Weight training injuries to the elbow

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Avatar n tn The swelling extended down from the elbow joint (though not very swollen around the joint itself) round the outside of my forearm to the base of my wrist. My wife, a student nurse, assures me that the swelling is fluid as pressing it leaves a temporary indentation in the skin. There is no inflammation, no change in sensation, no discolouration or abnormality of any kind- I just have a swollen forearm!
Avatar m tn d like for it to look more (if not fully) like a normal elbow whilst still being able to continue training and lift heavy weight. Any help or input would be appreciated, thanks!
Avatar m tn It is thought to be due to small tears of the tendons that attach forearm muscles to the arm bone. Please correlate to the symptoms of tennis elbow. These are Pain over the outside of the elbow, Pain when lifting objects or Pain radiating down the forearm. MRI may show a tear. Apply ice or cold therapy to the elbow (15 mins up to six times a day). This will help reduce pain and inflammation if present. Rest is an extremely important component in the healing of this injury.
10840278 tn?1424816083 The evening group of men reduced body fat by 4 percent. In comparison, the morning weight training group experienced no body fat changes at all. Researchers in the study were unable to conclude why the evening workouts were more effective. During sleep, your body repairs and recovers muscular tissue. Growth hormone plays a vital role in weight-training recovery. Growth hormone also assists in fat breakdown and repairing lean muscle tissue.
Avatar m tn I'm a 26 year old male and have been going to the gym twice a week doing weights training for about 8 months. In the last couple of months I have had a slight pain that comes and goes in my left elbow, or just above. I first thought it was triceps tendinitis but I'm not so sure now and could do with some help. It started as a pain in my left tricep when doing dumbbell curls so I stopped doing curls and didn't feel the pain (I did tricep pull-downs/benchpress etc and was fine).
Avatar m tn In searching the internet it acts like a severe case of tennis elbow, the pain radiates from the elbow joint and follows the bone on the side of my thumbs, all along that bone it is extremely tender and it radiates a terrible burning pain that has never left me in many years. I'm going to go to the Rothmann institute of Sports medicine they deal with alot of joint and sports related injuries, I don't know if an elbow replacement would help but plan to find out, any further thoughts?
Avatar f tn it was diagnosed as the nerve in the elbow, the one we call the crazy bone but its actually a nerve that runs through the elbow. there are times it seems hard to stretch my arm completely outward if i keep it in a bent position too long. from what i understand it is better to live with the pain than the results that could take place from having surgery on it so i opted to live with it for as long as i can. hope this helps.
3173096 tn?1344204216 or tennis elbow but as the term suggest, the pain occurs on the lateral side or the outside of the elbow. Never the less the location of tendon injuries can vary and it can occur on the inside as well. I would recommend taking it easy on the weight lifting and pull ups and do push ups only upto the point where it does not hurt.
Avatar m tn m now at the point where all I can do is swim and walk for the near term--my tennis elbow flared up this week so no weights again. The inability to consistently exercise makes stress management difficult. As far as supplements, I'm just taking Muscle Milk to make sure I'm getting enough calories. I just saw the doc again and pushed her to run some more tests. I'll let you know what I hear.
Avatar m tn Good day! I have been experiencing tennis elbow (tendonitis) in my right elbow for the last 6 months. It's due to weight training and heavy lifting. I've cut back on the weight but still have soreness (though not as bad.) I've tried ice a few times each day, a brace when I exercise and Advil yet I still have it. My health insurance plan at work ***** and I don't want to go see a doctor as I don't have the money. Any suggestions? Thanx!!!
1563488 tn?1394255232 I don't know why you had the surgery (fracture, bone tumor, etc..), follow your orthopods orders. I don't see a problem with cardio at this juncture, but weight bearing is a different issue all together! Again, follow your docs orders. Best of luck!
