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Avatar f tn and the WOSRT AM BREASTFEEDING and read in the information that PROZAC could be harmful for the baby (even my baby is 15 months now)!!! Did any woman took PROZAC 20 while breastfeeding? am afraid and at the same time don't want to stop breast feeding and feel more guilty about this!!!!! I still didn't take the medication and just came back from ER after they put me on fluid (glucose and electrolise) because 2 days I couldn't drink or eat ! :( waiting impatiently for your support...
Avatar n tn I live for my daughter and smile for her. I am the best mom you could imagine but secretly I am empty. I stopped breastfeeding recently so now I can take meds, but, does anyone know of any that really help? I can't be sedated and tired, and I don't want to gain weight or have my skin fall off either. I just need something to help control the mood swings and aggitation, not to mention the anxiety and racing thoughts.
Avatar n tn She's now on her 2nd pregnancy, and both times has taken a low dose of seroquel and zyprexa throughout her pregancies - both of which are class c medications with no proven harm to the baby. Also, my sis had her zyprexa doubles from 5mg to 10mg immediately post natal, which reduces the risk of a depression or psychosis. She has been fine, and managed to breast feed also, though she did have to take her meds at certain times, and express night feeds.
Avatar n tn I was told that from not getting any sleep and my hormones and not eating and breastfeeding draining me...that my body was so depleted (i lost so much weight and I am very small to begin with!). I was also told that I was clinically depressed and also sufferd sever anxiety. They put me on some meds, well those made me worse! Finally I ended up going into a hospital for 6 days because of my physical and mental condition. They put me on Wellbutrin XL 150 mg, Klonopin 2 mg., Remeron 30 mg.
Avatar f tn I am so fed up, I put on loads of weight with the depakote, since coming off it I have lost some of it and now they want me to go on zyprexa which is another one for gaining weight. If any of you know of one please let me know so I can discuss it with the psych next time I go.
Avatar f tn I didn't want to be away from my baby, you see, and I was breastfeeding her. (Couldn't do that anymore after they gave me Zyprexa - but I digress.) Anyway, Joel kept tabs on me my 3 day, $19,000 stay. The food was mediocre. The other patients? Batsh*t crazy. We had meth addicts, prostitutes, you name it - and I saw one patient sh*t on the floor in front of me at breakfast. It was not a healing environment, you see. So...I kept in touch sporadically with Joel after my release.
Avatar n tn i have been taking welbutrinxl 300mg now for about three weeks(was previously taking 150mg. i took zyprexa for like two months few years ago and i gained 70 lbs i noticed that when i take welbutrin i dont feel depressed. it works great. does welbutrin help with weight loss. i thought it made weight gain? im not sure if it causes weight loss or weight gain?
Avatar f tn Well i started gaing weight so i stopped taking it well about 3 months ago the anxiety came back BIG time, this time with horrible panic attacks. So now I,m on Zyprexa which i really don't like. I mean i feel better but all along i have felt it is the bc, thank you all who posted on here u have all confirmed what i have thought all along as i have never had ant feelings like this till the bc. I am on a really low dose but i still think the hormones are too much for me .
Avatar n tn Of course, I couldn't enjoy it since I was so blue and was actually trying to eat anything I could to have enough extra calories for breastfeeding. Anyway, now after 10 months of 10 mg of Lexapro a day, I've gained 28 pounds and counting!! I'm almost back to my 9-month pregancy weight. I've weaned off and now completely stopped Lexapro for 5 days. Yeah, I'm secretly hoping for the weight to drop off but I highly doubt that. What a huge drag!