Breast pain through nipple

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Avatar f tn In April of 2015 I got both my nipples Pierced, then on June 27 I was elbowed really hard on my right boob. Ever since I have been experiencing sharp throbbing pain. The pain will come every hour and then throb every second for that hour. When I push down on that nipple it feels like there's a knife going through it. But when I push down on my left nipple it is a normal pain. Please help I am extremely worried.
1461017 tn?1285812782 I am 42 yr women I am experiencing pain on both my breast the right more than the left. On the left breast I have black fluid coming out and on the left gray to dark brown. I have no insurance. Should I go to the ER. In 2005 I had a partial Hysterectomy. I really don't know what to do..
Avatar f tn 15 weeks and I have the worst nipple pain!!! They are so sensitive and R hard as rocks! I really want to Breast feed but without it being sucked on it hurts like hell already! Lol. I can't imagine Breast feeding and having twice the pain! Anyone else going through this?
Avatar f tn I have congestive heart failure, and in March of this year i received a defibrillator. For the last 3 weeks i have been having pain in my left nipple as well as it staying hard. The pain goes all through my left breast. Please help..
Avatar m tn However, since past one week, she is feeling little to moderate pain at one of her nipple while feeding the baby. However, if she does not feed the baby using that nipple, that breast gets heavier & the milk drops sometimes. There does not seem to be any swelling or infection in that nipple. Also, the other nipple does not exhibit any such issue. Is this matter worrisome ? Is there any homely measure she can take for this ?
Avatar f tn m 10 weeks and my boobs are so sore and on top of that I have a shooting pain going right through my nipple. To help ease this I sleep with a sports bra on it might help you a little.
Avatar n tn I don't think the wait will make any difference except for your discomfort. This could be something involving the milk ducts or the Mongomeries glands since it is causing you pain. Pain is rarely associated with Breast Cancer. I don't know how long you intend to wait to see a Dr. but for your own comfort and peace of mind I would do so as soon as possible. It wouldn't matter whether you see your GYN or your Primary Care Physician. Regards ....
Avatar f tn I had read a report that HIV will spread through breast milk. My question is that if a male drinks female's breast milk a little, is there any risk of HIV transmission?. I had drunk one drop of breast milk from one girl 10 months before. I ended up spitting most of it out and I cleaned mouth by Detol. Also I didn't have sex with her. That was the first time that I tried to have sex with a girl but didn't had it. Before and after this incident, I haven't had sex with any one.
Avatar f tn For the past week my right nipple has been extremely sore. If I barely touch it I feel like I'm pinching it. I was thinking maybe since I been leaking a lot more it could be that? I don't know. It just hurts really bad. It hurts a lot when it gets cold. Anybody else been through this ?
Avatar f tn Support her body with your left arm and hold her head with your left hand to latch her on to your right breast. You have total control of her head. With your right hand move breast and brush your nipple off her lips. This should stimulate her to make a big wide mouth and when she does push her head in so she takes a big mouthful of nipple and breast. It takes practice! Keep doing it until you get it right.
Avatar n tn Unlikey and even if it were a scab or piece of flesh (??) it would not change my opinion. Nothing to worry about.
Avatar n tn I have had a stingy burning like pain under the nipple around the areola for quite some time. This week I developed a very sharp stinging pain that feels deep inside the left breast. I examined and found that there is a bruising type of sign under the nipple and an indentation. The stinging is very localized and very painful. My left breast is much larger than the right, always has been and when I am sitting at a table, the breast pushing against it, I can feel a aching there.
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. My nipples have sore but lately I've been having sharp pain shoot through my right breast. It's like it start at the nipple and goes to the top and under my breast. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I am having nipple pain, it feels like a pinching on the tip
Avatar f tn I know breast soreness and tenderness is normal, but ive been getting really bad pain, not soreness. Its a pain the starts in the nipple and then comes out to the outside of my breast sort of in a circle form. Im just wondering if its normal to feel pain, such as this one. Feela like im getting cut open and someone is pouring limon on it. Have any of you experienced something like this?
Avatar f tn I'm a 40 yr old female. I had a mammogram two weeks ago as a baseline and turning the big 40. It came back negative for malignancies., but said I had dense breast which can hide small abnormalities. My dr and the radiologist says starting now to have one every year. I have occasional pain in my right breast that comes and goes. Not sure if it's realated to periods. My dr said if he keeps up call her in 2 months. Im having it now, my period is due in 1-2 weeks.
Avatar m tn So I have a pain in my left breast, localized to the nipple. It is very tender. It also leaks a clear sticky fluid. The fluid drainage has been getting worse. Although it will only leak it I squeeze my nipple. I went to the doctor and he said I have gynecomastia, but then I went back with the same pain and he decided to give me a blood test. I have pain frequently throughout the day with my nipple. Does anyone have any ideas on what this could be?
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. My nipples have sore but lately I've been having sharp pain shoot through my right breast. It's like it start at the nipple and goes to the top and under my breast. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn I was wondering if having breast pain is normal they have been hurting for a month now and there are a few bumps on the outside of my nipple that have never been there before up until a month ago. it runs in both sides of my family to have breast cancer what should I do?
Avatar f tn i feel it since im 14 yrs old and when my nephew punch me on my left breast and i think the pain become worse until now...pls answer this i need an answer...
Avatar n tn I am concerned as i am having pain on my right breast nipple. everything else seems ok. just the nipple is bit erected and is painful when touched. there is swollen or red marks. can you please help me know why is it happening and what should be done. I am 17 year old teen. please let me know asap.
Avatar f tn Never in the 14 years have I ever had sick pain like I do now in the past year. 2 weeks before my period both of my breast swell up and get dark blue rings around the nipples. They hurt so bad that I can't sleep and it even hurts into my armpits. Not sure what it could be. I haven't been on birth control.fir 6 or 7 years now and need some insight!
Avatar f tn It has been 4 months and I still have the discharge but now have a constant stabbing/stinging pain (like a hot needle poked into my nipple) with stinging radiating through the entire breast and into my armpit). I have a sensation my breast is "full" like when breast feeding. No skin or shape changes of the breast. It is not hot or red. I had papillary thyroid cancer 3 years ago and was told for years "not to worry", then found cancer. Should I push for a biopsy?