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Avatar f tn When I had my last sono my baby boy was ahead of the weight chart to ....last couple months they grow quick so kind of hard to tell yet bc still have tje last months that' theu will grow the most my first was 9.7 and last I had sono my baby boy was almost 2 lbs when it said he should only be like 1.2-1.5 lbs ...
4654179 tn?1382646814 Baby boy has his 2 month check up today and Dr seemed concerned because he didnt gain 2 lbs since his last visit which was 1 month ago. Is there any way to "fatten" him up with out giving him formula? He is taking Iron. He eats about 20 oz if i don't breastfeed and will have 10-15 if I do. He also has about 6-8 wet and dirty diapers, so I don't see how he's not gaining enough.
Avatar f tn Mine was right lol.
Avatar f tn also i confirmed his weight from U/S now i have appointment for 34wks and i m hoping he stays at 90th percentile.. those three lines on chart are estimated weight for baby and it also helps midwife to understand if baby has growth restrictions etc.. but they are not always correct.. :).. its always give or take two pounds when baby is born :)...
348660 tn?1230405773 I did it with all of my kids it was right with two and wrong with two, this one is a girl it says boy, last one was a boy it said girl.
Avatar f tn Eating more will just make you put weight on. I have put on lots of weight but my baby is small. It is not even reaching 10 centile. But she is growing so i am not too worried at the moment.
118074 tn?1228332603 Just keep introducing different food to your baby and let him eat the same kind for awhile before giving him a different one. He'll eventually start liking normal food and gaining weight. For the time being, for him to gain weight, lots of bubbas/breastmilk (whichever you're doing).
242143 tn?1215473908 Congratulations! He's such a cutie! Enjoy! And I thought my little baby girl was going to top the weight chart with her almost 10 pounds!
Avatar f tn The baby center website growth chart says average weight for a 33 week baby is 4.23 pounds, and that your baby is the size of a 32 week baby, which is 3.75 pounds. Your baby is REALLY close to average. Of more concern is your other post that states they've found a placental leak - indicating your baby isn't getting all that your placenta is delivering. The good news is, this has been discovered and is being monitored.
676912 tn?1332816151 Elijah's always been a monster, he was never below 90% for height and always above 50% for weight, mostly above 95% and 75% for height/weight. Aubryana is right now the same size Elijah was at 4 months and she's almost 9 months. Do I just have a little baby girl, or is she gonna start growing more as she gets older? I'm so used to Mr Giant.
Avatar f tn Yep books are more accurate then this app.
7868606 tn?1410362584 Ok so 6 isn't bad. Maybe the chart I'm lookin at is outdated??
6918915 tn?1395936471 I don't think it is allot Ady all I have lost 9 lbs and I am 16 weeks they aren't worried maybe they just want to make sure you eat healthy and keep it in check I know alot of doctors that belive thIs factor in fact we have one in the hospital i work at they just want healthy I know alot of ppl that easy unhealthy and have complications not everyone us the same but I would take it to keep myself in check not negative necessarily I won't buy maternity pants cause o want to make sure I don't gain
Avatar f tn Hi Ladies, For all those who are pregnant with twins or had twins (moms who already had twins can give their weight gain info and baby weight info for end of pregnancy!), I am just curious : 1. which week are you in? 2. how much have you put on? 3. how much do they estimate your twins weigh right now? 4. how tall are you and what was your original weight? (if you want to share ;)...
Avatar n tn but if what you say is true that you gain all the weight in the tummy when you have a boy then I'm having a boy. This pregnancy has been pretty much uncomplicated for my just like my son. Nothing like my pregnancy with my daughter which was loaded with complications. So I would almost have to agree with the chart on this one but I dont know the sex until birth.. I'm 32 weeks right now and counting. I will know soon enough.
167 tn?1374177417 1st - No morning sickness, happy baby boy 2nd - No morning sickness, m/c at 11 weeks 3rd - 22 weeks pregnant, no morning sickness, another boy Always just tired, and have more headaches. Love food too!!!!
Avatar f tn boy Perfect skin Instant weight gain to where I thought it was twins Moody the first three months then I evened out Breathing problems No morning sickness what so ever Ate my body weight in skittles This one: don't know yet 17 wks Awful morning sickness from day one Acne for two weeks now great skin Pretty heavy weight gain again Hardly any mood swings Feel amazing since week 12 Crave dairy (I'm usually lactose) This baby also loves Big Macs and cinnamon I thought it would be easy to guess th
1837090 tn?1328043721 So I had an ultrasound at 28 weeks for complications with consistent protein at +3 in my urine my entire pregnancy and because I haven't gained but actually lost weight so I started at 120 lbs pre pregnancy and am 30+3 and am 109lbs today so anyways I haven't gotten full results till the 19th but was already schedualed for another ultrasound the 18th because he is looking quite small!!!
1837090 tn?1328043721 So I had an ultrasound at 28 weeks for complications with consistent protein at +3 in my urine my entire pregnancy and because I haven't gained but actually lost weight so I started at 120 lbs pre pregnancy and am 30+3 and am 109lbs today so anyways I haven't gotten full results till the 19th but was already schedualed for another ultrasound the 18th because he is looking quite small!!!
Avatar f tn At 20 weeks last Friday, my baby boy was 12 ounces. I asked the tech if that's a good weight and she said yes. She's seen between 8 ounces and a pound at 20 weeks so it sounds like it's pretty average in that range. You were also a week ahead of me so maybe mine will be a pound at 21 weeks.
Avatar n tn he is pretty long for his age, but his weight is right for his height. your baby will most likely be the same way. tall. i think a lot of weight gets more evenly distributed once they start moving around more.
172826 tn?1423426556 My daughter is 5 mos and is 17lbs and I think that is huge but she is proportionate with her height and weight. Whee is Cameron on the growth chart? Is the height and weight consistent?
Avatar f tn Which is actually a surprise to me because hes been packing on weight since he came home from the hospital lol, but for the past few weeks his weight has evened out and his weight have been pretty steady! I just put him back on cereal a couple days because he was drinking 8oz bottles and it wasnt always filling him up! He goes thru 4-5 cans a week, so i decided to start him back on cereal mixed 5oz-6oz bottles.
366488 tn?1198119471 Does anyone know how to loose the weight gain from pcos? diet and excersize helped very miminal. they want me to try metformin. Has anyone tried this?
1985863 tn?1327764816 I havent noticed any bloating yet but I did start getting alittle cramping today and I generally cramp when I ovulate, I use to think boy my body does not want me pregnant because that is counter productive. cramps = no sexy time hahaha. But now Im thinking maybe thats my stims working. Dr called said my bw was good and to proceed on same doses and bw again tue am. I wonder when he will do retrival???? If I started stims on 2/3 fri could it be crazy to think he could do retrival wed or thur?
296076 tn?1371338074 Im also told that the majority of the weight by the third trimester is mostly fluids and actual weight of the baby. My main concern is keeping the baby healthy....I'll worry about my pre-preggo weight later. Everyone's different...as long as you're eating healthy and not tons of junk....you really have no control how your body will respond to the weight gain.
Avatar n tn My 11 month old baby boy is not meeting the growth charts in terms of his height and weight. Should I be worried. he is otherwise active meeting other developmental milestones.
Avatar f tn Your baby may be healthy if its really a concern the doctors will ask you to breastfeed to give your baby the nutrients it needs. I was and 8Ibs baby myself and my baby is tiny but i rarely eat before i was pregnant and even now that im pregnant so i know ima probably have to get over not wanting to breastfeed. Anyways congratulations and hope everything goes well with delivery!!