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208686 tn?1293034103 Sorry, DID I SAY 8 WEEKS?? I mean 7 weeks today, geeze I think.........ugh......
900662 tn?1469393905 I will try to swim atleast twice a week, and ride my recumbent bike at home, no more heavy weight lifting for me. Does any one have any thoughts on what you do to keep moving? John..
Avatar m tn It never starts out as not hurting in the morning and then later I feel the pain in the afternoon. I am a 16 y/o High School Quarterback. I initially thought it was from throwing until my sports doctor told me that bilateral pain usually is not a injury. I have not been weight lifting due to a back injury I obtained in the spring. I had two stress fractures in my L3 and L4 vertebrae. I was inactive for 12 weeks and I am actively throwing now.
579258 tn?1250652943 I've been trying to lose weight for about a month now...so far I'm pretty sure I've gained weight. Not sure if it's been the weight training at the gym, or the increased cardio causing me to become even more hungry. Hopefully with the support of this community I'll be able to stay more focused!
Avatar n tn I wrote a few months ago about my now 15 y/o son, always in excellent physical condition & excellent athlete in 3 sports. New onset HTN in 8-98 s/p EBV & strep C. EKG=RBBB, ST-T changes. Echo=LVH, tricuspid insufficiency, mild MVP. Stress test=no symptoms, but HR 208, BP pre-test 158/88, 5 min. post 148/88, right axis deviation, QRS changes, inverted T-waves upon standing. Vasotec ineffective even at triple dose.
Avatar n tn and yet was eating like a pig (football, basketball and baseball player, in addition to weight training). He was a big kid, typical football player (quarterback) at 5'11. Now he looks like a very thin tennis player. Went from extra large shirts and 36 in. waist pants (typical slightly baggy as teens wear) down to medium shirts and his waist is just under 31 in.
Avatar f tn While I am not a fan of nursing homes in general, the provision of pureed food is not generally a decision based on "cutting up solid food". The fact is that dysphagia, or difficulty in swallowing, can be fatal. The pureed food is provided to prevent death. Parkinson's disease is characterized by periods when one swallows normally and periods when one may not be able to swallow.
Avatar n tn He is 5'11 (no growth spurt for 2 years now) and is very muscular as he was into weight training, and the 3 sports. I would like to know the definition Mayo has of the "somewhat abnormal" autonomic reflex testing, as well, but since they don't know me per se, I am not privy to all the medical terminology, which puts me at a disadvantage until I can get copies of actual records and test results. They were not even going to mention the elevation of 7.
1116472 tn?1260078652 6 months now, and my mind says stop, so im def. trying. I say alot like an armchair quarterback, but then i take them with him. My concern is for my 2 1/2 year old. she has never suffered from the addiction, but i fear the withdraws will result in me being not as active and attentive to her as we have been. I have alot of fears. And i don't know if tramadol or darvocet can help ease it up any.
Avatar m tn In fact, I'm pretty sure my medical background and training is a lot more rigorous than any training you might have had - I have a four year degree in zoology and a four year degree in clinical lab sciences. What are your credentials on anything? Just because you achieved SVR by SOC does not mean you are a genius. In fact you could be a bigger fool than you were when you did Zhang herbs, because you became more closed-minded after your success.