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Avatar m tn As the tooth is at the back i could not see clearly, it seems like the hole of the extracted tooth need some time for the gum to grow a layer back Does it make me more susceptible to the hiv virus if i ingest blood accidently, should i take any precaution in my daily life when i am eating or drinking
Avatar f tn The reason for the antibiotics is because your dentist wants to pull the tooth! Wisdom teeth are HUGE and leave a big hole behind...(Mine even needed stitches..) An open hole in your gum is a direct path to your blood stream, and can even invite an infection into your heart...wisdom teeth normally get removed when they are threatening to become "impacted"...If your tooth isn't causing any problems, you may consider just getting the cavity filled... Are you currently on treatment?
1688168 tn?1348083915 swelling inflammation and pain
Avatar n tn My wisdom tooth hsa a large hole in it and it reently started turning black.i brush my teeth 3 times aday. I jsut recently got insurance to afford to ge it removed.I want to get it removed completely , what if the dentist feels otherwise. I do have the right to request it be removed right?
Avatar f tn i had a wisdom tooth pulled out last wensday and it still hurts i stuck a tooth pick in the hole and it felt like something is still in there... What should i do ? and is this normal to feel like theres still a piece of tooth in there? he spent almost an hr getting it out???
Avatar m tn Hi, I have very good teeth except one at the bottom right, next to my wisdom tooth (second molar?), which had a small filling up until I was 15 when the filling came out and through an irrational fear of the dentist I didn't have it looked at. I'm now 25 and although there's been no pain there's a gaping whole in the tooth and I'd like to have it looked at. I know the tooth's still alive. What are the options? If I have it removed will the gap be noticeable?
Avatar m tn I have a wisdom tooth that is completely under the gum. It feels like it has either broken or maybe turned sideways. It has been bleeding a tiny bit but not a lot, can this lead to an infection......serious illness?
Avatar n tn The surgery was not bad, they did peel my gums away, get the tooth, and reattach my gums. I also had a hole in the back. The os told me that he kept my tooth, as the nerve had worn grooves into the root of the tooth. Now, 10 weeks later, I am still in constant pain. I have tried all pain meds, and dioxapin. To no avail. Right now I am on nuerotin. And although it SEEMS to be better, there is still a burning on my lower right lip with extreme numbness.
Avatar f tn however on the other side my wisdom tooth is growing in there is somewhat of a hole in my gum and i can see and feel the tooth. what could the blood ball be? does it seem like something that can get worse? i dont have dental insurance at the moment and dont know how long before its too late to do something about whatever is going on.
Avatar n tn I extracted my wisdom tooth nearly 8 weeks ago. I was bearing with the healing process and was taking all the precautions I was told by the Dentist. But now for the past 1 week I am getting severe pain which travels to my ear. My cavity has healed. Visited my dentist and the xray shows a big whole. According to my dentist it is a dry socket. Is it possible to have dry socket even if the wound has healed. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/421645'>Dry socket....
Avatar f tn I am going to have a wisdom tooth extraction tomorrow. I am already 13 weeks pregnant, but I am still afraid , I would like to know if anybody else had this procedure before? The pain is horrible, so I have to take it out .
Avatar n tn Just under four years ago, I discovered that I had a wisdom tooth coming out (lower right side) it hurt a bit and did not emerge completely, unfortunately I was heading to Japan and didn't really have time to get it sorted out back home I thought I could get it done in Japan. But upon arriving in Japan, I discovered that while the thought of going to a dentist in your own country is scary enough, the prospect of going to one that doesn't speak a word of English is downright intimidating!
Avatar m tn I hope someone can help me. I had my bottom right wisdom tooth pulled over a YEAR ago and i had bad dry socket because im a smoker and didn't wait long enough to light up. I had gone back in and had the hole packed, but a couple weeks after, I had pieces of bone poking through the gum. I ended up pulling out 3 different pieces of bone and no more seemed to show up.
Avatar f tn Yesterday, I had the stitches removed and the doctor said that everything looked great. While checking my teeth, I noticed a small hole in the lower part where my wisdom tooth was. I'm not sure if the same goes for the upper part as it's hard to see. Is this normal or should I go get it stitched? How long until my gums go back to normal? I'm afraid that food would get in the hole and cause infection. Will I be able to eat on my right side? I rinse my teeth with salt and water daily.
Avatar n tn Not sure what the cause is for you but in the UK we get free dental care whilst pregnant because tooth problems or an infection can cause problems for the baby.TCP and salt water usually ease my wisdom tooth, it will help stop any infection too .
Avatar f tn I have extracted my bottom wisdom tooth (the last one) 12 days ago, and now, i could clearly see a dark hole on the site (after the stitches were removed). It's slightly painful. Is this normal? When will it recover? I also find difficulties in opening my jaw to the maximum. Plus some bad breath (which troubles me alot). Is this a normal symptom after wisdom tooth extraction? I brush my teeth twice a day, and frequently gargle with salt water and listerine.
Avatar m tn I had a coronectomy on my bottom left wisdom tooth 9 days ago. Surgeon said it was far too risky to remove the entire tooth. I'm 37 and the risk outweighed the benefits. He put me on Penicillin, and I've taken all of it as prescribed. However, I still am having pain and throbbing in the gum where the small hole is.
Avatar f tn I went to the Dentist on Tuesday and he pulled out my upper right wisdom tooth. He did not prescribe any antibiotics because he said there were no signs of infection. On Thursday, I woke up with tons of pain in my throat, ear and mouth on the right side. I called him and went back in to see him, and he claimed it was dry socket. He placed some sort of cream medication in the hole and cleaned it using salt water. Today, I woke up and the pain was still there.
Avatar n tn Hi. I had one upper wisdom tooth removed at my dentists office two days ago. It was fairly simple straight pull extraction he did in his office. I have no swelling, virtually no pain and am not on any painkillers whatsoever. My question is I want to enjoy a couple glasses of wine with my dinner but my dentist said not to drink any alcohol. I have read to wait several days as it could cause the blood clot to dissinegrate and i could get a dry socket.
Avatar n tn I had one lower Wisdom Tooth removed over a week ago. Just wanted to know when the pain will stop, as I am on continual pain killers ever since and experiencing sharp pain. Thanks, This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/295821'>Pain after wisdom teeth extraction</a>.
Avatar f tn Today i had surgery for extracting my wisdom tooth, that was in lying position. I started it at the dentists office but suddenly turned out she wasnt capable of doing this surgery as my whole face swelled and air entered inside my chick. I quickly went to the hospital and they helped me and extracted the tooth. In total it took 6 hours, that was horrible. Now everything is ok, but i still feel air under my chick, what would you reccomend?
Avatar n tn After a wisdom tooth extraction, what should you do if you've accidentally gotten a bit of food stuck in the hole? I've attempted to rinse with warm salt water, but it doesn't seem to help. If it's any help to know, I believe it's a bit of banana muffin. I'm five days out from the surgery, too. Also, is there any real danger in catching food other there? Will it cause dry socket or an infection? Thanks so much. I really appreciate it.