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Avatar m tn Hello, I have had this itchy rash on my left forearm since about a week or 2 before Christmas, so its going on about 6 weeks or so that I have noticed it. The rash started as a small red mark no bigger than the size of a dime, by the time Christmas passed, it had blown up to be almost 3/4 the length of a dollar bill.
666921 tn?1254990618 M. rash pictures and this spot really did look like some of those pictures, when it first appeared - the ones where the rash hasn't spread out far and have a black looking centre. I can't recall ever reading about an E.M. rash having puss inside though!! weird!! also I get blistery spots on my left foot - same side as 'bite'. Any thoughts or similarities out there??
Avatar m tn also others on stomach area never itches. I visited Dr. and he told it is allergy and gave me anti-allergy that contains cortisone. I'm really not convinced with his diagnoses and I fell allergy toward any thing that contains cortisone! I can send some pictures if it is possible Please help!
Avatar m tn There are many coughs and colds going round ,does he go to day care or school as he would pick up germs from there . The rash could be an allergy have you been using any new lotion or cream on his skin or bath lotion.Not certain about the vein running down his face , you could always ask for another opinion .,but I do know that blue veins on children are very common .
Avatar n tn The pathological reaction that takes place on your skin due to foreign particles is considered as allergy rash. This allergy rash can be identified with these characteristics: Ugly reddish patches on the skin with itchiness and redness or itchy and swollen red bumps or patches all over the body.
8924846 tn?1410572901 I also found it kinda soothes it when i sit in front of my fan the cool air allergy pill and lotion help. But when i compared my rash to pictures of hives and pupps it looked more like pupps.
Avatar n tn There are a lot of things that can cause a rash. You might google "rash on child" and look at some of the pictures, but you are probably better off taking the child to the doctor and finding out what it is.
Avatar n tn The rash looks similar to pictures of contact dermatitis. The roof of my mouth feels itchy as well. I also developed upper respiratory tract infection with a slight runny nose, cough, and sore throat. I went to the doctor's office this morning and all he said was that I have a viral rash, which wasn't very helpful since that was the reason I came in in the first place.
1854689 tn?1319631785 Do you bite your nails or stick your fingers in your mouth a lot? It could be mouth hand and foot disease. It's a rash. I think you also can get sores in your mouth. Google for pictures to compare. It could be a lot of things though. Hives are more like blotches, welt like. My daughter has a minor allergy to strawberries. They make her break out in a rash. If it's been 4 days and getting worse you should just go to the doctor.
Avatar f tn if not, possible that swollen and red face and cranky ness to be due to an allergy. but that kind of allergy would happen faster then a few days, it would be something he came in contact with much more recently, like my son is allergic to cows milk and he brakes out in an exzema rash over his whole face and body and is cranky, but that will be with in 24 hours, like the next day or by. Good luck and Good bless! hope this helps!
Avatar f tn She woke up this morning with red bumps all over her face and a few on her chest and back. It appears to be a rash, but they look like pimples. This has happened a couple of times before , probably the last time approximately 6 months ago. The rash does not itch and it takes about 5-6 days for it to dry up. Her face also has some redness . Any help appreciated.
Avatar f tn Just wondering if anyone thinks that is the beginning stages of chickenpox or if it is a heat rash or milk allergy (she just started whole milk after drinking soy formula).
Avatar n tn thanks again for ur quick response! i posted pictures of the rash in my photo album. im going to see a doctor soon, and id like to hear what u have to say before i go.
Avatar f tn I did try to put an antifungal cream which I use for my skin allergy as my family genes do have eczema. I thought that the rash is from my allergies. I have searched online for pictures of std but none of mine look like it and mine is not pain. Can someone help me?
Avatar f tn Peanut butter, egg, fish, soy products etc are more commonly known to cause rash in children. See if anything was started recently. Some children are allergic to a particular kind of fiber. Please check if you have started using a new set of clothes or towel. Introduction of a new shampoo, soap, body lotion, cream, oil or other toiletries too can cause allergic reaction Please discuss these possibilities with your general physician and dermatologist.
1063463 tn?1302274619 muscle weakness in legs, livedo reticularis(molting on skin), uveitis, hives when i get cold, severe vertigo(has lessened but is still there, extreme fatigue, and the newest being a rash when i go out in sun. The rash is only on my forearms and the v of my neck. I posted pictures on my profile. If you have any ideas of what could be causing this I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn I was officially diagnosed with the allergy to said nut after allergy testing when I was in my early teens. I subsequently had a few more allergic reactions throughout the next 20+ years, all similar, some also with breathing difficulties, always only with ingestion of coconut or with it touching my tongue/mouth/face. I am not allergic to any other nuts or seeds.
Avatar m tn I have no problem taking these things if they helped but unfortunately they do not. Even now as I write, I have taken Claritin (OTC allergy pill) in combination with Hydroxyzine (rX antihistamine) and Amcinonide (rX steroid) none of which are helping whatsoever. The rash originally started on my right foot and began spreading to other areas of my body (wrists, forearms, shins, thighs).
Avatar f tn ve traveled twice--once to Mexico, once to China--and both times the rash has been out of control. When I was in China, the rash started just after waking up and got worse and worse as the day went on, and it was worse every subsequent day, eventually moving up past my elbows and later beginning around my ankles. My skin was never covered during these times, so it's not a "trapped heat" thing.
Avatar n tn The next day he had a rash on his face, not a major one but a rash later that nigth his face got hot and sore low and behold another episode. The next day he broke out in a rash on his chest. Now he can not do anything until his blood test and urine come back. Two weeks. He is allergic to shellfish and milk. No I have not changed in routine in the house...and he sticks pretty much to the same foods. I need some insite!