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Avatar n tn I have a pain under my left armpit and shoulder when used , i also have slight breast pain in the left breast and my nipple is somewhat tender, i have had a hysterrectomy .
Avatar n tn When I touch it, the pain is like a bruise type of pain. Also my left nipple is like slightly bigger then my right one. I'm scared it is breast cancer. I am a male, but males DO get breast cancer right?
Avatar f tn I'm a 40 yr old female. I had a mammogram two weeks ago as a baseline and turning the big 40. It came back negative for malignancies., but said I had dense breast which can hide small abnormalities. My dr and the radiologist says starting now to have one every year. I have occasional pain in my right breast that comes and goes. Not sure if it's realated to periods. My dr said if he keeps up call her in 2 months. Im having it now, my period is due in 1-2 weeks.
Avatar f tn i feel it since im 14 yrs old and when my nephew punch me on my left breast and i think the pain become worse until now...pls answer this i need an answer...
Avatar f tn I will have a mamo done asap to determine my breast pain and under armpit pain, shoulder and arm pain after aspiration 3 months back.My rib cage under my left arm near my breast is painful. Its very scary.
Avatar n tn hi! i have a lump on my right breast under my nipple and its painful.. its like an oval worried about this i found the lump 10days ago...3 days before my nipple discharge, no skin changes..just the size of my right breast..
Avatar f tn Hi, Milk ducts can become blocked and inflamed that could result in a condition called mammary duct ectasia, and a breast lump can appear under the nipple. Even though it's normal to be concerned about a breast lump under the nipple, this condition is not a sign of breast cancer, and doesn't increase your risk of breast cancer. Hormonal changes in the body, can cause mammary duct ectasia, as well as nicotine from smoking, which causes your milk ducts to widen and become inflamed.
Avatar n tn t hurt but they have not gone away and they are now on my nipple also.I have pain under my right arm pit what could it be?
Avatar f tn What can help with breast pain? I'm having really bad breast pain in one of my breast and it is leaking.
Avatar m tn For the past 3 days I have had swollen glands under both nipples, the left is worse then the right. On top of that I can feel pain in my gland under my left arm periodical, it is swollen as well and painful to touch. a week before these glands started hurting I had my right side gland behind my cheek bone just before my ear swell and hurt. I think this is the saliva gland, as I would east salty or sour foods it would hurt worse.
Avatar n tn After givingbirth in Feburary I notice some brown spots under my breast, they went away but they have appear again in higer quantity under both breast. i am really concerned about this, can say what it maybe? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Brown spots on breast</a>.
Avatar n tn I have had a stingy burning like pain under the nipple around the areola for quite some time. This week I developed a very sharp stinging pain that feels deep inside the left breast. I examined and found that there is a bruising type of sign under the nipple and an indentation. The stinging is very localized and very painful. My left breast is much larger than the right, always has been and when I am sitting at a table, the breast pushing against it, I can feel a aching there.
Avatar f tn You simply bumped your nipple too hard on the floor resulting in injury to delicate blood vessels causing bleeding under the skin,pain and maybe a little lump under the nipple.This would happen on any other part of your body if it were injured. Apply cold compresses and see how it goes.Your mom is wise to take you to a doctor for an exam so you can be assured that there is nothing serious there.Okay? Take care ..
1461017 tn?1285812782 I am 42 yr women I am experiencing pain on both my breast the right more than the left. On the left breast I have black fluid coming out and on the left gray to dark brown. I have no insurance. Should I go to the ER. In 2005 I had a partial Hysterectomy. I really don't know what to do..
494669 tn?1275362475 The most common sign of breast cancer is a lump or thickening in the breast. Other potential signs of breast cancer include: a spontaneous clear or bloody discharge from the nipple, retraction or indentation of your nipple, a change in the size or contours of the breast, flattening or indentation of the skin over the breast or redness or pitting of the skin over your breast.
Avatar f tn This is quite weird..I have a nodule (not big) half under my nipple and half out..I think it will be an abscess soon..have you ever had that? I wonder how it will drain by itself....I mean on what part of the skin.... Thanks!
Avatar m tn Breast nipple was fine up until yesterday the left breast nipple hurt. I looked and I squeezed some white thick discharge which has been coming out when I squeezed it for years Then I squeezed a little harder and I heard a pop like I had popped a pimple then thinner discharge followed by a tiny bit of bloody pus type. Today I squeezed it and more of a white pus stuff came out and it's still sore. This nipple since I gave birth has always had the thick white discharge when I would squeeze it.
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. My nipples have sore but lately I've been having sharp pain shoot through my right breast. It's like it start at the nipple and goes to the top and under my breast. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn Hi I ve had a lump under my right nipple for about a year i went to the hospital to get medical advice and the doctor told me that it was prolly nothing and that it was prolly just a hormone imbalance, but i am not convinced of that because it actually its very sore to touch and causes me pain all day at work every since a year ago and it leaks a clear fluid that doesnt look like normal breast milk that would be produced if i did have a hormonal imbalance i also leak fluid (slightly through the
Avatar n tn Symptoms of male breast cancer include lumps, changes to the nipple or breast skin - redness or scaling, skin dimpling or puckering, or nipple discharge. What you need to do is get a clinical breast examination done by a physician. If he notices something amiss he will suggest a mammogram and USG. It would then be possible on the basis of these reports to decide whether a core needle biopsy or a surgical excision biopsy would be the preferred option in your case.
Avatar m tn Are there other symptoms present like nipple discharge, dimpling of the skin, or changes in the size, shape, or feel of the breast or nipple? While hormone changes during menstruation may cause breast pain or tenderness, I recommend that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. I know it can be terrifying and overwhelming experience consulting a doctor, but your complete medical history, direct clinical evaluation and breast examination are important for proper diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Nipple Discharge Nipple discharge, fluid coming from the nipple(s), is the third most common breast complaint for which women seek medical attention, after lumps and breast pain. The majority of nipple discharges are associated with non-cancerous changes in the breast such as hormonal imbalances or papillomas (see section below on intraductal papilloma for more information).