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2051102 tn?1330321233 I will be doing this for 6 months. Why is this medication prescribed? Medroxyprogesterone is used to treat abnormal menstruation (periods) or irregular vaginal bleeding. Medroxyprogesterone is also used to bring on a normal menstrual cycle in women who menstruated normally in the past but have not menstruated for at least 6 months and who are not pregnant or undergoing menopause (change of life).
Avatar n tn Now, in April I have been since April 13 bleeding from spotting to light and was put on Medroxyprogesterone April 30 - May 9th today is the 12th and I am bleeding heavy .. I was told to start the Lysteda I originally and preferred to take . Why didnt my period stop ? I thought that was the whole thing with Medroxyprogesterone. Now I have to have a biopsy and blood work . What if it doesnt stop will this medicine be used again ?
Avatar f tn Hello, I am taking Medroxyprogesterone also. I took it for 10 days and 3-4 days later spotting occured, then 2 days after AF arrived. The way I took it was before I went to bed. I've heard it has some bad effects, which was the case the first round. I did see my doctor during the first round of taking (for other reasons) and casually said that "yesterday was the last day" and she had mentioned that AF would come within 10 days.
873692 tn?1337279333 It is a birth control and is not intended for use in early pregnancy. Another name for this drug is Provera (popular birth control). It is a category X drug in pregnancy, meaning it can cause permanent damage to a developing embryo. I don't know how long it can stay in your system so that is probably why you cannot take it in early pregnancy. Next, call the pharmacy and speak with a pharmacist. Let a professional explain to you why you should not be taking this drug while pregnant.
194374 tn?1214480294 Uhm all I gotta say is WTF!! I did my own research and found out that it is used as a contraceptive at higher doses. It is also known as provera or the DEPO SHOT for Birth control. Here's what I found from different sites. http://www.health-science.com/provera.html http://www.virtualcancercentre.com/drugs.asp?drugid=2182&type= http://www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic/medrox_ad.htm http://www.medicinenet.com/medroxyprogesterone/article.
Avatar f tn I wanted to know what, if anything, is working for you. What medications, what dosages, etc.? I'm taking Spironolactone twice a day and it's not doing anything. I used to take Matformin but it makes me feel sick. Either with flu symptoms or horrible stomach problems. And I can't take birth control because it makes my breasts even more uneven, which is due to another health problem I've been blessed with. I'm hoping there has to be something out there...
Avatar n tn I was taken off Bellergal and put on Medroxyprogesterone 10mg.My question is I have terrible hot flashes.I'm on Tamoxifen and Had a hysterectomy.How do I know 10mg is enough.I had the same trouble with Hormal replacement. It took another doc. to recommend a high doseage that help a lot. I can't have estrogen.Is 10mg enough...And if it's upgraged what are the mg's..thankyou..
Avatar n tn //brevets-patents.ic.gc.ca/opic-cipo/cpd/eng/search/advanced.html What they have done is apply for patents, which is different from actually having a patent issued. Provisional patent application 60/636391 is dated (priority date) 14 Dec 2004 and 60/668739 is dated 5 April 2005, Applicant: MOTION INVESTMENT Ltd, PCT/IL/2005/001345(I used Canada PTO).
Avatar f tn ok so i had a DNC done 7 weeks ago. the baby was dead and i hadn't had a miscarriage yet so they had to go in and take it out. well its been 7 weeks like i said and on the 19 of last month i went in to the ER because i was bleeding quite a bit and they put me on 10mg of Medroxyprogesterone or a more common name, provera.
Avatar n tn I am told it is from something wrong with the sinus node. For some to tell you this is what you have and then blame stress is contradicting. It is an "appropriate" response with stress. It is "inappropriate" when there isn't any apparent reason for it to occur. My cardiologist told me exercise is still very beneficial even with the beta blocker hindering your heart rate. By the way I am 43 and not menopausal.
Avatar n tn quizes that I've found have all said that they are 99% sure that I am pregnant, but with negative pregnancy test results still...is that even possible? What are the chances of being 9 weeks along and still getting a negative on home pregnancy tests? Would the Depo Lupron have an affect on the level of hormones produced in my body or the test results?
Avatar f tn ( sigh!! Is anybody here took pills so af would show up? if so, what are your stories, please share.. maybe this is a useless post, forgive me ladies... Thank you so much for all your help..
Avatar f tn PROVERA IS NOT A BIRTH CONTROL Provera is used to treat abnormal menstruation (periods) or irregular vaginal bleeding. Medroxyprogesterone is also used to bring on a normal menstrual cycle in women who menstruated normally in the past but have not menstruated for at least 6 months and who are not pregnant or undergoing menopause (change of life).
Avatar m tn My doctor prescribed Medroxyprogesterone 10mg for 10 days I didn't take it the first 2 days, because i was concerned after reading more about it. my husband and I are trying to conceive. I had my Mirena IUD taken out and 4 days after i started my period, it is now 10 days later and i'm still on my period! so my doc prescribed this medication to me from what i gathered it is to stop the bleeding. will this make me ovulate after i have finished taking it?
