Can i take celexa with wellbutrin

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Avatar f tn I thought it was the Wellbutrin but now realize that Celexa can cause anxiety also. Or it could be the combination. Just wondering if anyone else takes this combination of meds and do they cause others anxiety.
Avatar n tn i realized that i was doing fine on just the wellbutrin and now have a couple month's worth of still-good celexa. can i alternate these each month or two? i know they work differently, but if i have started one or the other, will i still need to go through that typically 4 week "get used to it" phase, basically canceling any positive effects they have if i switch them often? would it be better to wait six months then switch? or should i just chuck out the celexa? thanks!
Avatar n tn and does it have less side effects than Zoloft and Paxil (sexual, nervousness,etc)And if I drink alcohol while taking Celexa, can I drink in small amounts without worry? I also take 2 mg of Klonopin a day....klonopin has really helped my social phobia and anxiety.
950277 tn?1247278151 BP pts take wellbutrin, celexa, lexapro in the majority of the cases. A few take seroxat/paxil to go with lamictal. But my experience if you have unipolar depression then it';s OK BUT for BP you eventually will end up in mania. I tried all sorts of antidep[ressants you just name it. The only one i haven't tried is St John's Wart (natural herbs) but it is said also that it can bring mania. BP pts take usually a mood stabilizer not an AD even if they have a bipolar depression.
Avatar m tn So in my non-medical opinion, if you took celexa before and you had no problems you are more than likely not going to have any problems this time. I take Wellbutrin and seizures is a possible side effect....I don't have seizures on it. Like I said, they have to list everything even if the chances are slim that you would even experience that side effect.
Avatar f tn my dr put me on wellbutrin about 5months ago along with celexa,lamictal and now he just cold turkey took me off the wellbutrin 2weeks ago , god i can tell a difference and so can co workers , family , friends i am irritable, moody, crying alot out in to space just not myself told dr i was doing great brfore taking me off , he said it was not a long acting drug and could not be on for life , all i know is i can not focus at all and no sleep as well why would a dr take me off when i was doi
Avatar f tn If you are suffering from anxiety, apparently you can heighten that problem if you take too little Celexa. So that is a problem, experimenting and taking notes while trying to find if it is working, all the while being aware that if you don't take enough you get more tense. I was lucky and got relief in a week, but my pharmacist told me about the low dosage problem some people get.
Avatar n tn I still have dizzy spells after one month of weening off the celexa but I realize that it's not an easy fix and I can get my life back if I stick with it. Reading other comments has helped me to see that I'm not all alone and that I'm not imagining these things. I hope my story can aid or assist you the same.
Avatar f tn I was taking wellbutrin along with lamictal and celexa and was doing great, I told my doctor i was doing great and he decided to just take me off cold turkey 2 weeks ago and now i am crying alot , not sleeping, i am just not myself i am spaced out now and family friends and co workers can see a difference in me , not sure why he took me off since i was doing good , i feel like i am about to lose my mind very irritable, and angry at times why would he take me off if i were doing good on it , h
950277 tn?1247278151 I take only 150mg. I think I need a higher dose. When I first started on Wellbutrin I felt incredible. I have always had high energy levels. I dont mind staying up late. I just liked the calming feeling I got an wellbutrin in the beginning. It feels like the old me is coming back for another visit.
Avatar n tn I'm on 150 mg of Wellbutrin XL which I take in the morning. I also take Buspirone for anxiety. I have terrible hot flashes and was thinking of speaking with my doctor about that. Does the Celexa help you with the hot flashes? I could use it to help me sleep as well. Do you experience any side effects? I had been on Lexapro for years, but switched to Wellbutrin because of weight gain on Lexapro. Wellbutrin increased my anxiety so I'm taking the Buspirone to combat that.
Avatar n tn I have been off oxycontin for about three weeks(80mg/day for about 2mos) I tapered with some hydros and perc and have been completely off for about 1.5 weeks. I got some wellbutrin today to help with the depression that got me hooked on the pain numbing drugs in the first place and I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this and what their experience has been . I would definetely appreciate any and all feedback.
1143570 tn?1261223356 We are not qualified to recommend drugs, just share our experiences with them. I have been on Celexa for quite sometime with very good results. Work closely with your doctor (a psychiatrist is most knowledgeable) when it comes to medication, only they know your medical history and what is best for you. We've all been there, so know you're not alone and we are always here to offer help or support. I think you can get back to a normal, happy life and you deserve to.
Avatar n tn I felt way more confident and at ease while on it. I was told to take Xanax if I felt I needed to. .25mg and I was out for 1 1/2 hours. I couldn't stay awake. I'll try half next time. I hate trying so many meds. Doc said I could start Wellbutrin tomorrow. Do you think it should be safe?
Avatar n tn Well I was put on Wellbutrin, which help cessate my urge to smoke, thankfully, BUT I was afflicted with what 1 in 5000 who take this are afflicted with, hyperactivity of the brain. Imagine, if you will, the "This is Your Brain on Drgs" commercial. Well, you know how the egg pops, imagine another egg popping on each of those pops, and again, and truly drove me nuts. I mean I literally stayed up at night with all sorts of thought running through my head.
