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Avatar f tn With my second I was at a good weight when I started. With this one I never lost all my baby weight from last year so I lost weight before I started gaining.
Avatar f tn com/average-fetal-length-weight-chart They haven't told me how big she is yet, but I keep imagining her big like her father so I check this to see about how big she likely is. I've told her daddy if he gives me a 10 lb. baby he's getting cussed out cuz I'm a short little thing and I don't even want to think about that labor.
Avatar f tn When I had my last sono my baby boy was ahead of the weight chart to ....last couple months they grow quick so kind of hard to tell yet bc still have tje last months that' theu will grow the most my first was 9.7 and last I had sono my baby boy was almost 2 lbs when it said he should only be like 1.2-1.5 lbs ...
Avatar f tn I dont think theres a specific weight ur baby should weight. I mean if a baby is born 9lbs hes gonna weight more then a baby born at 6lbs. And some babies eat more others dont. My niece was under the "chart" weight wise but she was sitting and crawling a lot earlier then most. My sister weights 40lbs at 10yrs old. Shes super tiny but shes still healthy.
Avatar f tn Here is a weight gain chart, based on BMI http://www.babycenter.com/0_pregnancy-weight-gain-what-to-expect_1466.
Avatar n tn Oh and when that happened me and my husband just Google searched how much babies weigh at that time and baby center has a chart of average weights and heights for your baby:):) I hope this helps!
Avatar f tn also i confirmed his weight from U/S now i have appointment for 34wks and i m hoping he stays at 90th percentile.. those three lines on chart are estimated weight for baby and it also helps midwife to understand if baby has growth restrictions etc.. but they are not always correct.. :).. its always give or take two pounds when baby is born :)...
Avatar f tn The weight chart on here is total bs. Don't listen to it.
Avatar f tn As far as weight goes the baby center gives you a wright gain chart based on your bmi. However I think your body will do as it needs and all you have to do is try to eat a well rounded diet and stay healthy and active.
Avatar f tn all the wives tales were wrong to. ive never been sick once, all baby bump, not much weight gain, took the baking soda test and it said boy.. i was almost positive id have a boy considering i carried a boy before with the same symptoms .. and nope. girl lol.
348660 tn?1230405773 Has anyone googled this before?? I just looked at it. My son, who will be 3 in January was conceived the month of April when I was 24 & it shows he was to be a boy...I did other friends of mine & they were right too!!! Just wondering if anyone else out there has looked at this chart & if it was accurate? I just miscarried Monday but it says I was pregnant with a girl! Please let me know if anyone else has looked at this & if it was accurate for them!??
Avatar f tn Are you gaining enough weight? Or your not gaining enough weight and if so what is your doctor saying to you about it ?
118074 tn?1228332603 Just keep introducing different food to your baby and let him eat the same kind for awhile before giving him a different one. He'll eventually start liking normal food and gaining weight. For the time being, for him to gain weight, lots of bubbas/breastmilk (whichever you're doing).
Avatar f tn Eating more will just make you put weight on. I have put on lots of weight but my baby is small. It is not even reaching 10 centile. But she is growing so i am not too worried at the moment.
Avatar f tn Had my son at 36wks and he weighed 6lbs 6oz. I had a scan Tuesday for 3rd baby and her estimated weight is 4 lbs 8oz. I'll be 33wks tomorrow. Don't worry too much they're just estimates. My son was estimated to weigh around 4 lbs at 33wks and was a good size by the time he was born.
Avatar f tn Im currently 35 weeks and although bubs weight is still below 5th centile the docs say as the weight is going up consistently they gonna let me carry on. Aslong as the baby is putting on weight then everything will be fine, its good they are checking you regularly.
Avatar f tn im 25 weeks and today the midwife said my baby is under weight on the chart, he's in the part that 10% of babies weigh and I have to go back in the next week and if he hasn't grown I need to have a scan. has any one else had this?
187233 tn?1271025763 Breastfeeding is usually the healthiest way to go and if he is not dehydrated, seems content and is reaching milestones, I'd just make sure that once the doc is certain nothing else is going on, that your baby just gets weighed frequently and the weight is being plotted on a growth chart- every baby should have their own growth curve. Some kids are just growing in the 25th percentile.
Avatar f tn hi! my problem is that i m 24 years old & 5"5 my weight is 74..i have a two yrs baby..my babay is born by CS..i want to lose my weght.i need a diet chart for it so that i can lose my weight fast.
Avatar f tn Hmm that doesn't sound right but I'm not a dr so idk lol I don't think baby should weight 12oz until around 20 weeks. You sure there wasn't a misunderstanding and they said 2 oz instead of 12?
Avatar f tn The baby center website growth chart says average weight for a 33 week baby is 4.23 pounds, and that your baby is the size of a 32 week baby, which is 3.75 pounds. Your baby is REALLY close to average. Of more concern is your other post that states they've found a placental leak - indicating your baby isn't getting all that your placenta is delivering. The good news is, this has been discovered and is being monitored.
Avatar n tn my baby goes off to sleep during his feed... i do not think he is feeding enough... because my breasts feel heavy even after he has fed... he has more than ten wet diapers in a 24 hour period... but looks lean... is he underweight for his age? he is two and a half months old...
1212601 tn?1276924291 All I need to know is that the baby is going to be okay. Does this mean that the baby is not developing correctly, that her weight it just low, or that there may be other problems?
Avatar f tn The chart on this website says I am above the normal weight is that a bad thing? I was underweight before getting pregnant.