Avatar n tn It is suggested that the risks for CHD and breast cancer be weighed for each individual patient when this combination is used for its approved indications. Patients alarmed by the media reports should discuss this with their healthcare provider, and should not discontinue therapy on their own. Data collection is still underway and additional or adjusted information from the completed study may be forthcoming.
Avatar f tn Medroxyprogesterone is used to treat abnormal uterine bleeding, promote menstrual cycles, and to treat symptoms of the menopause. It also is used for treating the pain of endometriosis. So basically, in a nut shell, it will make me start AF (promotes menstrual cycles) and it will help with my endometriosis. I'm on cycle day 24 and in about a week or so I'll be back at cycle day 1, lol. I will start taking clomid on CD 3. Clomid: is to stimulate or induce O or production of an egg.
Avatar f tn What i hope is for someone to help me figure out what is wrong with me because i am troubled and angry with myself and my own body and i don't know what to do. Please help, anyone.
Avatar f tn He took a sample of the uterine lining, told me not to panic and wait for the results to see if it showed polyps. I have a few questions 1) what could the uterine tissue samples show and what does it mean to have enlarged uterus and lining 2)Is it premature to discuss hysterectomy already? (I am 33, done having kids) 3) I would really prefer not to be on the pill, my husband had a vasectomy so that I wouldn't have to deal with side effects I have had in past from birth control.
Avatar f tn should I worry about it, and wait till I loose ureter perhaps one of my kidney because my condition was ignored?...............please dr...make a time for a second to respond it....what you think about it.I still have pain in right pelvic area when I walk a lift........I don't have any infection I had some test done,pap smears...all negative..............
Avatar n tn ) the term sex addiction is not used, nor is it a disorder that is universally recognized and accepted. Nevertheless, the phenomenon of a person whose entire life revolves around sex-seeking behavior and activities, who spends an excessive amount of time in such behavior, and who often tries to stop such behavior but is unable to do so is well known to clinicians.
Avatar f tn SWEETY THAT IS BECAUSE PROVERA IS USED TO GET YOU TO START BLEEDING NOT STOP. PROVERA IS USED FOR TREATMENT OF AMENORRHEA Amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual bleeding and may be primary or secondary. •Primary amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual bleeding and secondary sexual characteristics (for example, breast development and pubic hair) in a girl by age 14 years or the absence of menstrual bleeding with normal development of secondary sexual characteristics in a girl by age 16 years.
170623 tn?1242667663 I had bloodwork done yesterday on my progesterone levels and they were a 10.3, which I heard was great. But what is great when it comes to testing progesterone levels...? Does it mean I have a good chance to conceive. Is there a way to know if I conceived without testing? I want this so bad, I am almost worried that I am psychicing myself out with the symptoms. I have had 3 miscarriages in the past so I am trying not to feel the same things I did for those. Any advise would REALLY help.
Avatar n tn I do not mean to scare you, but I think it is important to note, that there is a reason that they stopped using medroxyprogesterone as a pregnancy test... one because there are faster ways, now... and secondly, because it can cause birth defects when taken early in pregnancy (specifically to the genital area). Given how little time you have been taking it, though, I would say that risk is very minimal, even if you are pregnant.
Avatar n tn Sometimes it is difficult to tell what type of cyst you have by ultrasound or other imaging technique. However, if it is truly a dermoid, I do not think it will go away on its own. Does the ultrasound report indicate classic dermoid traits - hair, skin, teeth, etc.? It is best to have just the cyst removed versus the whole ovary. The ovaries are essential our whole lives producing hormones into a woman's 80's.
1611503 tn?1325485790 That's the generic for Provera. What it does is induces a period in a woman who is anovulatory and not getting her period, which you already know. I was on this medicine for a few months to help try to get my cycle restarted correctly. It didn't help me. All it did was induce my period and then I would go another month an a half without ovulating before I'd call for a refill. Some women it does help to restart their bodies into ovulating, but it's not reliable.
143868 tn?1263932445 It apparently means that you are producing extra hormones that are good for ovulation. Below is a quote from the following link: http://www.beyondfertility.com/art238.htm "Spotting that occurs in the middle of your cycle or spotting that occurs some ten to fourteen days prior to the start of the next cycle is normal too. This spotting may occur during ovulation. Seeing a spot of blood during ovulation is considered an excellent fertility sign.
Avatar f tn That way you get an idea of what your pre-o temp is and what your post-o temp is. You can keep track with fertilityfriend.com. It tells you when your most fertile days are and when you may have O'ed. If you haven't read Taking Charge Of Your Fertility I strongly recommend it. It taught me a lot I didn't know. Good luck!
Avatar n tn inserts and oils do not stay in your system long (you pee them out) which is why RE recommends taking 3x a day along with the shots (that is what I had to do going thru IVF cycle).. Anyway, I would ask your doctor if you should stop taking this med if it is something he/she prescribed. If not, I would still call and ask the nurse. Never hurts to ask questions... Hope this helps some...
Avatar m tn The medication that she takes to regulate her periods is probably Provera or Medroxyprogesterone Acetate. This medication will cause bleeding (sometimes heavy with clots) if the woman is not pregnant, and will not cause bleeding if she is pregnant -- it will not cause miscarriage. It is a good idea to use condoms whenever beginning a new relationship. Another form of birth control that your girlfriend might really like is the oral contraceptive pill.