What does a broken leg look like

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Avatar f tn ) Is it the rear right hind leg? could you do a picture of the area you suspect broken? generally if you feel for a break along the area is there a lump, or a "Sharp"/"Knobby" feeling spot? I'm asking because if it is a simple hairline fracture, and not a clean break, you can just do cage rest (along with any neccessary med's) and hope for the best. As long as it isn't a split or serious fracture it would likely heal fine.
958034 tn?1247076225 Headache,, foot aches, pain can pop up anywhere its really weird, thats why you go years not knowing, especially when they come up negative, my eyes are the worst at presant, dry sore round the edges , redrimmed I look like something from a horror movie...dry skin , broken nails, itchy scalp, sorry I have to chuckle at myself as it seems that it is a catalogue of someone falling apart no wonder my family look at me as if I am nuts ...
Avatar f tn You don't mention what rehab was done? It sounds like the bones were fixed, and maybe not the surrounding soft tissues. You need to strengthen the joints and muscles.
Avatar f tn Usually a clean break does not require surgery. Surgery by it self can delay healing in a condition like yours. If there is no bone displacement etc, and if there is associated ligament tear, usually rest/cast with no weight bearing for 4-6 weeks is advised. This is followed up with physiotherapy. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
464551 tn?1207633959 then step 2 is sub-diving the can-do's into priorities or the methods you will use to take care of the problem. So, the old bicycle with a broken seat and a flat tire -that goes into "can do" because the repairs seem pretty straightforward and the results will be like a new bike. But it gets a low priority because there are more important things. Anyway, this process I'll call CLASSIFICATION. Separate and CLASSIFY.
Avatar n tn About 5 yrs ago I lost my balance and fell off a ladder working on my home. I suffered a slight concussion, no broken bones or anything, recovered fairly quickly. About 6 mos. later I had a severe attack of vertigo. No headache, so dizzy that just moving my body lightly caused me to vomit. Lasted about 4 days, went away completely. Aprox. 6 mos. later same thing happened again, just as severe. Went to the doctor, thought it was sinus infect. or something. Got med. , It went away.
Avatar n tn Hey guys - oh what a few days!! My 14 month old has been in the ER all morning. He has only been walking well for about 3 weeks and yesterday, he just quit - started limping and won't put weight on his leg. They thought he had a "toddler's fracture" of the tibia but Xrays look unremarkable. "Just watch him" is all I got after 4 hours of waiting**SIGH* anyway, I was wanting to know if any of you thy.
Avatar f tn Reese's leg makes this crunching feeling when you touch/move it, the vet also said she felt that but said it was not broken bones. If not broken bones then what is it? And how long should I expect it to take to be better? I know with humans it can be around 6-8 wks....is it the same with animals?
Avatar n tn "What does it feel like to have a fatal heart attack?" Maybe I'm thinking along the wrong tracks here? Can anyone who has a 'fatal' heart attack describe how it felt?
Avatar n tn he seems to have messed up the knuckle above his pinky finger. what can i do to help. do i need to take him to get an x ray. what can a doctor do for him if anything.
148691 tn?1260198503 She wears the most fashionable clothing. Always. She is nice, and has a southern (or ebonics??) accent. She does smell like fish tho..... more often than not... So she comes to me today and looks at me up and down... scanning me... and says: Hey Vanessa! you look all beefy today! Mind you, I am wearing a turtle neck sweater, a loose leg pants (yeah, i got my period yesterday) with the ole' small sweater tied up at my waist, and another sweater on top of my turtle neck. (I like layers!) .....
Avatar m tn Maybe I'm just paranoid, but sometimes when I'm shiftting in bed I think I faintly feel a slight click where the fracture occured. Is a non uinon fibula a bad thing, does it require attention, and does an X-ray show if the fracture has healed properly.
Avatar n tn Additionally I had bi-lateral jumped facets (dislocated/broken neck) at c6-c7 that led to a spinal cord injury and nerve root lesions. My brachial plexus was also damaged. This has caused constant muscle spasms in the left side of the neck, shoulder, back. Although I have an intrathecal baclofen/morphine pump I still have upper back spasms and isolated spasms in the neck that the pump doesn't offer total relief for.
3131950 tn?1351778243 Thank God I was there when they told him to take them like that so I was able to back him. What a nightmare!! They wound up filling his vicodin and he is now down to 1/2 to 1 5mg a day. It's ridiculous that they push them on you, then treat you like an addict when you need them refilled. And he wasn't abusing them. The bottles said to take them like that.
