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Avatar n tn I was tested and confirmed a strawberry allergy. I never smoked, still don't. I still have the allergy (among others now too).
Avatar n tn The other day though, my little 3 year old sister ate strawberries, and she touched me by accident, but after like 5 mins, I got this red rash on my chest. Does this mean my allergy got worse and I should be considering something like an epi-pen??
Avatar n tn Is it possible to get a rash just on my face from a food allergy? I have had a horrible rash on my face for almost a year now. I use Elidel and a cortisone cream to keep it at bay. I have been tested for all products I use and other ingredients that are common in cleansers and lotions. I wasn't allergic to any of them. They tried treating me as if it was rosacea, a yeast infection etc. It is small hivey bumps that itch so badly.
171768 tn?1324233699 we have noticed twice now that after having apples with cinnamon, dd gets an immediate bright red rash whereever it touches her face. no other noticable symptoms- does not seem uncomfortable, eats normally, tongue and mouth seem fine. she's been eating apples for days with no reaction so i don't think it's apples- it's definitely the cinnamon.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if it is uncommon to have only ONE food allergy and no environmental allergies and no family history of food allergies? My daughter reacted to eggs by intense vomiting. Positive skin test. No other reactions ever again, but has a lot of gastro problems. Her allergist said it was odd that she had no other allergies, but didn't know what to test for since she doesn't react to other food....
Avatar n tn are not similar to them, they look a lot milder. Is it possible that they are just an allergy caused rash? I have not eaten anything unusual, or used any new soap, shampoo, or parfume; and i never had allergies to anything in my life.I hardly go outdoors , i can not have poison ivy. So where are they coming from? Can i spread them on my body by scratching them ? Or how do they show up on different places?
Avatar n tn I'm 24 and I've never had a reaction until this year when I ate more strawberries at one sitting then I ever had before lol I had a rash all over my body the next day. I got some pills and cream from my doctor and it slowly went away but it's back again...I eat red foods everyday because I live in Korea and they put red pepper sauce on everything. I also eat tomatoes and drink red wine pretty often.
Avatar n tn Hi. 6 weeks ago I started developing an itchy rash that started on the back of my scalp and upper back. Then appeared on the rest of my back my arms my chest and abdomen been to an allergist and she sent me to a dermatologist that did a biopsy that stated contact dermatitis or medicine reaction. The dermatologist said it could also be a food allergy. She suggested another dermatologist. I feel sick from this. Been using cortisone lotion and antihistamines not working that good. Help.
Avatar n tn Hi, Caffeine Allergy Symptoms Caffeine allergy symptoms range from a minor rash to life threatening seizures. The severity of the reaction depends on what the person is actually allergic to and to what extent a person is allergic. Some of the reactions associated with caffeine allergies include difficulty breathing, shock, tongue, and facial swelling.
1854689 tn?1319635385 My daughter has a minor allergy to strawberries. They make her break out in a rash. If it's been 4 days and getting worse you should just go to the doctor. Especially if it keeps spreading and so you can find out if it's contagious.
Avatar f tn 6 weeks ago my 12 year old daughter woke up with what looked like a rug burn on her cheek. The next morning, there was another spot on her other cheek. Basically, for 6 weeks her face keeps getting new spots. We have seen 2 peditricians and 2 dermatologists. They do not know what it is. She was on Keflex for 10 days, Duricef for 10 days and Cipro for 10 days. We have been using Bactroban ointment continuously until this week when we started using Altabax ointment. Still, no improvement.
Avatar f tn She is still at the age where allergies are just being discovered so it's possible she has a fruit allergy or an allergy to something in the soups she has. Many soups and sauces also do have gluten in them. Look specifically for eggs, dairy, strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes and suggest an elimination diet. So a bowl of one type of fruit and nothing else. No reaction, move on to the next kind. Also have you ruled out viral infections like chickenpox?
863679 tn?1239158267 I have also noticed dry skin on my face in patches and a rash on my lips (small little bumps, no larger than the grit on sandpaper that are reduced and go away within 2-3 days using Benadryl). I notice the hives and bumps mostly when I eat berries. I had a bowl of raspberries on Saturday night and ended up with hives within a few hours, then the next day I had the rash on my lips (which was greatly reduced by topical Benadryl). On Monday night I ate some ice cream with strawberries.
Avatar n tn I am also allergic to mint, menthol, peppermint and spearmint. It's a pain, it used to just cause my lips to swell but it can give me a rash and make me break out. The toothpaste I use is Toms of Maine Silly Strawberry, it's the kids brand but it words well, they also make a lemon/lime mouthwash and I don't have a problem with it.
Avatar f tn I began to see a rash on the top of my feet that is very itchy and I also get them on my hands arms and legs. First there is nothing there just the itching sensation but when I scratch it a bump forms. Then in about 3 days it goes away. But then the itch goes to another spot and does the same thing. I am known to break out in hives but normally the hives do not constantly reaccur once I take benadryl. This rash has been doing this for about 2 months now and its very irritating.
