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Avatar f tn Not sure if its really a allergy, he doesn't really has those red pimples on his face no more.
Avatar f tn s that has less or no cow milk protein so people with milk allergy or other allergy and asthma symptoms tend to respond better on A2 milk than normal milk.
284738 tn?1283106819 but as of now i have stopped the milk and i think i will call her ped and get an allergy test ordered to see if she really does have a milk allergy and go from there.
Avatar f tn My baby has like a rash on her face, it started with little red bumps and now her whole cheeks are red with the same bumps, idk if its allergy or a rash, is that normal? Or what can i do for it to go away? I dont like seeing my baby like that :( any advice please?
964234 tn?1331949207 t have the rash at his last appointment. Doctor dismissed the thought of an allergy to milk because of this. Now that he has this rash I am starting to wonder? Any thoughts and experience would be appreciated. Also, the doctor was saying switching him to soy would probably make his gas and constipation worse? But, she said I can give it a try if I want. Another thought of hers is that he has an immature digestive system. I can use which ever formula I want, he will still be fussy.
Avatar f tn To find out whether your child is having contact dermatitis to milk(eczema)or he is having milk allergy(rashes are present in the mild form of milk allergy),skin tests and food challenge tests have to be done by an allergist.Pls consult him for that. Hope it helps.
317245 tn?1258737545 The pediatrician said it could be a form of a milk allergy and to put him on soy milk. He has been on soy milk for a month now and the rash is gone but his stools are still horribly loose. In order to keep the stools from being completely liquid we have to feed him the BRATTY diet, and this only gets the stool to a "sludge" consistency not even anything remotely formed. He probably has 4 or 5 dirty diapers a day. I also give him a daily dose of probiotics.
184674 tn?1360860493 s milk at 12 months, however, my son has a pretty bad milk allergy. Oddly enough, it is not a digestive allergy, it is a contact allergy. Anywhere milk or a milk product (whey, casein, lactase...all that "milk" stuff) touches his skin, he breaks out in a hot red rash and hives. He can digest it normally as far as I can tell, but with any food with a milk ingredient that touches him, he breaks out.
Avatar f tn If the allergy was from milk, the allergy will be systemic. Meaning the rashes will spread fast to the whole body, beginning with the itching of the eyes, nose, throat and then the rashes. However, if it is only localized to one part of his body, it could be a skin rash as a reaction to something, such as his perspiration mixing with the soap used to wash his shirt. Best to have it checked.
Avatar f tn Continued that day then diarrhea for approx 4 to 5 days. Recently a GI diagnosed possible DELAYED MILK Allergy. He does keep a mild bumpy rash on upper arms. My concern is can this type of allergy really cause this type of cycle? I would think he would have more symptoms closer together. We began NO milk protein diet& scheduled MRI next month. Will MRI only show brain or can they see intestinal problems as well?
1012334 tn?1283702979 I am thinking it is probably due to a milk allergy, especially since there is quite a few milk allergies and intolerances in both sides of the family (my mother and sister are intolerant, my borther is mildly allergic, my husband is intolerant, I am not intolerant or allergic, but one of my other children is intolerant too!
Avatar f tn I've always been allergic (not lactose intolerance) to milk since I was born. Now at 5 weeks all I want to eat is milk and things made from milk. Does this mean my baby isn't allergic to milk? Or my allergy for milk going away since I'm pregnant? Or just being pregnant cravings? I don't want to drink milk thinking I'm not allergic and get sick. Help please?
Avatar m tn This means that someone with a cows’ milk allergy might react to these other types of milk as well.Confirmation that your baby will react to these products or not can be done only after blood tests. Hope it helps.If you have any additional queries,then pls post us. Take care and regards.
9842459 tn?1411688168 Umm..pretty sure it's not possible. Breast milk is not the same as cow milk, I have never heard of a baby being allergic to it's mamas milk.
Avatar f tn If I was unable to breastfeed I woulkd give my little one goats milk fo rsure which is most like breast milk then any other milk on th emarket. Hope this helps ya!
Avatar f tn i am 34 years old male. i have allergy problem specially at evening time or when i wake-up , some swelling at my hand joints and some small circle type swelling on my body, i am facing this problem from 3 to 4 years. I also check up to Skin Specialist Dr. he also advice some anti- allergic medicine like Antiall or same like this. I bath daily and my clothes always neat and clean and my bedroom is also ventilated and in my food i mostly using vegetables. daily using Milk and fruits.
Avatar m tn Remember that allergies are in the same category as autoimmune disorders. The things we're allergic to are not in fact generally harmful to us, though sometimes we are allergic to things that are harmful, such as cow's milk or toxins in our environment. If this is in fact an allergy problem, you want to try to tamp down or balance the immune system response, if you can do that.
Avatar m tn baby name hani ..he had some kind of allergies...he feed mothers milk..i try 2 or three types of milk on the skin...nido and a dairy milk ..and pedia sure...after 10 ar 14 mins the skinpart where i try the milk ...become red n appear some kind of allergies n ...he become itchee the skin.....he had alsoo excema..and ..when he is 4 months old i give dairy mil n a wheat biscute ..and he had full sweeling n a full aleergie attack..plz help mein out what can i doo..
Avatar f tn Could be allergy or intolerance to milk, that's what it was for my son. Test for food allergy AND milk protein peptides showing up in the urine, indicating enzyme deficiency in breaking down milk protein. Is he irritable or occasionally spike fevers for no reason? My sons weight was in the 10th percentile and I went to the doctor from the time he was 10 months old for that and his emotional coping problems. I thought they must somehow be related, but was told no.
Avatar f tn r i dont know if i should still give it to him i scared he didnt eat anything he drank 4 oz earlier of milk 2 spoons of oatmel from the he doesnt want his baby food and just now he drink 3 oz of milk he never drinks milk though but he is not eating his baby food. so i hope he gets better too. His rash looks sooo bad the doctor said it should clear up within 2-3 days.
2065896 tn?1373685384 I take cortisone nose spray and anti histamine tablets to no avail. I have had allergy tests that have come back negative but food allergy tests have come back with a number of food allergies. Could a food allergy cause a runny nose?
Avatar f tn You could have an allergy to eggs/milk... try lactose-free milk and avoid eggs and see what happens. You haven't given enough information for anyone to guess (we are only guessing here) if you have serious symptoms. What is your resting heart rate, you blood pressure, how irregular - constant or just intermittent (say a missing or extra beat every few seconds)?
2053975 tn?1343405733 Icecream, cerial w/ milk) It may take a couple of weeks to see results. I stopped drinking milk for 11 months before my baby boy grew out of the allergy and the only thing I cut was liquid milk. I ate cooked recipes w/ cow milk and yogurt, cottage cheese… Before I cut liquid milk, my son was throwing up, extremely fussy *up all night kicking and had bloody stools. Your milk is the best mama! What you’re eating(Drinking) may not be.
Avatar f tn He has been allergy tested and milk tested. He has a small allergy to milk but not high. He is on rice milk and doing well. However it seem to be when he has a certain amount of sugar he has diarrhea and a rash the following day. I was just wondering if we should go see a gi doctor for him or not. I feel hes missing out on kid things and parties at school because of the reaction of the sugar. Is there a way to test if sugar or fructose is the problem with his tummy issues.