What does a food allergy rash look like

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Avatar f tn Since childhood, strange food items give me a facial rash on only the left cheek on my face. It does not itch and it only seems to linger 10-20 minutes after I have eaten such items (Skittles, apples, teriyaki sauce and season salt, such as on fries, typically are the number one culprits). I have no idea what is causing this or why it is only certain food items like the ones I just listed that cause the rash.
746058 tn?1248348265 I don't know how such a short hair dog can have any hair left when he sheds like he does. The little spots look like the size of a mosquito bite, you can see them under his hair. They are not raised but you can see tiny brown flakes around them and it is oily and smelly. Looks like he got bit by something up and down his back bone area. But it isn't bites. The dog has never been able to poop solid since day one. Mybe it is bad breeding.
1222635 tn?1366399886 I alway heard that when you introduce a new food to smear some on their lip, face area first & see what happens. could be a rash, or could be that you are wiping that area a lot (from drooling & eating) it could just be irritated from all the wiping & dabbing. My daughter would get pimples that come & go... at least I thought they were. how does her tounge look? how does she act?
1035252 tn?1427231433 My son has had a rash like that a couple times, some was from food allergy, and the other time was roseola..but if it is roseola he would have a fever, and the rash would spread to his trunk...I would just keep an eye out on him, it is probably just an irratation of some sort, especially with the cool air...
Avatar n tn for the past two years i have had red flat burn on face. it looks like a blow torch it..like a mask...mostly cheeks and forhead never nose but DARK red...soo painful.... and really dry skin everywhere else. two dermys, one allergist. two blood work for lupus (neg) and acouple times on predisone and hysrocortison on face was temporary.they tol dme ezcema but no rash it was flat..they told me allergies maybe food, they told me roscea..
Avatar f tn Please help I have a big concert tomorrow and I don't want to look like a clown! Are there any products to reduce the redness? Can anything help it?
Avatar n tn Hisham, your condition looke like folliculitis. Are you prone to acne? Steroid consumption could cause this. Do you have it on your back as well? Friction folliculitis is another possibility- thro use of tight fitting clothes during games and sports. Oil folliculitis occurs in those exposed in the course of their work. Some of the lesions on the chest look like keloids are developing. Some people esp those with pigmented skins are prone to keloids which is a sort of growing scar tissue.
Avatar f tn I think it may be a good idea to find out what is causing it, is it rash like , what does it look like, are you using something you maybe allergic to.Detergent is often the culprit and soaps ,you need to check out everything you use that comes into contact with your hands.Where on your body is the 'circle' ?
709686 tn?1277435759 Definitely check out the food allergy idea with a certified allergist who specializes in adult food allergies. I had similar symptons about 8 years ago and have had found that I'm allergic to many food items that no one ever thinks abouts. Your allergist may have to create custom extracts to use in testing. Of course, it could be something different, but at least you'll have ruled one thing out.
Avatar n tn Heather: To be honest, I can't tell from your question whether what you have is a sun allergy or not. What people usually refer to as "sun poisoning" is a pimply rash which occurs shortly after sun exposure, regardless of sunscreen use (because sunblocks just block the burn rays, not the long-wave ultraviolet rays to which one can become allergic.) This is not "damage"--i.e. it has nothing to do with skin cancer.
1666434 tn?1325265950 ) then please do yourself a favor and order the Melissa test yourself! A doctor will literally look at you like you're nuts or a hypocondriac if you tell him/her that you think you're allergic to metal. (I told all my doctors when they ask at the beginning of appointments when I'm allergic to that I'm allergic to metal and they literally don't put it in my records...many say things like "no...I mean like medications and food...not skin reaction to jewelry.
176741 tn?1295237589 it is the worst rash I've ever had. I've had it for about 3months now. The rash almost looks like a patch of blisters. & It keeps spreading up my foot. I went to the doctor & they simply told me it was an allergic reaction to something and told me to use hydrocortisone cream, which is not working. The rash usually only itches at night. 4. I started menstruating when I was 16/17 years old. My cycle has never been regular. It is sometimes a month late or early.
Avatar m tn Sound sensitivity Head pressure around temples and eyes pressure sometimes Stabbing sensations sometimes at temples Undigested food in stools Hard pellet stools/ mucus in stools Carbs/Sugar/Caffeine make drunk feeling worse Random itching over skin but with no rash Heavy feeling eyes/Sometimes feel very sleepy after food Feel at best first thing in the morning Sneezing/runny nose Post nasal drip (constant feeling of build up in throat) Sore tip of tongue, sometimes middle/back area
Avatar n tn my girlfriend was digging in the closet, when she was done she found there was this weird white paint like stuff on her finger it spread a little bit like an acid burn and stung, there was nothing in the closet unsafe that could of donr this to hur, is it a weird rash or a food allergy, what should we do, her 2 fingertips look like they got dipped in white out, is it dry skin?
Avatar f tn She is still at the age where allergies are just being discovered so it's possible she has a fruit allergy or an allergy to something in the soups she has. Many soups and sauces also do have gluten in them. Look specifically for eggs, dairy, strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes and suggest an elimination diet. So a bowl of one type of fruit and nothing else. No reaction, move on to the next kind. Also have you ruled out viral infections like chickenpox?
