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Avatar f tn Im no expert as this is my first baby. But my pregnancy book (which I cling to- lol!) says by the end of my 24th week, my baby girl should weigh 2lbs.
676912 tn?1332812551 Do girls grow at a slower rate in infancy than boys do? Aubryana I don't think has gained a single pound in the last 2 1/2 months. Her 9 month appointment is in two weeks, and she has grown at least 1/2 an inch, but I don't think she's gained any weight.
Avatar f tn This subject always interests me, I always thought there was a way to get a specific sex of baby but it is true it is 50/50 but it has nothing to do with position, ovulation, charts ect. After attending medical school and specializing in reproduction, I learned that its all up tp the male, his I believe it the y trait of the male dna that dertermines the sex of baby. Thats why so many women were beheaded in midevil times they thought it was the women but its actually the man.
Avatar f tn chart told me boy and it was a girl.. all the wives tales were wrong to. ive never been sick once, all baby bump, not much weight gain, took the baking soda test and it said boy.. i was almost positive id have a boy considering i carried a boy before with the same symptoms .. and nope. girl lol.
Avatar f tn The chinese gender chart didn't work for me it said I was having a boy (which I really wanted) and I'm having a girl
Avatar n tn Below is a weight chart on Baby Center. Now I know everyone is different but I found this website to be interesting. http://www.babycenter.
7891009 tn?1395689851 Check on the app... they told you how much the baby should weight... but everything is just an estimate of the weight because they can't know for sure...
7868606 tn?1410358984 My last ultra sound was at 15 weeks 4 days and baby girl weighed 6 oz I'm looking at ang weights and she is huge. or am I looking at it wrong? What was your 14-18 wk wgt?
Avatar n tn It has a 50% chance of being right, purely because there are only two sexes for your baby to be - boy of girl. The Chinese gender chart is just for fun, there's no accuracy or reliability on it, I'm sorry to say.
Avatar f tn Chinese chart said I was having a girl it was correct! The needle and thread said I was having a girl the heart rate if its over 150 they say its a girl (mine was 158) I didn't try any other cx but those were correct for me.
Avatar f tn When I had my last sono my baby boy was ahead of the weight chart to ....last couple months they grow quick so kind of hard to tell yet bc still have tje last months that' theu will grow the most my first was 9.7 and last I had sono my baby boy was almost 2 lbs when it said he should only be like 1.2-1.5 lbs ...
1212601 tn?1276920691 both of my babies were SGR (small for gestional age) in fact by the time I delivered baby #1 at 36 weeks I was only measuring 30 and baby number two was delivered at 38 weeks measuring 33 weeks.
Avatar f tn m still really early but super excited. However the chart say a girl. It was right with my first and I really dont want to believe its another girl. But as long as the baby is healthy.
Avatar n tn m just a teeny bit impatient haha I have a Son and it was correct for that and this time says I should be having a boy (i would love a girl) but a healthy baby is a blessing no matter what!
Avatar f tn Eating more will just make you put weight on. I have put on lots of weight but my baby is small. It is not even reaching 10 centile. But she is growing so i am not too worried at the moment.
1938385 tn?1332068714 ) yay im 21 weeks and my baby is weighing an estimate of 14oz already dus this mean i will have a big girl this app says baby should weigh about 9oz x
Avatar f tn Google 'Chinese gender chart'.
3109932 tn?1347067940 He is now 30 weeks, weighs almost 4 pounds, still 2 weeks ahead, and is in the 71%. There is a chart on baby center website that gives you the average length and weight of the fetus each week.
Avatar f tn It is a guess! My little girl was 3 weeks early and nurses were all expecting a 5 pd baby and she was 7.6!
Avatar f tn I have heard different things to figure out if if having boy or girl,, is any of them true??
Avatar f tn The baby center website growth chart says average weight for a 33 week baby is 4.23 pounds, and that your baby is the size of a 32 week baby, which is 3.75 pounds. Your baby is REALLY close to average. Of more concern is your other post that states they've found a placental leak - indicating your baby isn't getting all that your placenta is delivering. The good news is, this has been discovered and is being monitored.
Avatar f tn Mine was right.
Avatar f tn Hmm that doesn't sound right but I'm not a dr so idk lol I don't think baby should weight 12oz until around 20 weeks. You sure there wasn't a misunderstanding and they said 2 oz instead of 12?