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Avatar n tn i thought it was razor burn, but these have been here for a week and a half. they sort of look like ingrown hairs, but i could only pull out two of the hairs. these, again, are not in clusters. at night they itch like crazy and during the day they have a burning sensation. i shave over them and they do hurt when i do, but they feel like bad razor burn. i've looked up information on hsv1 and 2, herpes zoster, shingles...anything.
1337425 tn?1278177587 that's for sure, and i sure hope it's not 6 months - this dr had also gone thru drugs, w/d's, etc - said he had a broken spine, so he knows what i'm going thru at least... i seem to have a spurt of energy in the morning, but it wears down as the day goes along .. if i could wish for one thing, it would be more energy ...
784382 tn?1376934640 there was not a plane it sight(i looked cause i thought i was crazy).... it was deff a sign from my lord and savior...he is telling me that it will be ok... but im still VERY nervous. i know he has me in his hands and now its all up to him..... wishme luck and not to much pain after!!...xoxox Kristyn.. p.s. thank you lord....
233622 tn?1279338505 Or is it a symptom? Even if it does count as a relapse I still have the issue of ONE brain lesion. Although there is a new area of UBO in my periventricular area. But that has not been addressed by the doctor. I know I need to wait and see what that LP says but I am not sure what is going to happen if it is ok. In the meantime I am dealing with this mess. Since I had loss of bladder control that night last week I have noticed a lack of sensing when I need to go to the bathroom.
1522912 tn?1292053850 Both Lipo and Lymho can appaently be caused by a broken bone, trauma to the limb and gyno surgery and I have had all; a fractured pelvis, major burn to my thigh, and several surgeries for endometriosis. Do you think it is worth persuing the lymph involvment and could the pain in my leg be related to the swelling in the legs or do you think it is separate? I have had an MRI of my hip which didn't show anything, where would you suggest I get MRI's again - my right thigh?
645800 tn?1466864555 The cholesterol myth that we have been told, sounds like a 40 year old broken record. I haven't seen any studies that prove that lowering cholesterol, improves health status. “It's not what you don't know that kills you, it's what you know for sure that ain't true.” by Mark Twain I have looked at a lot of studies!! Here's an abstract from PMID: 16875805 Titled: "Cholesterol Lowering and Mortality: Time for a new Paradigm?
Avatar f tn It started by an itching sensation where I thought I had been bitten by something, that did not last however and then it just felt sort of tight (swelling?) if I felt anything at all. It is unsightly and I am concerned since it does look like bleeding under the skin. I am leary of spending the money to see a doctor and not getting a proper diagnosis, as that seems to be happening to me more and more lately.
Avatar n tn I'm afraid she's wrong because this pain hasn't subsided even a little bit and it's been five days. Does anyone know what the typical recovery time is for a broken tailbone? I am so miserable!!!!
Avatar m tn So I wheeled myself out into what was supposed to be the hallway and it was a mad house! It was like a two floor mall and all around people were running and screaming and here I was confined to this wheelchair. I remember I had a pop (soda) and didnt want no one to drink it. It was sitting beside me on a bench. I looked away for a second and looked back at my soda and the tab was turned backwards? Like someone was fu ing with me then I looked straight and realized y everyone was frantic.
Avatar n tn Okay, tons of people are describing repeated symptoms, cell phone locations, etc. with only a Few ideas of causes out there. Let's narrow this down as it doesn't look like a doctor's ever going to respond, and this epidemic is striking younger and younger generations.
Avatar n tn i have gotten a check up from the doctor and he said the very small bumps on my penis dont look like herpes but another doctor took a swap of the area and said they might be herpes. I told him that my legs, both legs, are feeling very sore and wondered if that was a symptom of herpes. he said i should not worry about my leg pain and the area might not be herpes. i dont feel pain when i urinate and it does not hurt to touch the "effected area".
Avatar n tn This is the hip that the doctor took the bone from. I would like very much to know what septis is and what does smoking or not have to do with anything.
Avatar n tn I am very concerned about this and would appreciate any info from anyone!
Avatar m tn Now, I totally agree with people that the doctors are just substituting one addiction for another, but the aim of it is to stabilise you on something that is the same strength every day, every time you take it and what is not cut with things like rat poison or made in a dodgy shed in a third world slum. Then, once stabilised physically and mentally, a gradual reduction can begin which tries to keep disruption and discomfort to a minimumm.