Avatar f tn Not knowing if this is for weight reduction or not. Fast or slow, you will be burning essentially the same number of calories per mile when running. The harder the effort, the fewer miles you will be able to cover, and the opposite is true. Your body tires of doing the same workout every day, no matter the sport. If you head out to run three miles every day at the same pace your body will slow its response to your efforts, and your weight loss and performance will likely plateau.
Avatar f tn Hello Dear, The conservative treatment of tennis elbow consists of- Anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone injections are often used to help control pain and inflammation An elbow orthosis, called an elbow clasp, can be worn. The theory behind using an elbow clasp is that the brace will redirect the pull of misaligned muscles. Patients often find relief of pain when using the clasp during activities. Some simple exercises can also be helpful in controlling the symptoms of tennis elbow.
Avatar f tn A long lump has appeared in the hollow of my elbow just above the radius bone and humerous. The pain seems to be all around the elbow joint and in the muscles both in my forearm and tricep areas. I am going to go for physio but any ideas what i could have done because its so sore.
Avatar m tn that I needed time to regain my cardio fitness in order to return to work (Company physical ability test). I started back to the fitness center about 2 weeks post treatment & hit the treadmill, stair stepper, and also did some light weight training. On my third day after returning to work I was stacking some metal parts on a pallet and was using proper lifting techniques when I sprained my ankle with a possible achilles tendon injury.
1320407 tn?1274382379 Train intense weight training. That will be a cardio work out as well.
Avatar m tn Hey i was just playing Basketball and while contesting a rebound i got an elbow to the right side of my head. It didn't seem that bad at the time but after the game and my adrenaline went down i could feel a small bump and it was painful to the touch. The location was just above my right temple but as far as i could tell my temple was unharmed. I don't have any symptoms like burry vision or anything else besides a bump and a pain to the touch.
Avatar f tn When athletes throw repeatedly at high speed, the repetitive stresses can lead to a wide range of overuse injuries. Common throwing injuries of the shoulder include SLAP tears, biceps tendinitis and tendon tears, rotator cuff tendinitis and tears, internal impingement, instability, glenohumeral internal rotation deficit, and scapular rotation dysfunction.
Avatar f tn But other problems that can impact the nerves in the hand can stem from problems starting at the neck or in regions of the armpit, around the elbow or as the other poster suggested at the wrist. To find out what's going on, you'll need to think back on any injuries you've had (if injury is the issue) that could have occured at the neck, the armpit, the elbow or at the wrist - although carpal tunnel can occur with no injury per se, only repetitive use of the hands/wrists.
Avatar m tn I play baseball and have had problems with straining, hyper extension, and injurying this bicep; the injury always near the elbow and lower area of the bicep.
5919970 tn?1376695874 I had the injection on the 5th of August this year and felt okay for about a week and on the 2nd week I started to get aching pain radiating down the back of the shoulder to the elbow. I put this down to the healing process of the injected platelets and started treatment for healing with a naturopath who prescribed herbal anti-inflammatory tablets and MSM powder for pain.
Avatar n tn ve been wearing a heart rate monitor, and I find that between the hour of running and the hour or so of biking I tend to do in a day, I burn 900-1100 calories. On the weekends I don't run, but I do do the same approximate amount of biking, so I burn probably 300-400 calories those days. What I don't know is what that means in terms of my calorie intake.
Avatar n tn I had been working to lose weight, for over a year. I'm not trying to any longer, but considering the amount of exercise I do and the calorie restriction for so long, I'm pretty sure my metabolism is a little off. I don't see how eating 1700-1800 calories when I burn 1000 or more five days a week can be enough.
Avatar f tn During the test the doctor hit my elbow bone in my left arm with the needle. The pain was so intense I pasted out and was sent to the emergency room. I awoke about 40 minutes later approximately. I was sent home after the doctors notified my daughter and she picked me up. The past several months my elbow joint pain and burning has progressively gotten worse to the point now it is difficult when I bend or twist my arm.