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4483971 tn?1401777079 Sorry for the slow reply, I hate how the app doesn't notify you... But yes, at most I'm not to gain more than 15 pounds, but she would prefer I not gain any weight.
1320739 tn?1274401573 Multiply your weight by 7 and add 200 to it and that should be your calorie intake for a day to safely lose weight. You really need to have a food log and write down everything that you eat. Ketchup and condiments have calories along with what you drink. Make sure you get ok through your dr. also. Drink mostly water and try to get at least 1 hour of exercise a day. Adding weight training to cardio will really get your fat burners going. Good Luck.
Avatar f tn t listen to your doctor or trust their medical training, but there are conflicting views on things and risks with certain interventions that may not be necessary in all cases. It doesn't hurt to do your own research and make some choices yourself.
Avatar n tn Weight loss associating with HIV takes years after infection. If you are referring to ARS, weight loss is not a specific symptom.
Avatar n tn Rest about 30 sec and do a few more-- even just 2 at maximum weight. Rest than do even just one more. By now (if you are using enough weight) your muscle should be screaming. Eat protein within 1/2 hour of lifting. Drink a lot of water to flush the lactic acid out of the muscle. Then rest the next day, or work a different muscle group. Always let the muscles worked have a day to recover, or you'll just breakdown what you build up.
144586 tn?1284666164 What kind of people become "aides" that they worry about such things. I thought they went into the job to help the elderly and helpless. I semi-scolded my daughter when she was in the hospital because she wasn't eating the meals they brought in; her husband was scarfing them up (he's a bit of a garbage disposal anyway). I told her they track her food intake to make sure she's getting what she needs after surgery. Duh!
1285110 tn?1420147378 190.6 lb ----- 183.2 lb (loss 7.4lbs) Body Fat: 28 % ------- 27.51 % (loss 0.49% ) Chest: 44 in --------- 42.5 in (loss 1.5 inches) Waist: 39 in --------- 36 in (loss 3 inches) Hips: 44 in ---------- 42. in (loss 2 inch) Calf: 15.5 in -------- 14 in (loss 1.5 inches) Thigh: 22 in --------- 21 in (loss 1.0 inch) Arm: 13 in ----------- 12.0 in (lost 1.0 inches) Neck: 14 in ---------- 13.0 in (lost 1.0 inches) In 12 days I have seen a 7.4lb weight loss 3.
Avatar f tn If you go on a diet you will risk putting the weight back on but losing weight fast is not the reason people gain weight back. That comes from lack of discipline and motivation. I lost well over 100 pounds in less than six months and have now kept the weight off for over 8 years. If you want to have a healthy nutrition plan you will need to change your habits..... Permanently.
Avatar m tn Interesting. I have been weight training pretty heavily for the last year and just read a couple of articles that Heavy Exercise/weight lifting can cause elevated Alt and Ast scores.
Avatar f tn For anyone out there who started out at least 100 lbs. over weight, how did you start your exercise program? Did you have to lose 20 - 50 lbs. first? I need your advice.
Avatar f tn ve learned a lot and I did my birth plan at 20 weeks. I started with a template I found online then revised it for myself. I have the link for the template in my journals.
Avatar f tn I am getting mine from etsy. It will cost me around $10 for the customized template. I'm going to take the template to office depot and have them print them for me on cardstock.
2030686 tn?1351688548 AS advocate said, it is probably from the ribavirin. I found when I was on the double therapy that Gold Bond Medicated lotion was about the most helpful of all over the counter products. I didn't start itching as early as you have but treatment may be compounding the excess keratin problem. Sun was a definite factor in my ribavirin rash and I had to stay out of it. Advocate is also right on the PCR or viral load test.
Avatar f tn I have always been a competitive long distance runner and I am still running 10km on alternate days, three times a week, with an additional 20km run every fortnight and a full marathon every other month. In addition, I do weight training and I am on low-carb diet. I am terribly fatigued by the fevers and it is affecting my timing. I have been to the hospital for blood tests and x-rays, including tests for my thyroid, liver, kidneys, blood count etc. The doctor found nothing.
Avatar m tn however that is way too much weight to lose in such a short time frame. Fighting as a middle weight may be easier to withstand your opponents power, but you will lose your strength dramatically trying to fight in that weight class by November. I would recommend waiting until another bout to fight healthy and ready. That is my professional recommendation for you.
Avatar f tn the quantity of the virus is useless, you can have no virus at all but many infected cells which can create new virus from a dna template of the virus inside the cells, hbsag can reflect more or less the number of this dna template
Avatar f tn I am extremely active. I figure skate, weight lift, attend aerobics, and do additional cardio training. I have been on Jenny Craig for four months and got down to 142 pounds, but it came back on. I currently am eating 1200 calories a day and do physical activity every day faithfully. My goal weight is 130-135, but I can never get passed 142. It seems the more I exercise, the more I gain. I know muscle weighs more than fat, but there's no way I've gained that much muscle.
Avatar f tn I have been working out since December, 2010 with three days of weeks weight training for approximately 1 - 1.25 hours total body for the most part and 4-5 days/week of cardio -treadmill 3.5mph+ on an incline varying from 5-12% (minimum of 40 minutes). I follow Weight Watchers points system and I am within my points value at almost all times.
1901977 tn?1333991726 I found this birth plan creator and think it's brilliant. I used their template and then copied and pasted the results into a Word document so I could keep tweaking it, but it saved me a lot of time so thought it might be useful for my fellow June procrastinators. :) http://www.pregnancyandbaby.
Avatar f tn I purchased a template on etsy for 8 dollars and got 50 invites printed. This was the cheapest I found and the quality is great!! Just wanted to share.
1157811 tn?1263831494 Then you can start bending and stretching and do not continue if you experience pain. Weight control and achieving normal BMI in most of the cases reduces back pain completely. If you have chronic pain it is better for you to follow up with an orthopedician before you start any routine physical activity. Take care!
Avatar f tn Hi so Im 15 and looking to lose weight, the dieting is not a problem but the exercising is... I have quite a busy schedule most days and feel quite body consious exercising around other people, i have thought about running, which would probably be my best option but i seriously lack in the motivational department!! If you have any tips or ways that keep you motivated they would be much appreciated!!