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976589 tn?1255609465 I have a dry patch of skin on my left arm. I think I have a food allergy, but not sure. I've been unable to pinpoint exactly which foods cause a more severe rash. Could this be eczema?
Avatar f tn An itchy rash behind his ears, a rash around his eyes and on his face, a rash on his neck and hive like rash on his belly. The rash took a few days to subside. We are in the process of having him tested for allergies.
Avatar f tn I had it with my first baby 9 and half years ago. It was a wheat allergy. How I am 13 weeks with my second and the rash is starting to come back. So it could be some as easy as a food allergy.
Avatar n tn If all this draws a blank then consider food allergy. You can get strips of food concentrate to test directly on your skin and this might be a good place to start. Identifying allergens is a job of detective work and takes time. In the meantime continue with your steroid lotion and antihistamine. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Probably food allergy or a contact allergy. Keep a food journal.
Avatar n tn Dogs cannot get chicken pox so whatever is affecting your dog didn't come from you having chicken pox. Have you recently changed your dog's brand of food? It's possible that it could be a food allergy (or another type of allergy) but if everything has remained the same in the dog's routine and she has developed this rash, then my guess is that it could be a staph infection.
Avatar n tn I had a skin allergy test administered by an allergist which I was referred to by my doctor at that time many years ago now. The skin allergy test revealed that I had an allergy to eggs. Okay, if 4 is the highest reaction to a particular substance/food and 1 is the lowest, I had a 1 to eggs. Now , here it is over 10 years later, I eat eggs fairly often with no side effects that I can see. So no rash, no bloating etc.
Avatar f tn People can be allergic to any plant or animal food. Should Costco post an allergy alert for every food item it sells?
Avatar n tn have any of your babies had food allergies and if so, how did you know. She has no rash anywhere else. It almost looks like as if she had sunglasses on and when they were taken off, the lines below them are red with pimple like bumps. I hope I am making sense. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn As I understand, unless things have changed since, there are no allergy tests with regard to food allergies. It is usually by elimination to try and find the culprit food that would then be avoided. As the child is getting a rash when she eats specific foods, there is clearly a link between those foods. It may not be the tomatoes, but could be a specific ingredient that is in all those products that she eats.
Avatar m tn Hello all, I am a 28 year old female and generally feel completely healthy. For the past 2 years, I have been getting sick immediately after eating about once every 4-5 weeks. Within a few minutes, I have stomach pains and diarrhea (sometimes vomiting). During this time, my stomach seems to be going into 'spasms' which make me shake.
932657 tn?1244560217 I know the **** Van Patten brand (at Petco) has a limited ingredients line of food for allergy dogs. Also "California Natural, Pure & Simple" (lamb & rice) is supposed to be a good one for sensive dogs. I have a friend whose dog is chronically allegic to everything, and she gives him nothing but boiled chicken and soft boiled eggs- he's allegic to everything else.
Avatar f tn I need encouragement here. The rash was only on my stomach and I could keep it under control, but over night it's on my hands, my arm pits, my sides, my butt, and patches on my legs. Am I honestly expected to use an entire tube of typical ointment every day? Because it's everywhere. I can't sleep. Every touch gets it itching and I kind of feel like I'm going crazy here. Nothing helps. Has anyone had the steroid shot? Did it work? How long did it help for?
2065896 tn?1373685384 I take cortisone nose spray and anti histamine tablets to no avail. I have had allergy tests that have come back negative but food allergy tests have come back with a number of food allergies. Could a food allergy cause a runny nose?
Avatar n tn All of a suddena couple of nights ago, I got this itchy rash on the front and sides of my neck and upper chest. The only thing I did differently was take a protein shake, adding in a joint supplemental powder. MSM, Chrondrotin, etc. Has anyone ever had a rash from those joint supplements? Otherwise, I don't know what could have brought it on - it's lasted now for 5 days and I have avoided taking any supplements to see if it would go away. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn It does sound like an allergy , have you used a differant cream, gel , anything new on him, its summer is he hot, it could indeed be food so make a note of what he is eating, does the rash Itch ? by swollen I think you mean like welts, they are called Hives and there are many kinds.As he is so young I think a visit to the doctor is in order he may need a cortisone cream try Calamine lotion .to help soother it ...
Avatar n tn "The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network" has lots of information, most of it aimed towards kids. I just checked (it's the dot org site) and they have cookbooks as well as recipes. BTW...I'm allergic to soy and have problems both with food and topical. Soy is in lots of shampoos (not sure about baby shampoos), lotions, soaps, ink etc. I can always tell when I'm using something I shouldn't because it makes me itch like crazy...then I get a rash.
1486219 tn?1294371827 As allergic reactions are IgE mediated, blood tests will show increase in these levels secondary to a food allergy. The problem with the food allergy testing is sometimes the amount of food they challenge with may be not sufficient to elicit any allergic reactions.
Avatar n tn if it's only her lips it's not food allergy ...
Avatar f tn i am 34 years old male. i have allergy problem specially at evening time or when i wake-up , some swelling at my hand joints and some small circle type swelling on my body, i am facing this problem from 3 to 4 years. I also check up to Skin Specialist Dr. he also advice some anti- allergic medicine like Antiall or same like this. I bath daily and my clothes always neat and clean and my bedroom is also ventilated and in my food i mostly using vegetables. daily using Milk and fruits.
Avatar m tn Hives are probably from allergy - may be food, medicines, soap, clothes...To test, if it is an allergy, you can try an antihistamine pill Benadryl - itching should stop shortly after that. To find out, if it is some food that causes allergy, you can ask a dietitian to give you a diet plan, starting with complete fasting. If it is food, itching should go away in few days...