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Avatar n tn We've just never had to exercise a dog more than we are doing with him now and to be honest he gets more exercise now than any other dog we've ever had and we've had a Collie, Bassett Hound and a German Shepherd before this. All we have in our town here is Wal-mart and 3 other grocery stores and I'd have to visit each one to find out what dog food lines they carry, but as I recall its all the same. There are no pet stores here let alone health food stores or pet health food stores.
Avatar n tn Life is so fragile. It's been almost 4 months since I left my German Shepherd mix Mickey who died at the age of almost 13 years old, which is a complete life for such a dog (although he looked like he had another 1-2 years left). He looked amazing and had hardly any grey in his muzzle and had a brilliant black & tan coat. He recently survived Ehrlichiosis and had a follow-up exam just 6 weeks earlier. That morning he made me proud walking so strong and graceful.
Avatar f tn Some dogs end up needing 4 times the amount of sedation than their weight would indicate. So there's a couple things that could have happened. In one respect, your vet was right: sometimes it just doesn't go as smoothly as it should. If this situation ever hits you again, you can ask for sedatives in the form of pills to give your dog before you bring him in for the final shot.
572651 tn?1531002957 But Bomber is a 100 lb German Shepherd ... he is generally very docile around the house (unless someone he doesn't know comes to the door or breaches the perimeter of our property, lol), but we just were not comfortable introducing a small bird into the equation. Plus, Cosmo was used to being out of his cage whenever I was home. That would have been a dicey scenario, and it wasn't fair to keep my little Cozzie in the cage all the time.
Avatar f tn When Angie received Convenia she had what seemed to be a cold which wasn't going away, she didn't seem gravely ill at that point. She had had some weight loss in July, but her blood work was normal. We did a thyroid panel in September which was fine. Then she had some hair loss for which I never found out the cause yet. After Convenia, she developed a high fever, she became extremely doped, she was hiding in the closet and she stopped eating completely.
203342 tn?1328740807 The week we had to put Mickey down, I lost alot of weight. I was unable to eat and felt very very selfish for putting him down. I felt selfish eating because I know how much he liked to eat. I feel sad everytime I get a treat for Pj and think Mickey would love to be eating this treat as well. If I can give you one word of advice that to this day I regret not doing? At the vets office the dr asked my husband and I if we wanted to be with Mickey when he was put down.
Avatar f tn a month back he was al normal and suddenly in the last wek or so stopped eating..,. he lost weight gradually in about 4-6 months and developed a lump near his ribs.. the doc said this could be a lymph node welling and not malignant... Yesterday we had his blood tests done and and his creatine is 14 way high.. which mean sign of ill functionaing kidneys... its been 3-4 days since he has been lethargic , sleeping al the itme.. rarely peeing...
449498 tn?1338775639 ) Any volunteers?
Avatar f tn Benadryl is also something of an anti-emetic, and can be given at 1 mg per pound of the dog's weight, but I doubt it will be very effective in the face of this kind of vomiting. Worth a try though. Another thing that helps is calcium - lots of it. I was giving Chica 2 Tums a day during her last couple of months. The calcium binds to phosphorus which is deadly to those in renal failure.