Why does my breast nipple itch

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Avatar n tn I went in on Monday to see my doctor and she was not concerned because my breast does not hurt very often and at the time it was not itchy. Today, it has been itchy and I have started to notice pain with certain movements. Should I be concerned? My doctor thought that it should "burst" within a few days. If it hasn't done so within 2 weeks should I go back to the doctor? My family on my father's side has a history of all forms of cancer so that is why I ask. Thank you.
Avatar n tn They never found anything that would cause that severe of an itch. My outer labia sometimes itch so friggin bad it makes me cry. It sometimes feels like a nerve thing though because sometimes it makes me jump. Does anyone else feel like it's a nerve thing?? I wanted to mention, that not too long ago, my husband was getting cortisone shots in his back, and one of the side affects is itching in his genitals and upper thighs.
Avatar f tn Certain breast rashes are specific to breast like inflammatory breast cancer, Paget’s disease of the breast, mammary duct ectasia, and mastitis. Since you have a strong family history and you went to the doctor before the rash started, then you must get it checked once. Other causes of rash on the breast can be psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, seborrhagic dermatitis, fungal infection, dryness, and eczema. All these can cause rash elsewhere in the body too. Please discuss this with your doctor.
Avatar n tn My problem is having sharp pains going thru my nipples, it feels like somebody is stabbing me from the inside of my breast to the end of my nipples. I feel like I am having a heart attack at times but it is also in my left breast.
Avatar f tn I have very tender (sensative) breast, they itch pretty often, no discharge from the nipple. I menstrual cycle varies, most times I get it once a month, sometimes I get is every 2 weeks. I have not children. I have asked and asked, anybody have any suggestions? Or any ideas of what I should be asking?
Avatar f tn Hi, My doctor think i have some kind of milk duct infection, so he prescribed me some greasy cream. I am using it dosnt feel any different. Itch comes and goes, half of my nipple is swolen. .. Here i am waiting for get the mammogram done, scared ;( And here ill go.
Avatar n tn I also was experiencing the foul odor under my breast. I googled " breast odor " and found my remedy. It might not be for everyone but, it's worth a try. It's a powder called Zeasorb-AF. It's for other conditions other than breast odor but it has surely worked for me. I wear a 48D bra, need I say more? No matter how clean you are and how often you change your bra, the odor is always there. I use the powder twice daily, in the morning and before bed time.
Avatar f tn ) Now being two weeks later I am now experiencing weird things and im scared and confused. Like I said breast cancer does run in my family. On both sides. The most recent was my grandma she was diagnosed in her early 50s. Now I don't want to think the worst and go towards breast cancer. But I just don't know what is wrong with me. The symptoms I am now experiencing in order from after the ultrasound is: I have pain on my rib that is below the right side, and this hurts when being touched too!
Avatar n tn I have recently experienced pain underneath my arm that radiates to my left breast to my nipple. These pains can be sharp at times. Do you suggest that I use a warm compress to help with the pain? It is also very sensitive to touch the skin. Have you heard of these types of problems occurring years later from this surgery?
Avatar f tn Here's the story since Jan 2006 I have been having a recurring breast infection? in my right breast. I had a lumpectomy b/c I also had a lump and a duct removed that was infected. Not cancer but the tissue around the duct was "abnormal" but again it was not cancerous either. I have taken antibotics and nothing will get rid of it. I was told at 15 I had fibro. change. I am use to sore and tender breast but since this all started it has been unbearable at times.
Avatar n tn He examined the lump with his hands and said it was nothing to worry about in a person my age. He said that breast cancer in people my age 'just doesn't happen'. I went to another doctor who said the same thing. They didn't order scans. I'm still worried about it all and it's stopping me from living my life the way I want. Should I try for a 3rd opinion? Or just demand scans and biopsy to be done? Or should I forget about it? Any advice would be helpful.
Avatar f tn My wife also had small accessory nipple-like lesions at bilateral anterior axillary fold, but I am not sure whether it is axillary breast tissue. However, my wife goes swimming as if nothing there. I wont suggest my wife to do any surgery just for cosmetic or psychological reasons. Freckleston, if I were u, I wont complain to the medical board.
Avatar n tn I never had my nipples pierced or had any children to breast feed. Does anyone know what the problem could be.
213739 tn?1215489609 I have a crazy question though..My little guy is 9 weeks old and the upper inside of my left breast (not near my nipple) has been very itchy since he was about a week old (I'm exclusively breastfeeding). It itches to the point of bleeding. I put aquafor on it and hydrocortisone cream and it cleared up for about a week and now it's back. The skin is almost scaley there and has a different texture. I'm kinda nervous about it- anyone had this happen or should I go to the doc.?
Avatar n tn I have a large lump on my rib that is right below my left breast. It is not in my breast but below my breast.I had a tumor removed a year ago in my right breast, which was benign, but this is strange. It is very large and very distinctive. Can you have a tumor on your rib and not in your breast that might be Breast cancer and what do you think it can be. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger.
