do it, depression. That is one way bipolar one and two are similar - the depressions are the same. These are just the real basics. I suggest go to sites like NAMI to learn more and moodgarden and here are good places to get support.
589824 tn?1238800413 They may all be relevant and a true diagnosis. But, for example, if your child has autism and you have NOT got him into structures and routines so that he can understand and anticipate his daily timetable and what is going to happen next etc, then when you try to get him to do anything eg. turn off the TV, get ready to go to the supermarket, put your toys away etc he will defy you and get into an angry temper tantrum about it. That is not ODD that is autism.
Avatar n tn Prozac, cloudidine, zyprexa,were also added to help him. But none of seems to work. He is so anxious without meds, i have tried to not give him any meds but he is so hyper. pls help!! What should i do?? I want him to do well in school and in life.
Avatar f tn military, civilian and VA have all told me the same thing (as well as all the research I've done on my own).....there is no med for PTSD. The meds they hand out for PTSD are only for associated symptoms. These meds your son has been put on are some heavy-duty stuff...not usually given to kids. I'd really be weary and get a 2nd opinion.
Avatar f tn The child did not have any signs of tics or movement in any part of the body or face before taking Concerta and Risperdal. The child was on concerta for two years and Rispirdal for just over a year. I thank you for any help you can offer. Ellie. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/297765'>Sudden, drastic loss of motor skills</a>.
Avatar n tn His principal eventually came and dragged him every morning, and on several occasions, he was injured by my son. This spread to daily life, for about a year and a half, I could not control him. He also would get "crazy"...singing, screaming, bouncing off the walls (literally). Then, it spontaneously stopped. During this time, the docs tried him on half a dozen drugs and diagnoses, including conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and -get this- the fact that we were poor.
1509528 tn?1290003591 Upon asking his father he said he is given max dose of zyprexa (AP) and celexa/cipram (AD) and straterra (AD) for concentration and he is stable for years now. He succeeds in exams and life is going on. Still this doesn't say your son is one. In my view as well as others, the 1st step is to reach the correct diagnosis then later how to move from there. So i would say you get another and a 3rd opinion until you settle down with a convincing one.
168348 tn?1379360675 hey sis they do make a big honkin pill for oyur hubby.Its called ZYPREXA !! LOLI will send you some if you like.
1683690 tn?1308356992 What you take both of you can be taken by any other psych illness for instance i know an asperger pt (branch of autism) who takes zyprexa and citalopram (cousin of escitalopram) a combo very suitable for BP or schizo...etc... it isn't like you take insulin thus you are diabetic. pdocs are not magicians. They don't know much and their drugs is trial and error. my modest advice for both of you, be patient with your depression. You will improve by time.
Avatar m tn I would like to know what others think. There has been psychiatric research for over 200 years and still there is no biological test. I'm not talking about a cure, just a simple test to confirm the diagnosis before treatment is started. I think this is because psychiatric disorders have nothing to do with medicine. To be a real disease there has to be a biological test or pathology.
598237 tn?1225647072 having a child with adhd / autism and a brother with the same. i am concerned that people want to medicate their children with ritalin etc. can anyone tell me why they need to do this - as i have never felt the need to.....
Avatar f tn LOL Hopefully he will fall for it. Thats cool you were in real estate/banking for 20 years. We seems to have alot in common.