Why does my breast nipple itch

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Avatar f tn What brand of baby lotion or does the brand now matter? When I don't wear a bra and my breast touches the shirt/sweater it stings. Is that normal???
Avatar n tn I have had an itch under the skin on my right breast for weeks now, it would be almost to the centre of my chest but is on my breast. There is very little visable marks and i feel no lumps just an intense itch under the skin on one particular patch. Any ideas what this could be a sign of? My sister has breast cancer in her right breast but she had no symptoms.
Avatar f tn since 2 yrs or so this has been happening. my left nipple starts to itch suddenly.Both my breasts are hard. they have pigments around the nipples! Im worried! wat can the cause br. n what is the remidie?
559550 tn?1266519939 No sign of recurrence. But in the past 2 weeks or more I have experience itch in the right nipple (the same breast that I had the tumor). I've read about the Paget's disease. It is possible that I have a recurrance since my Pet Scan came out clear?
Avatar f tn t till i ll find out what is going on, but I cant be relaxed, its been going on for a while, and now my breast is sore to on and off, itchy nipple on and off ,i feel some discomfort light pain in my under arm etc... Arghhh Everything is take so long...
4654179 tn?1595183520 @tomorrow264 They do itch some especially after pumping. @baby2014 I have tried but he's just so fussy that we always give in and give him the bottle. I figured why go through the trouble if in a couple of weeks I'll be going back to work and he'll be bottle fed anyway.
Avatar f tn I have had 5 and 1 is about to drain by itself...I do have a question...if I touch my breast I can feel the nodes..and I know that they will all become abcesses at some point... I can feel like 4 nodes left in my breast, that means I will have 4 new abcsesses in the near future...usually they become abcsesses during my period...do you have the same? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I also feel something like a tingling in my breast, similar to the letdown feeling when I was breastfeeding my daughter. I have not breastfed for over a year now. Any ideas on what could be causing this?
Avatar f tn It is the kind of symptom that varies for everyone some women get it right away some never do for some it's constant and others it comes and goes. My breast don't hurt but some days my nipples do just randomly and sometimes they itch. It just despends on your body. I suggest nipple butter, found with nursing stuff, for dry/itchy/sensitive nipples and light massaging for sensitive breast.
Avatar n tn I have a very large red spot on the top of my left breast with a red line going around the nipple part. The red spot is about 3 to 4 inches in diameter. It does not hurt or itch and has no bumps. It is very smooth. It looks burised and blood red. It has continued to grow over the last two days. There is a knot on the outside of the spot toward the nipple. It happened overnight and it is really beginning to concern me.
Avatar f tn Everyone told me that my boobs would hurt and itch but honestly the actual boob doesn't. Its just the nipples that are insanely itchy! It gets so bad! Is there anything that could help?
Avatar m tn Hello. I have had a thick white nipple discharge coming from my left breast on and off for approximately one year along with itching, deep breast pain, and a light colored nipple rash. It generally comes out only when squeezed, although sometimes I will notice a tiny bit on my nipple without expressing it. Four years ago after I gave birth I had a terrible case of thrush and that breast pain was the same as what I am feeling now, only I am no longer nursing.
Avatar f tn Yes!!! That was my first symptom! My nipples and sometimes whole breast still itch too!(13weeks).. they are going :) Use some cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks and also help control itching too!! Or and lotion for dry skin will work too!
Avatar f tn Oh wow if that happens itll be my first time leaking
Avatar m tn but i dont have the spot things on my actual breasts, on the bit where your breast joins the rest of your body at the bottom i have a few there and i have some on the actual nipple.
Avatar f tn My breast are really itchy now I am 5 weeks and 3 days is this normal? When I scratch my nipple it feels so much better. Lol I know a lot of information ,But is it?
Avatar f tn I have a red small patch by the edge of my nipple on my areola. It has tiny bumps but doesn't match the rest of the glands on either brest.its oily. It does itch and the nipple sheds skin very little. My other one sheds skin a little and is less itchy.my doc did a test for bumps said not to worry. Could it be Paget's? Because this doc ended up missing something and I don't want to put my full trust in previous tests she done? HELP!!!!
Avatar f tn I am a 27 year old female. i have been experiencing a sharp pain inside my right breast for a couple of days. it is especially "active" with movement and stretching of the breast. It feels like a "crunch" I can hear and feel. This feels like my nipple is attached somehow inside and is being torn away from its attachment with the movement. There are also a couple of bumps present in the area which are raised but with indented centers.
Avatar f tn I'm unsure why but I have yellow stains in my bra. At one time I did notice a milky discharge and my regular dr. ordered a mammo. It showed nothing. Recently my GYN said not to have another one for several years. I'm thinking of calling him and asking why these stains are showing up. Does anyone know why or what causes this? It scares me because one site did say that a yellow discharge is a sign of breast cancer. My grandmother had it when I was very young.
Avatar n tn I have what I think is a skin rash on the top of my right breast, it has since spread to other spots on my breast as well. It started out as just red, it didnt itch, and now its turning a kind of purplish color with small reddish spots and they are somewhat raised. Could this be from a bite of some kind and can anyone help to as what it is?
Avatar m tn a little. I noticed a couple days later that my left nipple started to peel as well.. but it hasnt since. My right nipple seems to be red in color than my left. Maybe because I'm paranoid about it too much that I itch it? It started to get a little itchy these past couple days, but i may be psyching myself out. As for having rashes on the nipple/crusting/thickening skin, how would I know if there was a rash or ezcema on it? My nipple is red. Red where that cracked piece of skin fell of....
Avatar f tn about4months into my pregnancy i started to get a few spots of i think it was eczema on my legs and arms.but my left breast started itching as well i have an inflamed erea just above my nipple but it's like that spot isn't itchy it's around my breast.it's inside that feels ithcy or when i squeeze my nipple it stops.my doctor gave me some advantan cream which stops the itch for a few days but comes back again. the cream does the same to the aczema on the rest of my body.I.
507875 tn?1423160261 I wont say burning, but a sore tingling sensation, hard to explain but it hurts, my areola area itches but not the nipple. and my breast are very dry, not matter what i put on them it does not last long. Im still trying to debate if i wont to give up my nipple rings since im going to breast feed, still undecided. This time around the veins came late in the pregnancy for me, my last pregancy when i had the m/c, my veins in the breast were very profound and 6 weeks.