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1345272 tn?1276400328 When i returned to my doctor for in increase of the Celexa she noticed that taking Methadone and Celexa together was not a good idea because it could cause irregular heartbeats and could potentially be life threatening in some cases and because she was not too familiar with methadone she just found out of the symptoms.
Avatar f tn The celexa worked great but I had no libido so he took me off of it and put me on Wellbutrin and Ambien. I went straight from the celexa to the wellbutrin. After 4 days of taking the wellbutrin I started to have these weird dizzy spells everytime I turn my head, it is especially bad after I wake up, sometimes I even feel like I could fall over. I have not taken the medication in 5 days and I still feel dizzy.
Avatar n tn Absolutely loved it but had sexual side effects and weight gain. Next Wellbutrin, did nothing for me. Next Effexor AND Wellbutrin. Slept 3 days straight on Effexor so had to go off of it. Now Celexa and Wellbutrin. Only day 4 but this one is giving me insomnia. Too soon to know if that will wear off and if it's working. My question is, my Dr knows I am concerned about not gaining more weight.
Avatar n tn I've been on 150mg of Effexor XR and 300mg of Wellbutrin for maybe 9 months now. I suddenly started feeling sick after taking the two together. 2-3 hours after taking the two I get the "zapping" feeling some people describe, my heart rate increases (as high as 120), sometimes I feel nauseous, I have trouble focusing, and I generally feel sick. This has been getting worse over the last 2 months. I went to the ER the other day because I felt so bad and my heart rate was scaring me.
Avatar n tn My daughter started going to phychiatrist(she just turned 18 she was on 40mg of prozac) he put her on valium 5mg,celexa60 mg and and 100 mg of wellbutrin what is this combination usually treat? She has some aniexty and depression ?Her hands shake after wellbutrin,but doctor said to try and see if it subsides after body gets use to it.Please let me know if this combination is used alot?
Avatar n tn At the time, I was taking wellbutrin and celexa. I began taking notes on the events, and found that when I became agitated, irritated by people, that is experiencing negative emotions, THAT was when these episodes begin. Once, when my celexa ran out and it was a week before I could refill it, I noticed the intensity of these episodes was greatly reduced.
Avatar f tn I take Wellbutrin and celexa with Depakote as my mood stabilizer. Its working very well for me but I had to add on the celexa VERY slowly to make sure I didn't go manic. I've tried almost every med out there over the past 10 years. I LOVE celexa and think it's the best a-d for me. I switched to wellbutrin to quit smoking (which has helped me cut back a lot) but overtime I realised I was getting depressed so my doctpr suggested adding on the celexa.
Avatar f tn Hi. I started wellbutrin xl 150 mg a few months ago after having tachycardia chest tightness and panic. Upped it to 300 mg after a few weeks. I also have clorazepate (tranxene) 7.5 mg for when needed. Then after having tachycardia still I started metoprolol 25 mg (which I cut in half) to help with daily anxiety and lower my heart rate. It has definitely lowered my heart rate but I still don't feel right. Still have an uneasy feeling and tightness in my chest.
1929489 tn?1323132446 Need to find a SSRI that will let me lose weight.
Avatar m tn Do your own research, but apparently you can take both together. I have taken Wellbutrin and my husband does for bipolar (him) and we did not gain wt. on it. It just did not work for me, so I switched to Lexapro. It helped me in less than a week. I have been on it for several years and actually lost wt. while on it. I was actively trying to lose wt. and had no problems doing it while taking the Lexapro.
Avatar f tn I presently take 150 mg of Wellbutrin SR once a day, 60 mg of Celexa and 3 mg of xanax a day. When I take the Wellbutrin in the morning I feel ok but by lunch time have many symptons which I was instructed to only take 20 mg of Celexa and 1 mg of xanax. At dinner time I take 40 mg of Celexa and get shakiness, muscles tighten up,when I go to sleep my jaw tightens up which have time relaxing to get it to go away.
Avatar n tn I neglected to say that I presently take Wellbutrin, Buspar and Celexa for my PTSD.
Avatar m tn do you recommend adding wellbutrin or switching to and getting off celexa?
Avatar m tn After taking Wellbutrin 150mg 2x daily and my Zoloft 100mg together fro the first time I woke disoriented and dizzy Just was wondering if I should of started the wellbutrin one a day to get used to it.
Avatar n tn in my opinion only!! always check with your doctor first....but as far as I know when ur on a medication 'in the same family' as the new one your doctor is changing u2....than u do not have to taper off...just stop and start! Its only when ur changing to a different family of meds ie: SSRI's ,SNRO's MOA's and so on that u need to taper...
1641428 tn?1305955145 Consult a psychiatrist to find out if you are a candidate to try another anti-depressant with less sexual side effects. Some patients have also used a low dose of Celexa in the evening and Wellbutrin in the morning (a very successful combination for many because Wellbutrin seems to have an energizing effect for them). And, of course, many other factors can influence desire. You might also examine what else has been happening in your life that may have affected you.
Avatar n tn I would get a second opinion. The Wellbutrin does not equally replace the Prozac, so while you likely won't have any SERIOUS problems like seizures, you may feel miserable. If you doctor isn't a psychiatrist, seek one out.
Avatar f tn I am so depressed yet in a very anxious state for 10 months now. Should I stop the Celexa and try another anti-depressant OR add Wellbutrin to help with the fatigue and depressed feelings? What should I do about the anxiety?
Avatar n tn I told my psychatrist about this and she told me that she does not know why it seems to work for a while then not be so effective, before taking celexa I was taking wellbutrin Sr 300 mgs, before that I was on lexapro 20 mgs one time a day, I had the same results with this drug as well, I was diagnosed with a mild form of depression. I am thinking maybe the adderall is to strong?
Avatar f tn my dr wants me to try wellbutrin in the monring n celexa at night...i was on celexa and gained 18 lbs..i am sensitive with my weight i do not wanna gain weight...has anyone been on these combos ?
Avatar n tn Always speak to your doctor regarding medications, as they know the medication best and your health history. From what I understand Wellbutrin is used when sleepiness occurs in the daytime, which would make sense to take the Celexa at night. I only take Celexa, and only in the morning. So, apparently it is an individul thing, depending on your specific needs. A quick call to your doc is best. Take care...
Avatar n tn I take Armour thyroid, Celexa(changed from wellbutrin) enalapril,estradiol and promethium. I'm 52, a newlywed and have a lot of difficulty attaining an orgasm. I never had this before. Libido, and stimulation are great, but no climax. What can I do differently to resolve this problem?
1410591 tn?1281565510 Would it be ok for me to take 5-10 mg of valium at night to help take the edge off? Will celexa and valium together be bad? or is it fine?
Avatar f tn my dr put me on wellbutrin about 5months ago along with celexa,lamictal and now he just cold turkey took me off the wellbutrin 2weeks ago , god i can tell a difference and so can co workers , family , friends i am irritable, moody, crying alot out in to space just not myself told dr i was doing great brfore taking me off , he said it was not a long acting drug and could not be on for life , all i know is i can not focus at all and no sleep as well why would a dr take me off when i was doi