Medroxyprogesterone and menstruation

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2051102 tn?1330321233 Medroxyprogesterone is used to treat abnormal menstruation (periods) or irregular vaginal bleeding. Medroxyprogesterone is also used to bring on a normal menstrual cycle in women who menstruated normally in the past but have not menstruated for at least 6 months and who are not pregnant or undergoing menopause (change of life).
Avatar n tn HI, The problem of PCOS needs to be excluded by doing an ultrasound scan and hormonal panel. PCOS is one of the reasons of infrequent menstruation. Once a definite diagnosis is made then appropriated treatment can be initiated. Irregular taking of hormones can complicate matters. Consult a gynaecologist for an evaluation. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
Avatar n tn Hello~ My OBGYN suggested to take 5 mg Medroxyprogesterone 5 mg x 7 days to induce menstruation. I am 49 years old in pre-menopause. I have not had a period and am starting my 7th month of no period. I really dislike any type of pills, but my doctor said, I should take this med every three months if I do not have a period, to shed my uterine lining, until I am through with menopause. I do smoke sometimes, otherwise very healthy, and am afraid of the side effects.
Avatar f tn I went to the ob gyn and she prescribed me with this tablet medroxyprogesterone acetate she said it will help me menstruate and she will be expecting me to menstruate after a week but I'ts been a week since I've been taking these tablets and still no menstruation. Am i pregnant?
1855970 tn?1325827213 Today is day 6 and I thought it was nearly over, but I went to the bathroom, I wiped and the toilet paper was solid bright red blood with a big clot. I've also had extreme cramping today as well. What could this mean? I'm really scared! :( I always get cramps, but this bad this late in my period...
Avatar m tn I'm 45 years old and am severely anemic due to gastric bypass surgery. I found out I also had fibroids in recent years. Which were making my periods horrible. I went thru uterine artery emboluzation abt a year ago and it worked well for abt nine months but now it's slowly outta whack agn. So my gynecologist put me on provera/ medroxyprogesterone 10 mg which I take every day. She put me on it to stop my periods so I don't lose anymore iron.
1855970 tn?1325827213 This morning I felt something come out, so I went to the bathroom and pulled my pants down and there was a clot the size of a ping pong ball on the pad. It happened 2 more times in the past 4 hours. I also have cramps, but they aren't unbearable, just annoying. Is this normal after taking Provera? I feel weird going to work for the next 8 1/2 hours if these clots are going to keep coming out!
Avatar n tn Simple question here, has anyone ever had a negative blood test and negative urine test and went on with their daily routine and a month or so later found out you were in fact pregnant while having ultrasound done. If this has happened to anyone or perhaps someone you know, please respond, I'd appreciate the information. Thanks.
Avatar f tn According to the ultrasounds and looking over history---and whatever else it is they do in reverse pathology---I've only had PCOS for about 6 months before my GI caught it. I met with the dietition this clinic offers, Kendall, after. Part of the treatment for my PCOS is going to be losing 10% of my body weight, which should be regulate periods and help with the insulin. I am on a diet that is low-carb, low-fat, and high-fiber.
Avatar f tn My question is why is my bleeding not stopping completely on provera although its been 2 weeks i started taking them and the bleeding is moderate during the dayt and light during the night, I am soaking 2 to 3 pads per day .. Can I stop taking provera and start combination OC pills to stop the bleeding ? will it help me..I am having lot of tiredness and fatigue due to bleeding so long ..please advise and help me..thanks much!
Avatar n tn hello, im 23 years old and have a baby for 6 months. and my menstruation stopped, i am delayed for already 2 weeks. i already take provera 10mg for 2 days. it could help for me to have my menstruation this coming april?
Avatar n tn I used Clomid 100mg and prochieve 8% this month and I am on my 30th day and still no period. I've read that prochieve ( progesterone suppository) can delay your period. How long does is the delay? I'm thinking of stopping using it since my pg test was negative. Should I stop? Please help as I am very concern about prolonged use of prochieve.
622208 tn?1222549040 My regular doctor referred me to the OBGYN because of the ultrasound and lack of menstruation/irregular bleeding. The OB checked my hormone levels and insulin levels to see if I had PCOS. My hormone levels are normal. My insulin levels are normal. She has ruled out PCOS. She has ruled out menopause. I've been taking progesterone for 6 days and nothing has happened. I'm supposed to take it for 10 days.
Avatar n tn you can always call your pharmacist and ask to make sure. My husband and I are TTC and I took the Depo shot twice and stopped 11/04 and then started BCP till 8/05 and havent had a period since except with provera. I think the Depo is still in my system and is screwing everything up. I hope the provera works for you and best of luck with the clomid.
Avatar n tn I had a miscarriage in Sept05 and my periods have progressivly got longer and heavier. Ive been prescribed medroxyprogesterone acetate (provera) to regulate my periods,on days 15 to 25 of my cycle. Was told it would not interfer with my fertility but all info ive seen clearly states do not use if pregnant. I could get pregnant then take the provera as i wont know im pregnant til i miss my next period. Very anxious about any damage i could be doing, any one been in a similar situation??
Avatar n tn put me on medroxyprogesterone for 10 days. I held off taking it because I really thought I was pregnant. I gave in and took it. 7 days after my last pill I had a lot of pain and cramping and passed a large clot that looked like tissue (I had a miscarrage at age 41) and it looked the same. Let me know what happened with you. This all happened yesterday 1-25-06. Makes me realize next time listen to my body.
Avatar n tn hi, my last menstruation is May 10-14 and i had sex 20 and 30 of May,the beginning of june ive been having sore nipple for almost 2 weeks,sore boobs,mild headache little bit of nauseaun, and cramping, today "June 12" i have light brown discharge and lignt pink. am i pregnant?
Avatar f tn Imagine our surprise when she announced she was pregnant to her boyfriend! Due to religious reasons she didn't believe in birth control and her, and her boyfriend who was in MED SCHOOL, assumed that having sex right before her period was "safe". Needless to say, she got married about 2 months later.
Avatar n tn Yes, you can get pregnant without periods, I have a 14 and 9 year old to prove it. Both were suprises and I was about 3-5 months pregnant when I found out. 2.) 6 months to figure out why you haven't had a period is far too long. I went 16 months without a period and my doctor freaked out when she found out (I recently changed doctors). Cysts can make you irregular, as can thyroid conditions. I'm sure there are other reasons.
Avatar n tn Yet this put aside, I know many other people on this medroxyprogesterone prescription and it does works wonders for them. I was recently told through a friend that there is a herbal vitamen called "chasteberry" seed extract that can be found in vitamin shoppe, it helps to regulate your hormones. I started taking that along with iron pills and did manage to get my period to stop! I took these two pills and did stop my period with no side effects.
318181 tn?1336447096 I started lupron 20 units two days ago, and had my trial transfer and water sono that same day. I also got my protocol, and I will be on 3 repronex vials and 1 menopur vial a day once I start the stims. I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing, but also excited. I just REALLY hope it works! OK! Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do....I'll post again later once I've read through the posts on the old thread.