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Avatar n tn I take my wellbutrin 150 mg in the morning and 10 mg celexa at night. Been taking wellbutrin for years and recently added the celexa due to increased depression and hot flashes from menopause. The celexa does make you drowsy so it's perfect at night.
Avatar n tn i recently switched from celexa to wellbutrin sr and my PCP told me to stop my celexa (without tapering down) and to start the wellbutrin sr that day. she told me that b/c they were in the "same class of antidepressents" i would be fine without tapering down. i'm not feeling well and don't believe that celexa and wellbutrin are in "the same class". i also believe that she made a mistake by not having me taper down.
Avatar n tn She should definetly taper off of Celexa over a two week period, and her symptoms are very likely because of getting off too soon. Most doctors start Wellbutrin and Prozac together, and it is well tolerated. Wellbutrin is also activating, and she may be very sensitive to that, making her edgy and anxious. I would suggest talking to your doctor again about having a low dose of both celexa and wellbutrin for several weeks, and then tapering off of the celexa, or replacing it with another ssri.
656309 tn?1224493459 Not sure if it's withdrawals from Celexa, or side effects from the Wellbutrin SR. Took 40mg of Celexa for a year and Psychiatrist switched me to Wellbutrin SR 150mgs a day. He told me to stop the Celexa cold turkey. That I'd be fine, and just start taking the Wellbutrin SR the next day. This was on Oct 4th that I started the Wellbutrin SR and stopped the Celexa. Glad my sex drive is back, but other than that, I feel like taking my head off with a chainsaw about 1/2 the time.
Avatar n tn I've been on 150mg of Effexor XR and 300mg of Wellbutrin for maybe 9 months now. I suddenly started feeling sick after taking the two together. 2-3 hours after taking the two I get the "zapping" feeling some people describe, my heart rate increases (as high as 120), sometimes I feel nauseous, I have trouble focusing, and I generally feel sick. This has been getting worse over the last 2 months. I went to the ER the other day because I felt so bad and my heart rate was scaring me.
Avatar n tn I would get a second opinion. The Wellbutrin does not equally replace the Prozac, so while you likely won't have any SERIOUS problems like seizures, you may feel miserable. If you doctor isn't a psychiatrist, seek one out.
Avatar m tn So she upped my dosage and 2 days later I caled her and went back in. That's when I stopped the burpro. immidiatly and she put me on celexa and klonopin for the anxiety. Best to you, Kelli It didn't take but a few days for me to start feeling sooooo much better. I don't have the anxiety like before and I haven't even needed to take any of the klonopin, I like the Celexia very much. I almost feel like a gifferent person because of the med change.
Avatar f tn Thank you both for your wondeful suppot and the good advise.....I have looked up th paxil and wellbutrin and it has the same side effects together that I am going through.....I am making an appointment with my doctor and will have him refer me to a psychiarist , whom he sent me to once with anothr issur over a year ago!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn 4 months down the line i'm picking myself back up and feeling stronger. You to will feel stronger. The wellbutrin may well have caused a mania which led you to do what you did, this should be explained to whoever it needs explaining to. I hope you find the strength to get to the ER if you are not there already.
Avatar n tn I switched from Lexapro to Wellbutrin because of weight gain and high blood pressure and have had wonderful results. Blood pressure is normal again and I have lost weight. Hopefully this medication will work for you too..
Avatar n tn My best friend is on the Wellbutrin and a small amount of the Zoloft and she is feeling ok except for headaches. She eventually wants to get completely off the Zoloft and just do the Wellbutrin. If you take alot of meds together the harder it is to figure out what is right and what is messing you up.
Avatar m tn Do your own research, but apparently you can take both together. I have taken Wellbutrin and my husband does for bipolar (him) and we did not gain wt. on it. It just did not work for me, so I switched to Lexapro. It helped me in less than a week. I have been on it for several years and actually lost wt. while on it. I was actively trying to lose wt. and had no problems doing it while taking the Lexapro.
Avatar n tn She also said since Wellbutrin doesn't help with the anxiety problem that I could take both Zoloft and Wellbutrin together. Now I know she's a doctor and I probably think I know more because I'm constantly reading stuff on the internet, but is that really safe? Has anybody out there been taking both and maybe has some advice. I mean it makes sense but it just seems like a lot of medicine to be taking. But then again I'm not a doctor.
Avatar n tn I have been taking Celexa and adderall together for about a year now and things have been working great. My only problem has been the sexual side-effects which have made my sex drive almost nothing. Because I entered into a serious relationship within these past couple months my doctor and I started discussing potential drugs that would increase my libido. She suggested Buspar. However, I have only been taking Buspar for two days and feel like it is having a counteractive affect on my adderall.
Avatar m tn I'm only 27 and right now I'm on lithium, celexa, trazadone and ambilify. I can't focus not even while driving, just can't concentrate... gained 30 pounds ! I get dizzy, I have no interest in sex..... Help !! I need a good BP med and a good AD med without the weight gain and loosing interest in sex. My anxiety is terrible too. Any suggestions ?