184674 tn?1360864093 usually the hard way...when you have to deal with a nasty allergy. I'm thankful his allergy isn't so bad that he gets anaphalaxis, but the rash and hives are unnerving and seem painful, so avoiding cow milk is the only option, even though it's (thankfully) not life threatening. I never knew how much milk is used in nearly every food item you buy from a store. It's been a real eye opener, and really frustrating too.
Avatar n tn To days ago I suddenly appear to have rash all my body even true my eyes And at that night I got fever and felling cold but now the rash has gone better but my skin of face is too dry what can I do I went to a flower market and during that day I ate spinach , strawberries’, peach, a tin of beans ,crisps could it be an allergy or not and what kind of cream can I take to be better what should I eat.
Avatar m tn my daughter has a horrible skin rash on the top of her foot, and right on the bone of her elbow - it is super itchy and unfortunately she scratches it to the point of bleeding. We have tried every manner of cortizone's, antibiotics, bleach baths, etc all recommended by her pediatrician and a dermatologist but nothing is curing it. One Dr says it eczema one says its impetigo but so far no treatment works. It does not look like classic eczema as her skin is just not dry?
Avatar n tn As anything else - lip sticks of glosses give me little sores on my lips and cause them to puff up and get little scabs and peel contantly - i also get dry patches under my eyes and eye lids. When I visited a doctor they told me I may have an allergy to nail polish and an ingrediant in lip glosses/balms its also happens when I were nail polish. After removing it it usually clears up within a week.
Avatar m tn in the morning, I eat toast with avocado, smoothie or sandwich for lunch, and chicken breast with brown rice and/or salad for dinner), and have had no complications at all until now. I have had a severe rash starting since September 24th, 2014 until now, and it has been over 3 weeks now. I have seen 4 doctors, and nothing they have given me has helped.
Avatar n tn I also have a citric acid allergy, which manifests as a bright red, pimply rash on my cheeks and around my mouth. It usually appears 1-2 hours after ingesting food containing citric acid or using products (lotion, shampoo, etc) containing it. Even liquid hand soap (good luck finding one that doesn't contain it).
Avatar f tn I'm 27 and started having problems with allergies to different foods, first raisins, then apples, then peaches, there were also a few times i had a reaction but didnt know what caused it. My doc referred me to immunology for allergy testing. I had the skin ***** test done with some different allergens, I had a positive for: Apples peaches strawberries peanuts hazelnuts walnuts sunflower seeds, I also had a reaction to oranges but the weal wasn't big enough to be a positive.
Avatar n tn Instead of an allergy to fruit it could be an allergy to the pesticides and herbicides used by the people growing the fruit. Lately more and more people are becoming sensitive to these things whether it be in the form of sores, rashes, itching or other forms. If you want to verify an allergy, consider setting up an appointment with a doctor specializing in allergies, or environmental allergies. It may bring some peace of mind. I hope you find some answers. Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn prescribed her the amoxicilan for 10days at 10mls each time she took it once in the moring and once at night each with food my question is she broke out in a full body rash from head to toe can she now be allergic to certin foods and if so which ones do you know of thank you sincerely chipp45
Avatar f tn 9 months later, I had another numb area in the middle of my back after receiving an epideral (I do have an egg allergy that was recently diagnosed). 16 months later had a numb area on face after being placed under general anesthesia (again egg related?). A few months ago, had episode lasting 3 months or so where I was repeatedly saying wrong words while talking (happened several times every day). Then had episode where I ate egg (before allergy diagnosis) and got a numb area on face.
Avatar f tn I went to the family doctor and he gave me a cortizone shot and some pills to help releive the itch. Thursday morning both eyes were swollen shut and the rash was worse. I went to the doctor again and the other doctor gave me a 50mg benadryl shot, a prescription of prednisone (decreasing dosage of 3 pill for 2 days twice a day, two pills for 2 days twice a day and then one and so on till they are gone. She also advised that I take over the counter benadryl every four hours (50mg).
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for the post! Atenolol is exclusively excreted through kidney (urine) and milk in lactating mothers. Hence you may have developed allergy to something as I am sure you must be avaoiding things that you are allergic to. However a word of caution! Many medications, canned and packed foods have ingredients that you may not be aware of. Please read the ingredients carefully before consuming them. Check all such food for what they contain and see if you are allergic to anything.
Avatar f tn I have had Hives, i got that from red dye. My son gets a rash from red dye. I also get itching in my ears from bananas.
168348 tn?1379360675 This is not a food allergy as such, but it is the most uncommon allergy I ever saw. My father bathed about once a month. The reason was that he was allergic to water. He would come out of the bathroom after a bath with hives all over his body. No, it was not soap, detergent or anything else, it was water. No, it was not chlorinated water. He got the same hives from well water, and he did not swim in the creek, the lake or the pool for the same reason.
168348 tn?1379360675 I'm so excited I'm #1 to Post!!!! Let's start posting ... this is going to be a fabulous community to get, give, share advice and help so many members as they deal with food allergies and all the questions, concerns and support that is needed along the way! We can compile resources for the Health Pages, help with understanding tests, and answer questions such as "What is the difference between an intolerance and allergy?