442270 tn?1208029921 I have the red eczema looking rash next to my nipple, Skin mets (at least i think I have them), burning, stinging and stabbing like pains in my breast which feels like the pain is trying to shoot from my breast and out my nipple very painful and can not stand for them to be touched or anything up against my breast, itching (my skin does not itch it is the inside of my breast that itches and the inside of my nipple), and feels warm or hot to touch.
Avatar n tn i shaved once in a while but now i have more hair all over my body than i have time to deal with. i have hairs on my breast, between my breast, stomach, sides of face, under my chin, arms, legs, fingers toes and my back. the hair isnt that thick but its still embarrasing. shaving takes too long and waxing myself doesnt always worktoo well for me. i dont like guys kissing me bcuz i dnt want them too close to my face.
Avatar n tn Yes I am India, I m in a really in a mess.... My food does not digest.... I am feeling full of fever I my Stomach aches It's full of Gas I itch a lot Morning when I go to loo, My **** is tight and black Afternoon when I go .. I can see my some parts of the vegetables what i ate I feel weak.... My knees pain sometimes... Only I could sleep at night properly...I begged my GF ... to test...She said she will by 23rd of this month...( My doubt is if she test negative for HIV 1 & 2)...
Avatar m tn Hi, First of all I don't think you have cancer. If your nipple has been this way for that long and sometimes changes to ordinary position,I don't think that you should worry about it.However, if the nipple becomes inverted and you have other symptoms, like a rash, redness, itch or swelling, have this evaluated further to rule out any underlying cause.From the photo, I don't see that you have an inverted nipple,but just slightly flat.This could be due to hormonal changes.
4654179 tn?1382646814 She told me to latch my boy to the shield and remove it after 5 minutes and try to latch him to the breast. It took a week but he learned to latch to the breast and bye bye went the pump.
6692462 tn?1409261470 My fiancé is obsessed with my boobs and jokes that he gonna try my breast milk straight from the source.... Would you let your significant other try it? And if not why?
Avatar f tn thinking i was allergic to something like that. Also, it's alot worse in my left breast. My right breast seems hardly affected at all. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Now in the middle of the radiation I have sharp pain in my breast and also itch under my nipple. My radiation oncologist says I should take some Advil and go with the rest of radiation. I can go see my surgeon but I know what she would say. She would tell me to wait. What do you think? Just to let you know I have done the genetic test it was negative. And I am ER and PR negative as well. I really appreciate your comments and opinion.
Avatar n tn For 4 days now my left breast has been itchy from under my arm to surrounding my nipple. On saturday I noticed it was itchy but thought nothing of it. By sunday morning when I had been woken up a few times during the night and it was still there 24 hrs later I became concerned. There is nothing visibly wrong with the outside of my breast (no redness, change in skin texture, bumps, lumps).
Avatar n tn but i have watched it befor myself go from darker purple to pink in less then a min to as long as 5 mins, i am getting an ultra sound done hopefully next week on breast because after a few months of ignoring my purple nipple i have pain in my opposit breast towards the top and i am being checked for cancer and also for the reason my one nipple will do that ill let you know what they tell me next week
Avatar f tn I am planning to have my doctor check my hormone levels (TSH, FSH, and my LH) to see if maybe I am starting my perimenopause phase. I think the itching may be secondary to hormonal changes. I had a hysterectomy over 18 yrs ago, I just had my annual Mamm, and I do not take any medications. I do take a vitamin periodically and I've recently started trying to take them daily (for the calcium benefit and I notice I have more energy when I do).
Avatar n tn Left breast and nipple itch constantly. I have had two breast biopsies (benign) performed in the same breast, different locations, previously. Previously, doctors have always commented about "nothing discrete, but we better check it out", but this time she could feel it right away. Thought at first it was a rib, but definitely not. I recognize you cannot say much until the tests are done, but just looking for someone to say "something".
Avatar n tn Ive had gas and have had a bubbly stomach for a week or so now. My nipple are sore but my breast arent and thats just my right nipple.Ive have white discharge thats dry and not accompanied by an odor or itch. I don't know what to think if I should try another pregnancy test.
Avatar n tn I am a light skin, blonde haired gal and I burn to a crisp in the sun until I get a base tan which is why I am worried I will do the same with radiation. How does radiation cause something to happen to your nipple??? Never heard of that yet.
Avatar f tn Okay ladies, I need your help, advice, and thoughts. During my "nightly inspection" before my bathtime I noticed a nickel size red bump/knot on my breast. It is tender to the touch, and looks like maybe a boil? I have battled a horrible rash under them the entire pregnancy and have kept corn starch/powder and desitin on to help. This bump wasn't there the night before (it is not where the rash has been, it's right under the nipple).