Avatar n tn I have known 2 people who have died from mixing drugs and alcohol. One was my husband, who mixed alcohol and heroin--he overdosed, I walked in and found him and this was TERRIBLE!!! It took me a LONG time to get over this. The second person I know was at a party and drinking and taking valiums--she died that night at the party--everyone thought she was just passed out. Xanax is a benzodiazapine just like valium is.
Avatar n tn I was on 60mg Celexa & 450mg Wellbutrin for 1 yr. Now down to 40mg Celexa & 300mg Wellbutrin. I have been completely off Celexa for 3 days w/no adverse effects. I actually feel better. I want to eventually get off both medications. Should I resume a lower dose of Celexa and taper off or just go cold turkey since I'm this far in? Then when can I start a taper off of the Wellbutrin, and how fast should I go? My prescibing Dr. relocated to another city so I'm flying solo.
2217782 tn?1394367572 an SSRI Celexa (citalopram) and an NDRI Wellbutrin (bupropion). That may indicate your mother does not fully understand what is happening with you right now. If you you are going through an anxious period and are responding to the Citalopram the Wellbutrin could compound your anxiety. I know personally it would turn me into a wreck.
Avatar f tn I was also thinking about maybe supplementing this with a low dose of Celexa, which I really did like. This is a common combination, and is safe when taken together. Has anyone tried a similar combo? Did this keep the weight gain in check? Thanks in advance for your answers.
1190024 tn?1264692022 Hi, I am new to this site and hope I can contribute some helpful information. I was dx with severe depression 25 yrs. ago and a couple of years was redx. with Bipolar I w/mixed episodes, severe depression. I also have been thru a mixture of different "cocktails". I am currently on a cocktail of 300 mg. effexor, 20 mg. of celexa and 30 mg of Risperdal and I am having some success...finally.
Avatar m tn Also, heard Wellbutrin and drinking don't mix very well. So between the Wellbutrin and my Rosacea, I guess my weekly beers are out for awhile :( FL: Don't think SAD is it. Think what's making me down is having to stay inside more than staying inside. I did buy one of those SAD lamps many winters ago but ended up returning it. SF: You're right. I posted the article but you picked out the "bending over" part :) You know, can't even remember what that article was about. LOL.
Avatar m tn When I went back to my doctor for a follow up on Friday, he also decided to put me on Xanax (PRN) and Celexa (10mg/1XD). I always research any medication I take, and have been reading that the Metoprolol Tartrate and the Citaprolam are a bad combination and can lead to extremely low blood pressure or even heart stoppage. I was wondering if anyone else out there has been prescribed these medications together, and if so, have you had any adverse reactions?
Avatar n tn and on the other comment, i am a nasty ***** right now...thats a reason for going on the wellbutrin. For months I was just up and down and up and down with emotions..lately i havent wanted to look at anyone, i havent wanted anyone to look at me (in fear that i might bite someones head off)i havent wanted to go out in public, afraid that everyone that sees me will think...what a horrible, ugly, fat person....although i know none of this is true, i cant help but to think it..
Avatar n tn and I also am feeling a little better (as my babies get older, I tend to feel better in respect to anxiety and depression--easier to cope). Now, I'm switching to Wellbutrin tomorrow and will follow my doctor's (ob/gyn) instructions for tapering off Paxil and adding Wellbutrin (and eventually discontinuing depression medication someday). Will the Wellbutrin help me stop eating out of boredom: It's just a habit for me to sit in front of the T.V.
Avatar n tn I just read your post about Wellbutrin and it seems I'm suffering the same side effects as you. I've tried effexor; I was taking Wellbutrin and Effexor together for a quite a while up until a couple months ago. The side effects I experienced from Effexor were pretty bad - non-existant sexual libido, shaking, lethargy - which seem pretty common after reading about other people's experiences with it on forums and talking to my doctor.
Avatar n tn I was on celexa for 6 mos and it made me gain 20lbs and just started wellbutrin sr and was wondering if this has helped anyone lose weight? I am starting off with 150 sr 1x a day for 3 days and tommarrow I start 300sr , so far side effects are insomnia.
Avatar n tn Absolutely loved it but had sexual side effects and weight gain. Next Wellbutrin, did nothing for me. Next Effexor AND Wellbutrin. Slept 3 days straight on Effexor so had to go off of it. Now Celexa and Wellbutrin. Only day 4 but this one is giving me insomnia. Too soon to know if that will wear off and if it's working. My question is, my Dr knows I am concerned about not gaining more weight. Why did he keep me on Wellbutrin along with the other medicines if the Wellbutrin did not work itself?
1641428 tn?1305958745 Consult a psychiatrist to find out if you are a candidate to try another anti-depressant with less sexual side effects. Some patients have also used a low dose of Celexa in the evening and Wellbutrin in the morning (a very successful combination for many because Wellbutrin seems to have an energizing effect for them). And, of course, many other factors can influence desire. You might also examine what else has been happening in your life that may have affected you.
Avatar n tn I was on welbutrin 150mg then increased to 300mg it maid me feel horrible, loss of appetite, ihad a funny feeling in my throat and mouth. I finally put 2 and 2 together and realized it was making me more anxious and triggering horrible panic attacks. My doc gave it to me for depresion along with remeron 60 mg and klonopin2mg at night and I took the wellbutrin in the morning. it just did not agree with me at all I had to quit taking it.