Avatar n tn The pain is on the right side under my rib cage. Touching does not hurt but sometimes there is a shooting pain like an electrical shock. No rash has developed and the medicine will be gone tomorrow. I take a nap but otherwise feel fine with just that once in while sharp pain. I am 62 and will get the shot in 2 years!
Avatar m tn I came on this site in the hope I can share some information on penicillin allergy. For a number of years I suffered from fixed drug eruptions that were finally diagnosed at Harborview Hospital in Seattle, Washington. I am extremely sensitive to penicillin and sulfa drugs. It was a great relief to know once and for all so I could avoid these medicines. But that didn't end my problems.
Avatar f tn 6 weeks ago my 12 year old daughter woke up with what looked like a rug burn on her cheek. The next morning, there was another spot on her other cheek. Basically, for 6 weeks her face keeps getting new spots. We have seen 2 peditricians and 2 dermatologists. They do not know what it is. She was on Keflex for 10 days, Duricef for 10 days and Cipro for 10 days. We have been using Bactroban ointment continuously until this week when we started using Altabax ointment. Still, no improvement.
184674 tn?1360864093 I know it's okay to introduce cow's milk at 12 months, however, my son has a pretty bad milk allergy. Oddly enough, it is not a digestive allergy, it is a contact allergy. Anywhere milk or a milk product (whey, casein, lactase...all that "milk" stuff) touches his skin, he breaks out in a hot red rash and hives. He can digest it normally as far as I can tell, but with any food with a milk ingredient that touches him, he breaks out.
Avatar n tn i have been getting this rash for the last 2 weeks on my neck chest back and arms it comes and goes it doesnt really itch and it looks blotchy the ones on ly legs stomach and arms look like red lines does anyone have any idea what it can be?
4413820 tn?1354213655 I am going to look into the food as soon as I am done with you. Have a good evening.
Avatar n tn Blood tests are available to test for allergies or, again as Heather mentioned, try a food with a different protein source in it. What kind of food is your dog currently eating? If you try a different food, you need to allow 8-10 weeks minimum before you can say if it is working on not. Some pets will get relief in just a few weeks, but often many dogs need to be fed only the new food for a longer period of time. Also, no treats during this feeding trial!!
Avatar f tn I also jumped in a freezing cold swimming pool on Saturday 2/21 which was a very bad experience, I m thinking this is cold Urticaria from the cold water or allergies. Doctor I am worried this could be an HIV rash, what does that rash look like and feel like exactly, should I be worried? Note that I have had these skin issues before due to stress, drinking and bad food called dishydrosis, but never to this extent.
Avatar n tn #2's shot gun approach and doesn't feel that an allergy should get worse in the evening and that giving up that many food categories is brutal (we both have a medical background I'm an Xray tech he's an OD). He wants me to see an allergist to see if there is a food allergy or not. We came across this web site and thought it would be wise to get a true expert's opinon. Does this sound like an allergic rxn to you or some other form of dermatitis.
Avatar n tn The allergy is unusual in that it's not what allergists traditionally think of as an allergy - a reaction to protein. It's a reaction to a specific carbohydrate in the meat. More research is needed on this allergy. The trigger is a tick bite. It's not fully understood how this makes it more likely for a person to develop a red meat allergy, but the evidence is there. Read my blog for more information: http://campother.blogspot.com/2011/04/tick-bite-you-stick-to-eating-fish-and.
Avatar f tn I have an allergy to PPD that i got from dying my hair black, I ended up in hospital with a severe reaction. Does anyone have an allergy to PPD that has tattoos? cuz i really want a tattoo and not sure if PPD is in tattoo ink??
Avatar n tn It is as if my body cannot metabolize it properly and it honestly makes my blood pressure go sky high---i'm talking like 150s or so without me even being anxious. What do I do??? What caused this?? Does anyone else have a similar experience?? From someone who is completely lost and feeling like they have no answers, there has to be someone else who has experienced what I have. And if not, then maybe I have no hope of anyone helping me explain what happened....I went to the dr.
Avatar f tn Hi, Are you on any medications? The neck rash could be due to several causes. You would need to see a skin specialist to rule out eczema, sweat dermatitis, heat rash, acne, folliculitis, etc. You could take some oral antihistamine or antiallergic medications like loratadine or cetrizine and see if it helps with your symptoms. Apply calamine lotion at the site of the lesions to help soothe the itching. What other symptoms are you having? Since when have you noticed the lesions?
Avatar n tn They usually offer pictures also. www.mayoclinic.com Hope this helps you. There is also a member that is a dr that gives a lot of help on this site. His name is Kindd (check the members to get the right spelling if I don't have it correct). I'm sure he can give you some great information if he knows what it could be. Keep me informed of your son's progress. I understand why you are so concerned.
Avatar n tn Steroids and Pepcid stopped the symptoms. This is a scary situation because last summer, had allergy food reaction which caused raised bumps over entire body. No one wants to look like they have a disease. After finishing the steroids Rx, bumps started to come back. Pepcid alone stopped it. Thank goodness. Now, for the dentist part, though. Trying to find out the composition of resin. Has it changed over the past 10-15 years? Do all dentists use the same type?