Avatar f tn If you don't do well, call your psych and ask him if you can take Wellbutrin with the Celexa and see how that helps. Paxil and Wellbutrin are in the same class which is why he probably switched you from Paxil to Wellbutrin. Those 2 drugs work on 2 of your neurotransmitters. The Celexa and Lexapro work on 1 of the other neurotransmitters. Do you understand? We have 3 major transmitters that have to do with our mood, they are Dopamine, Serotonin, and Norepinephrine.
Avatar n tn I feel like a damn guinea pig.... Approx. a yr.ago my obgyn put me 1st on Celexa 20mgs felt GREAT for 2 wks, then my body, i feel, got immuned to the stuff, so I up'd it to 1 in the a.m. & 1 in the p.m. felt confused, couldn't concentrate etc. He then switched me to Zoloft...sweating, bad crying dreams, more depressed so my therpist told me to stop taking Zoloft, wait until I see a "shrink" to determine what I need to take, which is a month away.
Avatar m tn I'm tired all the time which makes it really difficult for me to keep up with my daughter. Not to mention I went from being depressed to now either being depressed or just flat out emotionless to where I could care less about anything in my life. A couple years ago my sister in law gave me her Wellbutrin XL pills because I didn't have insurance but she wanted to try and help me and I seemed to be really on top of things and in a great mood most the time while on it.
Avatar n tn She does not take any other meds. Also I am on Wellbutrin XL for depression, which costs me $15.00 a month and I would also be interested in switching to bupropion. The only other Rx I take is Nexium.
Avatar n tn I used to be on Prozac and asked my physician on switching to another anti-depressant because of sexual side effects. So she added Wellbutrin with my Prozac, well I noticed that I got very agitated when I started this and told my physician and was put on Wellbutrin completely (no Prozac). Well I noticed that I have become moodier, still agitated at times, and cry very easily.
Avatar m tn In my experience, I take 300 mgs of Luvox. I got to where I couldnt ejaculate. My psychiatrist put me on buspar, after a while i started more and more to get my sex drive back and the ability to ejaculate. He explains it a lot better than I did..
656309 tn?1224493459 But I stuck with it and when everything kicked in, I became very happy with Lexapro. Except it didn't lift my mood and give me the energy Wellbutrin did. But I guess I can't have everything! (Lots of energy AND sleeping at night.) Unfortunately one potential side-effect of Lexapro is SEVERE VERTIGO. So I am very interested in coming off it to see what happens (through slow tapering off). As for your husband - I have a suggestion. You BOTH should go see a psychologist.
Avatar n tn gad and social anx disorder but found it did not help with the depression at all , now i am starting on celexa 20 mg once a day with effexor , would it help if i took celexa and welbutrin instead for my depression and anxiety....
Avatar n tn I have been on wellbutrin for 2 1/2 weeks and I have lost ten lbs. I was taking Celexa for years and it caused my to gain a lot of weight, even though Im not a big eater and walk miles a day at my job. I am so happy!
Avatar f tn Hi I have ringing, I thought that it was from all the loud music I used to listen to when I was younger. I take bupropion, celexa, trazadone, prilocex, albuteral, flomax, vitamines, b12(shots every 2 weeks), b6, iron and sometimes asprin. I have seen my reg doc and ENT lately.
Avatar f tn I am right there with you. I take Effexor XR and feel like it's not working but I also know I am mourning the loss of my drug. I am a lost little soul right now just plugging along. Like Vickie said it takes 2-4 weeks to kick in. I would say if it doesn't seem to help at all either try to increase back to 40 mg or go back and try something else. I do know a lot about antidepressants from personal experience as well as being a psychiatric nurse for 20 years.
Avatar f tn You can read my story on my home page. I loved it so much that I could be the Celexa poster woman, but I don't know anything about the weight issue, since I had lost lots suffering from depression and anxiety at the same time. I was able to normalize my weight after the Celexa kicked in. Your pharmacist can give you good information on the side effects, as opposed to what may be just anecdotal evidence here.
Avatar m tn I have been put on wellbutrin as well as my 60 mg of celexa which is the highest you can go on that drug. I have added the wellbutrin with the celexa for only 2 days and I feel better even cleaned my toaster never done that in my life. It's giving me energy galore. I never have entertained the idea of going off the meds I have two special needs children and a husband that has left after 18years. I need drugs to cope I'm afraid,but I've accepted that now been on them for 8 years.
Avatar m tn I've been on Wellbutrin for about 5 years and I just love it. I also take Celexa (7 yrs) with it (not my choice, but my Doc's suggestion). I suffer from major depression, so I'm afraid to get off the Celexa, but if I could, I would love to be on just Wellbutrin and nothing else. For me, Wellbutrin has no bad side-effects, although we are all different. I was reading another thread today and another poster said that Wellbutrin made her "crazy"....
Avatar f tn I take Wellbutrin strictly for OCD anxiety. I do not have a history of depression.